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50 Ideas to Share Light for #LightTheWorld 2022

Throughout December, find new ways to share light with others

A list of 50 ideas to share light as part of the 2022 Light the World initiative. Download a PDF at LightTheWorld.org.2022 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.
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By Sydney Walker, Church News

The 2022 #LightTheWorld initiative invites all to focus on sharing kindness as the Savior did and answer the question, “Who needs your light today?”

Throughout December, individuals are encouraged to look for ways to bring joy to someone new each day and highlight ways people around them are sharing light.

This year’s initiative features something new — a list of 50 ideas to share light with others.

“In the past we have provided a calendar with specific service ideas for each of the days leading up to Christmas,” said Tom Pratt, a manager with the Church’s Missionary Department who manages the Light the World initiative. “However, this year we offer daily text or WhatsApp reminders as well as weekly emails that hopefully inspire everyone to be watchful and thoughtful about who they might serve.

“We invite people to find a way to share their light with someone each day in a way that is personal and meaningful to their needs. So this year we invite everyone to ask the question ‘Who needs my light today?’ whether it is a family member, a friend or a complete stranger. If you would like some helpful thought-starters, go to LightTheWorld.org where you can download a sheet of ‘50 Ideas to Share Your Light.’”

50 Ideas to Share Light

Below is the list of 50 ideas to share light this Christmas season. (Download the PDF.)

  1. Laugh with a friend.
  2. Call someone you miss.
  3. Carry an extra snack for someone in need.
  4. Send a homemade Christmas card to a friend.
  5. Plan some one-on-one time with a loved one.
  6. Let a stranger go ahead of you in line.
  7. Smile at someone.
  8. Learn to say “Merry Christmas” in a new language.
  9. Share a link to a holiday song that you love.
  10. Apologize to someone.
  11. Pay for the person behind you at the grocery store.
  12. Complete an item on a loved one’s to-do list.
  13. Make a Christmas playlist and share it with a friend.
  14. Send a thank-you note to a healthcare worker.
  15. Help someone research their family genealogy.
  16. Support a local small business.
  17. Text a photo of a fond memory to a family member.
  18. Give your neighbor a compliment.
  19. Let someone else be kind to you.
  20. Learn how another culture celebrates Christmas.
  21. Be patient with waitstaff and customer service.
  22. Help a loved one clean their home.
  23. Contribute to the Giving Machines locally or online.
  24. Invite others to a Christmas celebration.
  25. Leave a gift on a neighbor’s doorstep.
  26. Watch “The Christ Child” with family or friends.
  27. Send a funny meme or video to a friend.
  28. Give your favorite book to a loved one.
  29. Make a meal with a family member.
  30. Donate cans to your local food bank.
  31. Be kind to yourself. Practice self-care.
  32. Text someone “I’m grateful for you.”
  33. Leave a kind note for your mail carrier.
  34. Invite a neighbor to a worship service.
  35. Leave an uplifting comment on social media.
  36. Visit with an elderly neighbor.
  37. Tell a loved one they matter to you.
  38. Clean up trash in your community.
  39. Ask a coworker how you can lighten their load.
  40. Stop to help someone who is having car trouble.
  41. Go caroling with a group.
  42. Take a walk with a friend.
  43. Post about a loved one using #LightTheWorld.
  44. Offer to teach someone a new skill.
  45. Hold the door open for a stranger.
  46. Host a family game night.
  47. Pray for someone by name.
  48. Volunteer at your local library.
  49. Give a hug to a friend.
  50. Forgive someone.

Download other resources such as event invites, digital pass-along cards and videos here.

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Shine a Light on Others

To inspire more to reach out with love as Jesus did, share stories of people showing kindness by posting on social media using #LightTheWorld.

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