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LDS Charities Event at U.N. Discusses Improving Lives of Women Worldwide

Earlier this week, we previewed Wednesday's United Nations side event meeting that would be led by LDS Charities executive director Sharon Eubank and feature discussion about LDS Charities' work to improve women's lives worldwide. In a same-day report, the Deseret News details the meeting's discussion.

"If women don't have access to health care because the roads are too dangerous, if they are turned away from care because they are too poor or too disabled, if there is no equipment to save their newborn, if no one believes girls need wheelchairs — they are bullied by a societal structure that is so much bigger and meaner than they have power to fight," Eubank said.

Participants also discussed LDS Charities’ focus on neonatal resuscitation training, wheelchair distribution, the need of inclusion and social integration for people with disabilities, and the importance of ending gender bias in the distribution of relief supplies.

The meeting, which was part of the United Nations' Commission on the Status of Women, also featured Charles T. Ntwaagae (Botswana's ambassador to the United Nations) and Dr. Dennis C. and Nancy C. Hughes, LDS humanitarian medical trainers.

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