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New Stake Presidencies Announced in February 2022

A stake president visits an elderly woman. The stake president holds the priesthood keys to lead the work of the Church in the stake. He and his counselors form a stake presidency. They care for stake members with love, helping them become true followers of Jesus Christ.© 2022 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.

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NOTE: When a new stake is created or a new stake presidency is called in an existing stake, leaders are given time to report the changes and provide brief biographical information for each member of the stake presidency. A list of stakes reporting changes is compiled and published at the end of each month. The actual date of the stake’s creation or reorganization is in parentheses following the name of the stake.

Following is a list of recently called stake presidencies of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from around the world.

ABIDJAN COTE D’IVOIRE NIANGON SOUTH STAKE: (Dec. 5, 2021) President — Didier Guy Colombe Akochi, 38, Abidjan Terminal RTG operator; succeeding Kondo Kouamé Firmin Koffi; wife, Aboueu Joelle-Desirée Mambo Akochi. Counselors — Adiko Jean-Jacques Abbé, 34, Africa Business Resources real estate adviser; wife, Lia Alida Francine Edith Abbé. Serge Akaduce Kalou, 38, Victory Rubber Group employee; wife, Akolohonon Marie Cynthia Levry Kalou.

ABUJA NIGERIA KUBWA STAKE: (May 9, 2021) President — Ifeanyi Harrison Agiriga, 41, Seminaries and Institutes of Religion region director; succeeding Ibeakalam E. Mbibi; wife, Abigail Ejiroghene Ighendo Agiriga. Counselors — Uzochukwu Mark Anyanwu, 41, field technician manager, farm supervisor and self-employed; wife, Cyndi Kelechi Emekuwa Anyanwu. Chibuzor Michael Odoemelam, 30, C-strategy Security Cons assistant supervisor.

AMECAMECA MÉXICO STAKE: (Dec. 12, 2021) President — Rogelio Rivera Conde, 46, plumber and electrician; succeeding Ezequiel Genaro Quinto Martinez; wife, Agustina de Rivera Zoco. Counselors — Hector Sanchez Rivera, 43, maintenance technician; wife, Maria Teresa de Sanchez Hernandez. Luis Heredia Sanchez, 44, Valiente Heredia López conductor; wife, Rocio de Heredia Torres.

ARUE TAHITI STAKE: (Nov. 28, 2021) President — Manea Loïc Tuahu, 42, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints welfare and self-reliance manager; succeeding Henri A. Estall; wife, Vahinui Titaina Rachel Tuahu. Counselors — Lindsay Teinaotea Wilhelm Mong Yen, 39, finance and records supervisor; wife, Nathalie Vaiatua Ng Mong Yen. Putu Ioane, 56, public health pharmacy assistant; wife, Hinaraurea Katia Salmon Ioane.

ASHBURN VIRGINIA STAKE: (Jan. 16, 2022) President — Michael McLain Todd, 51, Loudoun Medical physician; succeeding Guy M. Hicks; wife, Catherine Maren Cannon Todd. Counselors — Christopher Reed Brinton, 54, Mosaid ATM Inc. president and CEO; wife, Kinde Ann Alexis Van Houten Brinton. Steve Juh Lan, 46, self-employed pediatric dentist; wife, Laurel Catherine Hildebrandt Lan.

AUCKLAND NEW ZEALAND PAPATOETOE STAKE: (Nov. 21, 2021) President — Siope Fatai, 47, AMP shift technician and operator; succeeding William A. Broederlow; wife, Meleliana Iveti Tui’nukuafe Fatai. Counselors — Paula Tukulua Laumape, 55, Cenntury Yuasa Batteries assistant supervisor; wife, Meleseini Fineanganofo Laumape. Abinadi Vincent Fetaia’i Lameko, 42, New Zealand Missionary Training Center supervisor of support services; wife, Natasha Genevieve Westerlund Lameko.

The former stake president of the Auckland New Zealand Papatoetoe Stake, William A. Broederlow, died on Oct. 15, 2021.

BEAVERTON OREGON WEST STAKE: (Nov. 14, 2021) President — Tyler Burt Stoddard, 44, Cambia Health Solutions director of finance; succeeding E. Jeffrey Wight; wife, Ashley Lorraine Smith Stoddard. Counselors — Keith Earold Green, 61, Keith Green Construction owner; wife, Susan Irene Teeter Green. Craig Adam Starkey, 44, Acumed vice president of human resources; wife, Amy Chalea Howell Starkey.

BOISE IDAHO EAST STAKE: (Nov. 7, 2021) President — Stephen Wood Kenyon, 54, attorney; succeeding Andrew J. Scoggin; wife, Teuila Marie Garside Kenyon. Counselors — Eric Webb Nelson, 58, Whitewater Surgery founder and owner; wife, Gina Elizabeth Crane Nelson. Aaron Maxce Chandler, 40, Capital Eleven general counsel; wife, Natalie Hobbs Chandler.

BREA CALIFORNIA STAKE: (Dec. 12, 2021) President — David Keoni Hatori, 55, Valencia High School teacher; succeeding David J. Williams; wife, Shawnie Lee Parry Hatori. Counselors — Philip Redford Rosell, 58, Seminaries and Institutes of Religion coordinator; wife, Lori Linn Pethel Rosell. Brandon Lloyd Dean, 43, Los Angeles County Department of Public Health disaster services manager; wife, Michiko Ruth Wight Dean.

BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA CASEROS STAKE: (Nov. 7, 2021) President — Diego Alejandro Contegiacomo, 41, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints MCA; succeeding Luis E. Catrón; wife, Carina Edith Contegiacomo. Counselors — Silvio Oscar Abrea, 53, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints buyer; wife, Ines Alejandra Abrea. Damian Alberto Cabrera, 40, financial adviser; wife, Silvina Ruth Cabrera.

CHALCO MÉXICO SOLLIDARIDAD STAKE: (Nov. 28, 2021) President — Victor Hugo Reyes Alonso, 49, Historias en Papel systems area and user technical support head; succeeding Sergio Gomez Cañedo Escobedo; wife, Luisa Aparicio de Reyes. Counselors — José Javier Mendez Camacho, 31, chauffeur; wife, Elizabeth Zarai Cleofas Simon. Brandon Romario Alavez Castañeda, 28, DoTerra independent distributor; wife, Dalia Gomez Cañedo Corte.

CLEARFIELD UTAH NORTH STAKE: (Dec. 5, 2021) President — Ryan Sterling Garrett, 48, Seminaries and Institutes of Religion seminary instructor; succeeding H. Dan Gardner; wife, Sara Gardner Garrett. Counselors — Douglas Kyle Chandler, 55, KIHOMAC program manager; wife, Kareen Susan Atkinson Chandler. Christopher Scott Williams, 59, Davis School District director of communication and operations; wife, Gail Karen Burton.

CURICÓ CHILE STAKE: (Nov. 7, 2021) President — Juan Leonardo González Meza, 43, Sinergiza Servicios Digitales founder and owner; succeeding Juan A. González Galaz; wife, Katiushka Alicia Svec Parra. Counselors — Mauricio Alejandro Gajardo Bravo, 44, independent car mechanic; wife, Luisa Ester de Gajardo Campos. Luis Fernando Cabrera Maldonado, 57, Ingeniería y Construcción F2M Ltda. administrator; wife, Ana Teresa Lizana Sepulveda.

ESMERALDAS ECUADOR STAKE: (Nov. 28, 2021) President — Otto Emilio Cuero Ortiz, 35, Klimatec manager; succeeding Enrique J. Gomez; wife, Evelyn Jessenia Cuero Espinoza. Counselors — Freddy Fernando Portocarrero Urquiza, 37, chauffeur and welder; wife, Carmen Maria Portocarrero Cifuentes. Jimmy Jesus Cando Garcia, 47, guard; wife, Carmen Magaly de Cando Mieles.

EUREKA CALIFORNIA STAKE: (Jan. 23, 2022) President — Stephen Robert Dieker Jr., 46, St. Joseph Hospital physician; succeeding Bradford C Floyd; wife, Audrey Caroline Merrill McKnight Dieker. Counselors — Jeffrey Harold Harrison, 52, SN Servicing asset manager; wife, Heather Rebecca Schneider Harrison. John Edward Fjerstad, 54, podiatrist; wife, Regina Elaine Evans Fjerstad.

FIELDING UTAH STAKE: (Dec. 12, 2021) President — Brent Legrand Pedersen, 45, Autoliv health and safety manager; succeeding Jay A. Capener; wife, Jodi Lee Dayton Pedersen. Counselors — Tyler Jess Rhodes, 42, Bear River High School agriculture teacher; wife, Tiffany Ferguson Rhodes. Patrick Alan Johnson, 37, Intermountain Healthcare physical therapist; wife, Jamie Greene Johnson.

GENEVA SWITZERLAND STAKE: (Nov. 7, 2021) President — Roberto Maria Coutiño Badillo, 43, SIRVA director of customer experience; succeeding Anthony Coppel; wife, Geraldine Giannina Rosales Ruz Coutiño. Counselors — Timothé Thiesset, 34, Implenia Switzerland Ltd building engineer and site supervisor; wife, Marion Claire Emilie Clemence Destribois Thiesset. Christian Chiesa, 43, Nola Stores director; wife, Janaina Cristina Ferreira Chiesa.

HAMILTON ONTARIO STAKE: (Nov. 21, 2021) President — Geoffrey Scott Hobbs, 47, ArcelorMittal Dofasco asset engineering coach; succeeding, Robert H. Gilmour; wife, Melissa Dianne Gilmour Hobbs. Counselors — Vivian Eugene Watson, 55, CIBC Bank senior director of data center planning; wife, Helen Jane Beswick Watson. Michael Russell Jones, 56, Sheridan College administrator; wife, Lara Anne Lipiec Jones.

HEBER CITY UTAH NORTH STAKE: (Jan. 16, 2022) President — Paul William Ritchie, 48, The Ritchie Group managing partner; succeeding Travis L. Wilcox; wife, Angela L Edwards Ritchie. Counselors — David Glenn Johnson, 53, WesternTrust L.P. chief operating officer and chief compliance officer; wife, Kathleen Denise Ellsworth Johnson. Jasper Jay Eldon Fauset, 44, Forte North America Inc. president; wife, Jennifer Suzanne Rowley Fauset.

HYRUM UTAH NORTH STAKE: (Jan. 23, 2022) President — Christian Steven Iverson, 46, Utah State University director of technology transfer services; succeeding Dwight E. Davis; wife, Suzanne Wardle Iverson. Counselors — Brent C Haslam, 66, retired postal worker; wife, Ann Lewis Haslam. Bret D Bywater, 42, Moxie Mae account manager and Bywater Products CEO; wife, Mindy Lee Casteel Bywater.

MACAPÁ BRAZIL STAKE: (Oct. 10, 2021) President — Romulo dos Santos Jansen Rodrigues, 46, State of Amapa Government public servant; succeeding Rodrigo dos Santos Jansen Rodrigues; wife, Elisangela da Silva Nogueira Jansen. Counselors — Clemilson Carlos Silva dos Santos, 43, Macapá City Hall professor; wife, Jackeline Coelho dos Santos. Steve Wanderson Calheiros de Araújo, 51, Federal University of Amapá professor; wife, Lanna Sabrina Feitosa da Silva de Araújo.

MARTINSBURG WEST VIRGINIA STAKE: (Oct. 31, 2021) President — Hanssar Chacon Ugalde, 46, CRISPR Therapeutics director of global pharmacovigilance and risk management operations; succeeding Aaron P. Gravelle; wife, Anabelle Chacon Aviles. Counselors — Dustin Dean Paxman, 42, United States Department of Veterans Affairs chief of problem management; wife, Annika Kaarina Kerttula Paxman. Steven Andrew Gilbert, 53, U.S. Agency for International Development lead program analyst; wife, Jensina Christianna Harris Gilbert.

MESA ARIZONA NORTH STAKE: (Nov. 14, 2021) President — Russ Daken Skouson, 52, Republic Services — Recycle & Waste director of procurement; succeeding D. Ryan Porter; wife, Cymany Clark Skouson. Counselors — Douglas Reed Carroll, 60, American Express software engineer; wife, Shirey Kartchner Carroll. Shawn Wayne Peterson, 53, Seminaries and Institutes of Religion seminary teacher and principal; wife, Amy Lynn Simmerman Peterson.

MÉXICO CITY TLALPAN STAKE: (Nov. 21, 2021) President — José Luis Calvillo Quintana, 30, self-employed business owner; succeeding Jorge Velazquez; wife, Monica Ivette Haro Ortiz. Counselors — Heberto Luna Angel, 63, retired; wife, Olivia de Luna Mendoza. Pedro Alquicira Carrillo, 60, retired; wife, Yannet de Alquicira Nava.

NASHVILLE TENNESSEE STAKE: (Dec. 5, 2021) President — Brett Valdo Benson, 48, Vanderbilt University professor; succeeding David R. Watson; wife, Lacy Magdalene Packer Benson. Counselors — Kurtis Brent Parker, 50, 360 Advisory Group managing director; wife, Carla Rae Brown Parker. Scott Ashley Foote, 43, Nashville Spine and Sport doctor; wife, Jami Christine Lewis Foote.

OGDEN UTAH MOUNT LEWIS STAKE: (Nov. 14, 2021) President — Michael Alvin Tolman, 44, Kier Construction vice president of pre-construction; succeeding Brad Barker; wife, Jami Renae Fawcett Tolman. Counselors — William George Ross, 52, Weber County assistant director of community development; wife, Gloriane Smith Ross. Ronald Anthon Gray, 53, Autoliv ASP autonomous manufacturing group leader; wife, Wendi Lee Finchum Gray.

PANASANG POHNPEI STAKE: (Oct. 31, 2021) President — Williamson Rodriguez, 36, translator; succeeding Lensper Kalio; wife, Aerahn Yoon Rodriguez. Counselors — Nixson Redes, 53, PLEG Company ground maintenance; wife, Hermika Erlinso Redes. Ozimy Edward, 45, Department of Education data analyst; wife, Eliza Edward.

PLEASANT GROVE UTAH MANILLA CREEK STAKE: (Jan. 16, 2022) President — David Reece DeMille, 54, Utah Valley University adjunct professor and Republic Services manager of municipal sales and government affairs; succeeding Scott A. Livingston; wife, Michelle Marie Strickland DeMille. Counselors — Brian Norris Bowers, 47, Maersk senior vice president; wife, Alison Lloyd Bowers. Matthew K Brady, 50, Share My Health Inc. chief operating officer; wife, Melissa Lyn Sherwood Brady.

PROVO UTAH EDGEMONT SOUTH STAKE: (Jan. 9, 2022) President — Neil Rulon Lundberg, 52, Brigham Young University department chair; succeeding Jeffery B. Alexander; wife, Melanie Ballard Lundberg. Counselors — Curtis Alan Tirrell, 59, Questel Inc. director of product marketing; wife, Diane Workman Tirrell. Jon Richard Schmidt, 55, musician; wife, Mary Michelle Anderegg Schmidt.

PUEBLA MÉXICO LA LIBERTAD STAKE: (Nov. 21, 2021) President — Marco Antonio Perez del Toro, 60, family business administrator; succeeding José V. Quintero Ramirez; wife, Concepción Téllez Barrera. Counselors — José Antonio Ramirez Aquino, 53, business owner; wife, Patricia Cruz Maldonado. Juan Carlos Ramos Gonzalez, 46, Faurecia IT SAP consultant; wife, Hilda Hernandez Santiago.

QUETZALTENANGO GUATEMALA SANTA FÉ STAKE: (Oct. 24, 2021) President — Carlos Enrique Polanco Coyoy, 36, Kpo’s owner; succeeding J. Ricardo Pérez Citalan; wife, Lourdes Roxana Lopez Lopez de Polanco. Counselors — Luis Leonardo Huertas Ochoa, 38, Libreria Juridica Temis, purchasing and sales manager; wife, Dulce Luz Ixcot Castro de Huertas. José Alfredo Jiménez Gudiel, 38, self-employed; wife, Maguen Melajin Reyes Arango de Jiménez.

REXBURG IDAHO STAKE: (Dec. 12, 2021) President — Stanley Wayne Kivett, 62, BYU–Idaho professor; succeeding W. Brian Haderlie; wife, Angela lee Saxton Kivett. Counselors — Logan Cal Bingham, 44, Headwaters Construction Company owner and chief operations officer; wife, Tanya Clifton Bingham. Brian William Downey, 55, McKesson Medical Surgical account executive; wife, Danette Hathaway Downey.

RIBEIRÃO PIRES BRAZIL STAKE: (Nov. 14, 2021) President — Nelson Rodrigo Catingueira Dias, 38, FamilySearch Latin America registry assistant; succeeding William Rodrigues da Silva; wife, Suelen Furtunato Catingueira Dias. Counselors — Urbano Francisco Santos Lima, 44, Komatsu do Brasil foreign trade analyst; wife, Karla Lusitano Brigante Lima. Leandro Emanuel Alves, 34, university professor, entrepreneur and professor of professional courses; wife, Karolline Cavalcante Alves.

RIVER HEIGHTS UTAH STAKE: (Nov. 14, 2021) President — Seth Jon Tait, 41, Olson & Hoggan LLC partner; succeeding Steven L. Barfuss; wife, Nicole Cheshire Tait. Counselors — Geoffrey Gill Smith, 67, STEDI.org owner; wife, Peggy Lynee’ Christensen Smith. William Hoyt Betz, 42, Emergency Physicians Integrated Care attending physician and partner, and iHelp Foundation president and founder; wife, Amy Susan Andruk Betz.

ROOSEVELT UTAH EAST STAKE: (Nov. 14, 2021) President — Thane Rae Goodrich, 50, Seminaries and Institutes institute director and seminary instructor; succeeding John W. Allred; wife, Katherine Marie Anderson Goodrich. Counselors — Michael Joseph Allred, 49, business owner; wife, JoAnn Cranney Allred. Nathan Darcy Goodrich, 48, Moon Lake Electric Association manager of IT; wife, Shanna Lee Brown Goodrich.

SÃO PAULO BRAZIL INTERLAGOS STAKE: (Nov. 7, 2021) President — Carlos Franco de Aquino Lopes, 39, Campo Verde Auto Parts owner; succeeding José Maria Martins Pires; wife, Priscilla Rodrigues Lopes. Counselors — Avaricio Gentil Miguel da Silva, 64, self-employed legal adviser; wife, Alodia Mariai Barbosa Braga Silva. Márcio Alexandre Lucena Silva, 35, Dias Lucena Serviços microentrepreneur; wife, Gleice da Silva Dias.

TEPIC MÉXICO STAKE: (Dec. 5, 2021) President — Luis Gronay Virgen Perez, 45, senior litigation legal adviser; succeeding Luis Manuel Huerta Ramos; wife, Solyanetzi Lukezine de Virgen Cabello. Counselors — Francisco Adolfo Aviles Valencia, 50, businessman; wife, Verónica Rodriguez Quintanilla. Yónatan Morales Gutiérrez, 41, BBVA bank security associate; wife, Adriana Gomez Acosta.

TUXTLA GUTIÉRREZ MÉXICO STAKE: (Jan. 9, 2022) President — Julio Cesar Reynosa Lopez, 54, Council of the Federal Judiciary secretary of agreements; succeeding Adrian Mendez Barrera; wife, Sandra Luz de Reynosa Mendoza. Counselors — Emilio Sánchez Guzmán, 41, Chiapas State Secretary of Education arts teacher; wife, Blanca Elisa Morales Cunjama. Felipe de Jesus Morales Gutierrez, 37, administrative assistant; wife, Rosario Valdez Torres.

VALPARAÍSO CHILE WEST STAKE: (Nov. 28, 2021) President — Víctor Rodolfo Ramos Meza, 54, Chilean Army noncommissioned infantry battalion officer; succeeding José L. Rojas; wife, Carolina Andrea Briones Satorres. Counselors — Gustavo Alexis Gómez Santana, 60, independent insurance broker; wife, María Elizabeth Menchise Moya. Anderson Joel Bohórquez Pérez, 32, Jacobo Villarroel potter and other works; wife, Mariana Fernanda Vergara Acevedo.

WELLINGTON NEW ZEALAND STAKE: (Dec. 5, 2021) President — John Michael Butters, 44, Palantir Technologies forward deployed engineer; succeeding Peter S. Thomson; wife, Mika Natasha Muir Butters. Counselors — John Meilak Turner, 54, New Zealand Police senior fingerprint officer; wife, Georgina Lorretta Drysdale Turner. Lei Chen, 48, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints facility manager; wife, Fei Gao.

WELLINGTON UTAH STAKE: (Nov. 21, 2021) President — David Carter Grant, 56, Seminaries and Institutes of Religion institute teacher; succeeding R. Brian Powell; wife, Wendy Barber Grant. Counselors — Jeremy Kim Hobbs, KEE Engineering engineering manager; wife, Jean Nicole DeFriez Hobbs. Chad Travis Greenhalgh, 42, Tram Electric general manager; wife, Brittany Janelle Shorts Greenhalgh.

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