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New Stake Presidencies Announced in June 2021

A stake president visits an elderly woman. The stake president holds the priesthood keys to lead the work of the Church in the stake. He and his counselors form a stake presidency. They care for stake members with love, helping them become true followers of Jesus Christ.2021 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.
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By Church News Staff

NOTE: When a new stake is created or a new stake presidency is called in an existing stake, leaders are given time to report the changes and provide brief biographical information for each member of the stake presidency. A list of stakes reporting changes is compiled and published at the end of each month. The actual date of the stake’s creation or reorganization is in parenthesis following the name of the stake.

Following is a list of newly created stake presidencies of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from around the world.

New Stake Presidencies

ALPINE UTAH YSA STAKE: (May 23, 2021) President — Brandon Gledhill Doman, 44, Weigh Safe (automotive technology) president and owner, Homesports co-owner and Landecor co-owner; succeeding Larry R. Laycock; wife, Alisha Ann Barker Doman. Counselors — Lloyd David Newell, 64, BYU professor; wife, Karmel Howell Newell. Alan David Paulson, 47, Morgan Stanley financial adviser; wife, Kara Larae Smith Paulson.

ARAÇATUBA BRAZIL STAKE: (April 18, 2021) President — Bruno Henrique de Assis Mariano, 38, Aché pharmaceutical laboratory marketer; succeeding Fábio Antonio Giacomelli; wife, Juliana Andrade Mariano. Counselors — Luis Antonio Medeiros, 54, Bureau Veritas of Brazil MEI; wife, Francine Pimenta Pastor Medeiros. Dorival Rodrigues, 54, self-employed; wife, Maria José de Assis Rodrigues.

AUBURN CALIFORNIA STAKE: (May 2, 2021) President — Richard Eldon Juarez, 44, physician anesthesiologist; succeeding Christian T. Merrill; wife, Kristen Washburn Juarez. Counselors — Leslie Dean Forman, 61, Prospero Benefits partner; wife, Linda Marie Cox Forman. Michael Lawrence Jensen, 57, physician; wife, Becky Gibb Jensen.

BACOLOD PHILIPPINES NORTH STAKE: (May 23, 2021) President — Christian Bañares Mojico, 32, Department of Education teacher, and SunLife of Canada Philippines financial adviser; succeeding Adrian Noel A. Abat; wife, Lariza Jison Enarle Mojico. Counselors — Joaquin Tayo Montero, 44, BJMP jail officer; wife, Maja Madonna Villalobos Amolong Montero. Marno Chavez Santander, 50, self-employed; wife, Honey Bee Abalo Villegas Santander.

CEDAR CITY UTAH CROSS HOLLOW STAKE: (May 2, 2021) President — Mark Willis Corry, 40, family physician; succeeding Vance K. Smith; wife, Krista Keate Corry. Counselors — Tyler Robert Albrecht, 44, Cedar View Pediatric Dentistry owner; wife, Laura Ellen Bonner Albrecht. Michael Shawn Barrick, 50, general dentist; wife, Amy Rebecca Adams Barrick.

CHATTANOOGA TENNESSEE STAKE: (May 2, 2021) President — Jason Jeffery Isaacson, 42, Spears, Moore, Rebman & Williams PC attorney and shareholder; succeeding John E. Griffey; wife, Jennifer Leigh Jones Isaacson. Counselors — Bruce Paul Tidwell, 56, Truist Bank senior credit officer; wife, Dana Genelle Wimpee Tidwell. Kurt Russell Johnson, 57, National Boiler Service Inc. owner and chief financial officer; wife, Shelley Leigh Jones Johnson.

CHILPANCINGO MEXICO STAKE: (April 25, 2021) President — Apolonio Laredo Castro, 59, state government department head; succeeding Fernando Calixto Cuevas; wife, Patricia de Laredo Sanchez. Counselors — Severiano Balbuena Soriano, 61, Secretary of Health of the State of Guerrero supervisor of works; wife, Judith de Balbuena Bernal. Florencio Calixto Galeana, 50, H. Municiap Council administrative director; wife, Maria Yenny de Calixto Castro.

CODY WYOMING STAKE: (May 16, 2021) President — Andrew Frank Jacobsen, 45, Gunwerk LLC controller; succeeding Christian A. Davidson; wife, Jamie Kaye Lynn Jacobsen. Counselors — Dalin Wayne Winters, 39, Feels Like Home LLC and Winters Land and Livestock LLC owner; wife, Hannah Sue Irvine Winters. Craig James Edwards, 40, Billings Clinic physician assistant; wife, Kandace Dawn Wright Edwards.

COLUMBUS OHIO NORTH STAKE: (May 16, 2021) President — Gary Charles Mangelson, 57, Wasserstrom chief financial officer and executive vice president; succeeding Richard G. Welch; wife, Susan Wilde Mangelson. Counselors — Matthew Scott Hunter, 59, Ohio State University senior lecturer; wife, Susan Marie Gavos Hunter. Tad Dwight Rhodes, 45, National Registry of EMTs director of information technology; wife, Erica Michelle Bland Rhodes.

CONCEPCIÓN CHILE CHIGUAYANTE STAKE: (May 30, 2021) President — Aldo Andres Jorquera Silva, 47, Limpieza Verde Spa south zone sales manager; succeeding Marcelo A. Roco Sepulveda; wife, Freya Rossiter de Jorquera Fuentes. Counselors — Belarmino Esteban Sepulveda Madariaga, 55, retired Chilean Navy member; wife, Mariela Alejandra de Sepulveda Acuña. Carlos Andres Contreras Schifferli, 32, Indepro IP head of technical office; wife, Camila Andrea Soto Saez.

DEL MAR CALIFORNIA STAKE: (May 16, 2021) President — Marc Truman Morley, 50, Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo P.C. member; succeeding David C. Clark; wife, Ann Elizabeth Higginbotham Morley. Counselors — Deon Lamar Travers, 49, Versik 3E senior account executive and team lead; wife, Kari Suzanne Pergrossi Travers. John Frederick Ek, 46, GenMark Diagnostics chief financial officer; wife, Terri-Dawn Weston Ek.

EL DORADO CALIFORNIA STAKE: (May 23, 2021) President — Troy Allen Bair, 45, Cosumnes Fire Department deputy fire chief; succeeding Spencer L. Weston; wife, Darce Michelle Thompson Bair. Counselors — Markham Dean Tuttle, 56, Weston & Tuttle LLP managing partner; wife, Melissa Cherie Tampson Tuttle. Jonathan Maurice Bliss, 46, self-employed; wife, Kiersten Lee Tice Bliss.

FAIRFIELD CALIFORNIA STAKE: (May 23, 2021) President — Mark Stanford LeCheminant, 60, Diversey director of sales; succeeding James A. Edman; wife, Tamarah Jane Lee LeCheminant. Counselors — Mark James Warner, 57, self-employed; wife, Kristin Jenkins Warner. Eric Adrian Perez, 44, dentist; wife, Sara Beth Herrmann Perez.

FRESNO CALIFORNIA EAST STAKE: (May 2, 2021) President — Dylan Pingree Tanner, 47, Simple IVF Centers consultant and Verity Pharmaceuticals Inc. regional account manager; succeeding Dennis L. Nef; wife, Lori Ann Chandler Tanner. Counselors — Jared Coe Sannar, 44, Redox manager; wife, Bethany Anne Holmes Sannar. Todd Michael Dunning, 49, Motorola Solutions – Pelco director of product management; wife, Tracey Irene Merrill Dunning.

HOBART AUSTRALIA STAKE: (May 2, 2021) President — Timothy Robert Jack, 44, MyState Bank Limited treasury manager; succeeding Philip R. Smith; wife, Rebecca-Joy Anne Pawson Jack. Counselors — Matthew Ernest Jury, 43, Australian Taxation Office measurement and evaluation manager; wife, Kate Maree Docking Jury. Benjamin Heath Mitchell, 50, Mitchell Capital principal; wife, Rachel Emma Scott Mitchell.

HONG KONG CHINA NEW TERRITORIES STAKE: (March 14, 2021) President — Ping Tung Yu, 40, Network Guard Limited accountant; succeeding Hok On Chan; wife, Luo Qian Yong. Counselors — Pak Wai Fu, 44, former One Space 3D animator; wife, Lu Yayi. Sai Nign Shum, 53, Dah Chong Hong human resources employee; wife, Chen Fengli.

KEARNEY NEBRASKA STAKE: (May 2, 2021) President — Jared Michael Noorlander, 45, certified registered nurse anesthetist; succeeding Gene E. Carter; wife, Ralae Rampton Noorlander. Counselors — Benjamin Lawrence Dutton, 46, University of Nebraska-Lincoln engagement zone coordinator; wife, Janet LeeAnn Blomstedt Dutton. Hector Mario Rubio, 51, Rubio Read Estate and Property Management LLC broker and owner; wife, Maria Lourdes Arellano Rubio.

LAFAIETE BRAZIL STAKE: (April 25, 2021) President — Julio Cesar Sant’Ana Prado, 39, director; succeeding Erlenilde Sousa dos Santos; wife, Amanda do Prado Morais Pires. Counselors — Flavio Antonio Rocha, 35, Gerdau Açominas electrical technician; wife, Carolina Rodrigues de Andrade Rocha. Luiz Claudio Batista, 50, PMMG civil servant; wife, Maciene Aparecida Batista.

LAFAYETTE INDIANA STAKE: (May 16, 2021) President — Benjamin Bradley Dunford Sr., 50, Purdue University professor of management; succeeding Matthew A. Call; wife, Tamara Ballard Dunford. Counselors — William Travis Horton, 51, Purdue University professor; wife, Kareena Jensen Horton. Ronald William Ritchey, 59, National Fire Sprinkler Association Great Lakes field service coordinator; wife, Cherisse Diane Moore Ritchey.

LEWISVILLE TEXAS STAKE: (May 2, 2021) President — Lewis Leo Bird III, 57, At Home Group Inc. chairman and CEO; succeeding Jonathan G. Cannon; wife, Linda Coston Partridge Bird. Counselors — Steven Russell Woodland, 56, Ekahau vice president of sales; wife, Debbie Adams Woodland. Ryan Derrick Elmer, 40, Parkway Construction & Associates vice president of strategy and business development; wife, Brittany Lynn Terry Elmer.

LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA SANTA MONICA STAKE: (May 2, 2021) President — Brian Craig Ames, 39, Goldman Sachs investment adviser; succeeding Levi W. Heath; wife, Emily May Hill Ames. Counselors — William Bruce Bolander Jr., 57, architect; wife, Bonny Brae Terrill Bolander. Trevor Kingsley Brazier, 49, LoCo chief operating officer and Jolt Delivery CEO; wife, Kristen Bird.

MERTHYR TYDFIL WALES STAKE: (May 23, 2021) President — Simon James Hayes, 34, Frontiers Media SA global compensation and benefits partner; succeeding Ian M. Govier; wife, Jodi Louise Drew Hayes. Counselors — Mark Stuart Webb, 57, Powyhs County Council teaching assistant, and Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service on-call firefighter; wife, Jane Maria Farrant Webb. Karl Robert Wilcox, 42, Ashmole & Co/KR Wilcox Lyd partner; wife, Amy Louise Miles Wilcox.

MÉXICO CITY CUAUTEPEC STAKE: (May 16, 2021) President — Alberto Mendoza Reyes, 53, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints HR business person; succeeding Eloy A. Ruiz Velazquez; wife, Margarita de Mendoza Alfaro. Counselors — Alfredo De Roa Perez, 42, Servicio Pan Americano de Proteccion SA de CV fleet maintenance coordinator; wife, Viviana De Roa Chavez. Jose Modesto Tristan Badillo, 56, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints facilities manager; wife, Ana Alicia de Tristan Sandoval.

MONTALBAN PHILIPPINES STAKE: (May 16, 2021) President — Christopherson Bulquiren Domingo, 39, PRU Life UK branch manager; succeeding David C. Barata; wife, Susan Norio Angeles Domingo. Counselors — Dean Nolasco Bermudez, 42, Mentors Philippines Microfinance Foundation Inc. CEO and executive director; wife, Imelda Marcelo Manahan Bermudez. Ariel Maglay Gisala, 56, Oriental Consultants Philippines deputy project manager and Ariel Gisala Architects principal architect; wife, Hope Sagaral Ricaña Gisala.

NUKU’ALOFA TONGA HA’AKAME STAKE: (April 18, 2021) President — Sitenili Mafoa, 41, Federal Pacific Finance deputy manager; succeeding ‘Etuate T. Toutai; wife, Mele Pohiva Fa’oliu Mafoa. Counselors — Sione Kafatolu Ha’angana, 47, business owner; wife, Sisilia Popua Latu Ha’angana. Samiuela Tupou, 43, Tonga Power Ltd. meter reader; wife, Palolo M ‘Eteaki Tupou.

PROVO UTAH GRANDVIEW STAKE: (May 2, 2021) President — Travis R Blackwelder, 48, BYU director of assessment and planning; succeeding Daniel D. Gagon, wife, Collette Bevan Blackwelder. Counselors — Brian Anderson Miles, 46, facilities manager; wife, Dezaree Burningham Miles. Robert Teiano Lesa, 52, physician assistant; wife, Kristen Shirley Lesa.

QUITO ECUADOR TURUBAMBA STAKE: (April 11, 2021) President — Diego Armando Guañuna Guamanarca, 36, Servicold owner; succeeding Ricardo J. Nieves; wife, Ana Gabriela Zambrano de Guañuna. Counselors — Julio Edison Vela Pazmiño, 60, SERVI.TE.R technologist; wife, Carmen Elena Vela Guamanzara. Wilson Gerardo Rivera Sanchez, 47, Edinun distributor; wife, Jenny Maria Peláez Estupiñan.

REXBURG IDAHO MARRIED STUDENT 1ST STAKE: (May 16, 2021) President — Chad Michael Park, 50, Zions Bank senior vice president of treasury management; succeeding Bradley E. Bailey; wife, Elda Vasquez Park. Counselors — Boyd J Peterson, 62, Wright Law Offices attorney; wife, Laurie Kaye Walker Peterson. Michael John Long, 64, Electrolux Major Appliances district manager; wife, Janet Andersen Long.

RIVERDALE UTAH STAKE: (May 23, 2021) President — Matthew Christian Jensen, 52, The Boyer Co. partner; succeeding David C. DeYoung; wife, Heather Carrigan Jensen. Counselors — Scott Marvin Smith, 50, Premier Cleaning Services president and owner; wife, Karlinda Swain Smith. Michael Douglas Woodbury, 45, Seminaries and Institutes seminary instructor and principal; wife, Cindy Linn Thornock Woodbury.

SAN MIGUELITO PANAMÁ STAKE: (May 16, 2021) President — Davis Edwin Cueto Gonzalez, 37, China State Construction Engineer Corp. information technology engineer; succeeding Cecilio Gutiérrez Cerrud; wife, Andrea Lizzette Prieto Lopez. Counselors — Tomas Alexis Iguala Gomez, 47, Sicarelle Holding Inc. accountant and auditor; wife, Raisa Jaen de Iguala Herrera. Jesus Salvador Alvarez Smith, 38, Quickshipping country manager; wife, Michelle Jeanine Perez de Alvarez.

SAN SALVADOR EL SALVADOR LOS HEROES STAKE: (May 23, 2021) President — German Antonio Alvarado Hernandez, 37, support specialist; succeeding Benjamin J. Markland; wife, Alejandra Guadalupe del Rosario Anaya de Alvarado. Counselors — Christopher Ryan Tidwell, 41, Kamay Group president; wife, Danielle April Higbee Tidwell. Franklin Roberto Guevara Vasquez, 31, Focus Services regional director of ITO services; wife, Gabriela Monserrat Ruiz de Guevara.

SANTAQUIN UTAH NORTH STAKE: (April 25, 2021) President — William Wright Morgan, 59, self-employed attorney and licensed clinical social worker; succeeding Kurt B. Stringham; wife, Beverly Spencer Morgan. Counselors — Daniel Allen Olson, 43, GlobalSim director of operations; wife, Sara Jane Strong Olson. Kelly Ervin Sonderegger, 63, Global Payments Integrated DevOps engineer; wife, Loralea Lebaron Sonderegger.

SANTIAGO CHILE HUELÉN STAKE: (May 9, 2021) President — Guillermo Cristian Sommermeyer Gonzalez, 59, construction company head of works; succeeding Victor H. Suazo; wife, Ivonne Rossana De Sommermeyer Oyarzún. Counselors — Josue Alexis Naranjo Amestica, 29, construction supervisor; wife, Maria Alejandra Pamela Segura Salas. Cristian Martin Tomaduz Anguita, 43, Cascadia Scientific Inc. sales director Latin America, Empresas Rudder CEO and founder, and Appgate Inc. channel director Latin America; wife, Marta Andrea Betancur Silva.

SÃO PAULO BRAZIL STAKE: (May 2, 2021) President — Emerson Rocha de Andrade, 49, DXC Technology delivery leader; succeeding Alexandre Ret; wife, Raquel Machado Gomes de Andrade. Counselors — Ultimo de Valois, 50, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints property manager; wife, Nayara Amaral Lima de Valois. Benjamin Rodrigues Braga Jr., 57, Brazil MTC supervisor O&M; wife, Christiana Silva Santos Braga.

SÃO PAULO BRAZIL TABOÃO STAKE: (May 23, 2021) President — Alexander Vieira Bueno, 48, Brasilprev employee; succeeding Sergio Dias; wife, Michela dos Santos Alves Bueno. Counselors — Valter Augusto Margoni Jr., 44, Seminaries and Institutes coordinator; wife, Alessandra Pinheiro Margoni. Henrique Augusto Azevedo de Sousa, 40, physician; wife Gabriela Marques Azevedo de Sousa.

TACLOBAN PHILIPPINES STAKE: (May 30, 2021) President — Jhumer Cajife Operio, 39, Operio Realty real estate broker; succeeding Pedro Bimbo B. Tan; wife, Jean Lim-It Calidayan Operio. Counselors — Frederick Thong Cabe, 42, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints facilities manager; wife, Kharla Sasing Porpor Cabe. David Dagaño Mendros, 43, Build and Design private contractor; wife, Analiza Dangco Baldecañas Mendros.

TAGUIG PHILIPPINES STAKE: (June 6, 2021) President — Demetrio Policarpio Agudo III, 49, Road Link Solutions Inc. assistant general manager; wife, Ronelle Solis Dapilo Agudo. Counselors — Modesto Casagan Lacambra Jr., 45, Rodriguez & Lacambra Law Offices partner and lawyer; wife, Lalaine Idepcion Hidalgo Lacambra. Ariel Alvaran Macabenta, 45, BF Corp. safety manager; wife, Rhea Faderanga Macabenta.

VIÑA DEL MAR CHILE STAKE: (May 2, 2021) President — Alan Aaron Campos Gallardo, 37, DFV Engineering and Management technical inspector of works; succeeding Miguel A. Mercado Espinoza; wife, Camila Alexandra Araneda Alvarez. Counselors — Daniel Alejandro Martinez Salazar, 38, Equifax Dicom commercial manager; wife, Luz Adriana Martinez Amaya. Jaime Andres Zuñiga Henriquez, 49, freelance technician; wife, Nelly Eunice de Zuñiga Cortes.

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