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New Stakes and Stake Presidencies Announced in August 2021

A stake president visits an elderly woman. The stake president holds the priesthood keys to lead the work of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the stake, which is a geographic organization of members of the Church. He and his counselors form a stake presidency. They care for stake members with love, helping them become true followers of Jesus Christ.2021 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.
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By Church News Staff

NOTE: When a new stake is created or a new stake presidency is called in an existing stake, leaders are given time to report the changes and provide brief biographical information for each member of the stake presidency. A list of stakes reporting changes is compiled and published at the end of each month. The actual date of the stake’s creation or reorganization is in parenthesis following the name of the stake.

Following is a list of newly created stakes and stake presidencies of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from around the world.

New Stakes

A new stake has been created from the Cape Coast Ghana and Yamoransa Ghana stakes. The Abura Ghana Stake, which consists of the Akotokyer and Brafoyaw branches and the Abura 1st, Abura 2nd, Abura 3rd, Green Hill, Nkanfoa and Ntranoa wards, was created by Elder Jörg Klebingat, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Anthony M. Katu, an Area Seventy.

ABURA GHANA STAKE: (April 18, 2021) President — Samuel Ferguson Laing, 43, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints mission facilities manager; wife, Rhoda Ama Afrifa Laing. Counselors — Richard Wayo Teye-Topey, 48, Ghana Edy-Service subject teacher; wife, Cynthia Laryea-Akrong Teye-Topey. Anthony Julian Acquah Quartsen, 37, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints administrative assistant; wife, Augustina Ellen Boateng Quartsen.

A new stake has been created from the Assomada Cape Verde District. The Assomada Cape Verde Stake, which consists of the Calheta, Pedra Badejo and Ribeirão Manuel branches and the Achada Grande, Achada Mato, Assomada 1st, Assomada 2nd and Tarrafal wards, was created by Elder Gary B. Sabin, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Saulo G. Franco, an Area Seventy.

ASSOMADA CAPE VERDE STAKE: (June 6, 2021) President — Hélder Ferreira Cardoso Varela, 32, Ministry of Education teacher; wife, Djenifa Odília Barbosa Fernandes Cardoso Varela. Counselors — Luís Sandro Alves Dias, 38, Seminaries and Institutes coordinator; wife, Célia Helena Ferreira Varela Dias. Wilson Miguel Cobnate Nhafe, 30, technician; wife, Miralinda Lei Morais Estrela de Pina Nhafe.

A new stake has been created from the Cauayan Philippines District. The Cauayan Philippines Stake, which consists of the Naguilian and Victoria branches and the Cabatuan, Cauayan Isabela 1st, Cauayan Isabela 2nd, Cauayan Isabela 3rd and San Mateo wards, was created by Elder Steven R. Bangerter, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Bartolome Madriaga, an Area Seventy.

CAUAYAN PHILIPPINES STAKE: (May 30, 2021) President — Jerry Quenie Uy, 49, businessman; wife, Rachel Salome de Guzman Cabauatan Uy. Counselors — Jaime Marcelo Poblete, 54, auto body repair contractor, self-employed; wife, Marilyn Bimano Pagulayan Poblete. Larwin Clemente Quitola, 48, Viniedo Quequegan maintenance employee; wife, Rosie Norbe Magbato Quitola.

A new stake has been created from the Hyrum Utah North and Hyrum Utah stakes. The Hyrum Utah West Stake, which consists of the Hyrum 1st, Hyrum 3rd, Hyrum 5th, Hyrum 6th, Hyrum 10th, Hyrum 11th, Hyrum 13th and Little Bear wards, was created by Elder Michael T. Ringwood, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Michael L. Staheli, an Area Seventy.

HYRUM UTAH WEST STAKE: (June 6, 2021) President — Matthew John Croshaw, 43, Malouf Companies vice president of human resources and organization effectiveness; wife, Allyson Grace Lee Crosaw. Counselors — Stephen Scot Reed, 63, Utah State University director of manufacturing extension; wife, Margene Hampton Reed. Larry Thomas Wilde Jr., 37, Inovar Inc. product engineering manager; wife, Jana Afton Burrows Wilde.

A new stake has been created from the Ijebu-Ode Nigeria District. The Ijebu-Ode Nigeria Stake, which consists of the Ago-Iwoye, Igbeba, Ijebu-Ife and Ijebu-Ode Nigeria District branches and the Ilese, Imodi, Imushin, Irewon, Isoku and Sagamu wards, was created by Elder Hugo E. Martinez, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Christiean C. Chigbundu and Elder I. Raymond Egbo, Area Seventies.

IJEBU-ODE NIGERIA STAKE: (May 30, 2021) President — James Enimare Edache, 33, self-employed bricklayer; wife, Chika Christiana Igwe Edache. Counselors — Sunday Omokaro, 46, Summit Healthcare Hospital Ltd. manager; wife, Ann Enyi Omokaro. Adebanjo Babatunde Ojosipe, 39, self-employed project director; wife, Eno-Obong Gift Adebanjo Iwok Ojosipe.

A new stake has been created from the Oulu Finland and Pietarsaari Finland districts, the Tampere Finland Stake and several branches. The Jyväskylä Finland Stake, which consists of the Joensuu, Kajaani, Kemi, Kokkola, Mikkeli, Pietarsaari and Rovaniemi branches and the Jyväskylä, Kuopio, Lappeenranta, Oulu and Vaasa wards, was created by Elder Erich W. Kopischke, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Erik Bernskov, an Area Seventy.

JYVÄSKYLÄ FINLAND STAKE: (May 16, 2021) President — Samuel Heikki Juhana Kuosmanen, 40, Mekiwi Oy CEO; wife, Anu Katariina Airaksinen Kuosmanen. Counselors — Olli-Pekka Antero Kämäräinen, 40, University of Eastern Finland clinical teacher and Kuopio University Hospital neurosurgeon; wife, Minna Riita Ileana Seväkivi Kämäräinen. Kari Kalevi Welling, 59, Markkinointi Welling Oy entrepreneur; wife, Leena Kaarina Pyykkö Welling.

A new stake has been created from the Kharkiv Ukraine District. The Kharkiv Ukraine Stake, which consists of the Alekseyevka, Dnepr Central, Dnepr Left Bank, Dnepr Pobeda, Kharkov Tsentralny, Novy Doma, Poltava, Saltovsky, Sumy and Zaporizhzhia branches, was created by Elder Christoffel Golden, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Kyrylo Pokhylko and Elder Oleksiy H. Hakalenko, Area Seventies.

KHARKIV UKRAINE STAKE: (April 25, 2021) President — Pavel S. Mikhailovskii, 27, business development manager; wife, Diana Olegovna Fedotova Mikhaylovskaya. Counselors — Valeryi A. Myroshnychenko, 58, radio mechanic; wife, Natalia Grigoreivna Efimova Myroshnychenko. Anton S. Mikhailovskii, 33, More Good Foundation video production manager; wife, Anastasia Andreevna Brishtel.

A new stake has been created from the São José Brazil Stake. The Palhoça Brazil Stake, which consists of the Santo Amaro Branch and the Fazenda do Max, Forquilhinhas, Palhoça and Pedra Branca wards, was created by Elder Adilson de Paula Parrella, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Gustavo G. Rezende, an Area Seventy.

PALHOÇA BRAZIL STAKE: (June 6, 2021) President — Adriano Silva Machado, 45, Alex Benedet workshop manager; wife, Suzanila Pereira Machado. Counselors — Bernardino José Inácio Lopes, 63, Santa Catarina State University technician; wife, María Diná Rodrigues de Souza Lopes. Marcilio Silva de Souza, 38, Regenera shipping assistant; wife, Ana Paula Monteiro da Silva Souza.

A new stake has been created from the Santa Cruz Zambales Philippines District. The Santa Cruz Zambales Philippines Stake, which consists of the Bayto, Candelaria, Guisguis, Infanta, Masinloc and Santa Cruz Zambales wards, was created by Elder Steven R. Bangerter, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Norman C. Insong and Arlen M. Tumaliuan, Area Seventies.

SANTA CRUZ ZAMBALES PHILIPPINES STAKE: (Nov. 8, 2020) President — Elexir Decano Novera, 37, Micro Asia College of Science and Technology Inc. instructor; wife, Alice Mariano Pizarra Novera. Counselors — Dennis Francisco Castillo, 55, former Jandi’s Food and Catering Services manager; wife, Julie Ann Mara Arce Castillo. Norman Solver Abanto, 55, business owner; wife, Agnes Mesia Abanto.

A new stake has been created from the Tagum Philippines District. The Tagum Philippines Stake, which consists of the Kapalong Branch and the Maco, Tagum 1st, Tagum 2nd, Tagum 3rd and Tagum 4th wards, was created by Elder Taniela B. Wakolo, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Eduardo M. Argana, an Area Seventy.

TAGUM PHILIPPINES STAKE: (June 27, 2021) President — Leonardo Cajegas Natad Jr., 37, Nice Super Active Probiotic Agricultural Trading proprietor and operations manager; wife, Eunice Joy Braganza Juele Natad. Counselors — Edgar Cocon Cabrera, 61, Provincial Government of Davao del Norte supervising agriculturist; wife, Jocelyn Dulos Saromines Cabrera. Emerson Dailisan Nang, 45, 611 Global Solutions Inc. virtual assistant; wife, Vanessa Gay Dela Victoria Cuyong Nang.

Reorganized Stakes

ACCRA GHANA KASOA STAKE: (May 9, 2021) President — Daniel Allotey, 38, Nautech Services Limited freelance seismic exploration specialist, Source-Link Company Ghana Limited president and CEO of Africa West and South Areas, and Allwuni Investments president and CEO; succeeding Samuel Annan-Simons; wife, Emma Memuna Mbawuni Allotey. Counselors — Joseph Susu, 54, building contractor; wife, Gifty Abusaki Ofoe Susu. Bernard Ghunney, 33, Rocka Foods Limited senior sales operations manager; wife, Alice Owusuaa Sarpong Ghunney.

BARCELONA SPAIN STAKE: (May 9, 2021) President — Ryan Parker Newell, 30, Jobandtalent product manager; succeeding Ricard March; wife, Hannah Kay Savage Newell. Counselors — Lleïr Esteves-García Mochi, 31, G+D associate software engineer; wife, Diosana Lilibeth Rivera Vallecillo. Nicolás Bernardo Anguiano Rodríguez, 35, freelance copywriter and marketing strategy; wife, Georgina Paola Grigoriu Campbell.

CARIGARA PHILIPPINES STAKE: (June 13, 2021) President — Richard Villamor Loreño, 42, proprietor; succeeding Benjamin Cinco; wife, Veronica Salvacion Morales Loreño. Counselors — Rolando Amil Vidal Jr., 32, self-employed; wife, Chastine Marie Leonor Cabuquing Vidal. Leysam Piangco Oñate, 41, former Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs secretary; wife, Mylyn Near Picao Oñate.

CHAPECÓ BRAZIL STAKE: (June 20, 2021) President — Joelsio Rufato, 47, Nativa Productos Agrícolas LTDA partner and owner; succeeding Clóvis Gauer de Oliveira; wife, Lucimara Aparecida Da Motta Rufato. Counselors — Arlen Santos Souza, 41, post office employee; wife, Ana Paula Cerqueira Santos Souza. Lucio Thiago Triunfo Bolles, 38, Jnk Industrial Equipment mechanical design engineer; wife, Vanessa Menezes Bolles.

CONTAGEM BRAZIL STAKE: (June 6, 2021) President — Lélio Francisco Teixeira Puggina, 53, Puggina Pianos owner; succeeding Joimar Leal de Sena; wife, Clarisa Guedes de Athayde Puggina. Counselors — Thiago dos Santos Grangeiro Barbosa, 32, Blojaf Ltda. coordinating engineer; wife, Angelica Malta Vasconcelos de Souza Barbosa. Alexandre Miguel da Silva Teles, 48, Seminaries and Institutes coordinator; wife, Monike de Caldas Teles.

COOS BAY OREGON STAKE: (June 20, 2021) President — David Scott Elmer, 51, First Community Credit Union CEO; succeeding Steven A. Tersigni; wife, Lori Lynette Schneberger Elmer. Counselors — Mark Robert Gillis, 63, Bay Area Hospital anesthesiologist; wife, Deborah Annette Anderson Gillis. Brock William Millet, 42, North Bend Medical Centers physician; wife, Melinda Ann Rice Millet.

FAIRBANKS ALASKA STAKE: (June 13, 2021) President — Jeffrey Dirk May, 45, Alaska Court System magistrate judge and University of Alaska faculty; succeeding J. Ryan Boland; wife, Lora Dawn Fleming May. Counselors — Alan Francis Skinner, 40, State of Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities engineer; wife, Eliza Nell Cook Skinner. Bradley Earl Randall, 44, Monticello Home & Auto Supply and Healy Heights Family Cabins owner and Tri-Valley Fire volunteer fire, fire chief and medic; wife, Kristen Eddington Randall.

FERNANDO DE LA MORA PARAGUAY STAKE: (July 11, 2021) President — Ismael Mella Romeo, 37, Aridos S.A. general manager and director; succeeding Christian E. da Silva Ojeda; wife, Mariela Cecilia Perez Massia. Counselors — David Jesus Riveros Florentin, 43, Heisecke y Cía S.A.C.I. business intelligence; wife, Karen Johana da Silva Ojeda. Jorge Miguel Suarez Catania, 36, commercial executive; wife, Adriana Lourdes Franco Enciso.

GUADALAJARA MÉXICO BUGAMBILIAS STAKE: (May 30, 2021) President — Jesus Raymundo Niño Cardenas, 44, facilities manager; succeeding Heriberto Muñoz; wife, Ana Lina de Niño Barajas. Counselors — Aurelio Guadalupe Rodriguez Luna, 45, Soriana chief of systems; wife, Laura Elena de Rodriguez Martin. Alfonso Gamaliel Aguilar Perez, 45, self-employed managing director; wife, Elizabeth de Aguilar Gradilla.

GUADALAJARA MÉXICO TLAQUEPAQUE STAKE: (June 6, 2021) President — Alejandro Gonzalez Turrado, 38, businessman; succeeding Jorge A. Galvan Gutiérrez; wife, María Del Rosario Gonzalez Davalos. Counselors — Jorge Alberto Espinoza Hermosillo, 43, University of Guadalajara administrator; wife, Rocio Esmeralda de Espinoza Rodriguez. José Roberto Sosa Barragán, 40, IBM business analyst; wife, Beatriz Cardenas Garza.

GUADALAJARA MÉXICO UNIÓN STAKE: (June 13, 2021) President — Gilberto Javier Torres Delgado, 42, Cursos Telefonistas director; succeeding Ricardo Chavez Chico; wife, Nancy Janette Alvarado Bernal. Counselors — Gregorio Jonguitud Oluguin, 53, Mexican Institute of Social Security and Jalisco Institute of Cancerology radiation oncologist; wife, Maby Alejandra de Jonguitud Ceballos. Jorge Alberto Alexander Sánchez Pantoja, 36, Intecnika managing director; wife, Alejandra Ortiz Pineda.

GUAYAQUIL ECUADOR PUERTO LIZA STAKE: (May 30, 2021) President — Fernando Israel Reyes Silva, 38, Servicios Administrativos Varcom C Ltda administrative assistant and accountant; succeeding Mario A. Cabezas Mendoza; wife, Veronica Maribel de Reyes Ramirez. Counselors — Robin Santiago Morán Suárez, 36, Haka Tactical administrator and entrepreneur; wife, Wendy Elízabeth Martínez de Morán. Eduardo Raúl Acosta Guaygua, 45, Importadora Disvasari assistant; wife, Angelica María Washbrum de Acosta.

HEATH TEXAS STAKE: (May 23, 2021) President — Christopher Lynn Ash, 48, Atrium Legal Group partner; succeeding Darwin D. Smith; wife, Ashlea Elaine Reed Ash. Counselors — Bret Admiral Dewey, 57, Builders First Source director; wife, Loralin Chapman Dewey. Joseph Wayne Pauga, 48, Texas Instruments project management; wife, Jennifer Jean Noonan Pauga.

HYRUM UTAH STAKE: (June 20, 2021) President — Shaun L Peck, 55, Peck Hadfield Baxter & Moore LLC partner; succeeding Charles R. Acevedo; wife, Kerry Swan Peck. Counselors — Mark Daniel Stevenson, 42, Cache County School District teacher; wife, Annie Jean Jardine Stevenson. Eric George Andrus, 58, Fiserv senior business consultant; wife, Misty Dawn Parris Andrus.

KANAZAWA JAPAN STAKE: (May 23, 2021) President — Tatsuya Yoshida, 62, Care Home Ippuku director; succeeding Yoshihiko Sasa; wife, Yoshida Junko. Counselors — Hisao Murai, 59, Murphy Systems director and representative; wife, Kiyoko Murai. Eiji Nishimura, 52, Shinsei Denki Co. Ltd. president and CEO; wife, Yuko Nishimura.

LUBUMBASHI DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO STAKE: (March 28, 2021) President — Job Kabemba Beya, 39, Airtel RDC commercial agent; succeeding Lama V. Udimula; wife, Diane Nyemba Kayende. Counselors — Rutari Useni Alexis Safari, 42, Evm Sarl administration lead, Adefat financial director and Provincial Government of Haut-Katanga rural development head adviser; wife, Fatuma Sandra Risasi. Jean-David Kasonga Mvita, 35, Kisenda Copper Company Sa/Metorex Group deputy mechanic foreman; wife, Rosalie Muaku Mukendi.

MACAÉ BRAZIL STAKE: (May 30, 2021) President — Anderson Pessanha de Freitas, 42, Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. project, construction and assembly technician; succeeding Wagner Destro; wife, Merilin Candido de Menezes. Counselors — Felipe Moreira dos Santos, 33, Petrobras supervisor; wife, Folvi Lis Nines Farias dos Santos. Adelso Pereira de Deus, 49, self-employed carpenter; wife, Sirleide Gomes Ferreira de Deus.

MANAUS BRAZIL RIO NEGRO STAKE: (May 30, 2021) President — Carlos Marcelo de Oliveira Chaves, 48, Zoe Tecnologia IT director; succeeding Jair Leite Barreto; wife, Maria Alice Holanda Moura Chaves. Counselors — Kiyoshi Miki, 57, Moto Honda da Amazônia Ltda agronomist specialist; wife, Elizabeth Mattos Miki. Rogério Araújo de Sales, 41, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints facilities manager at FM Manaus; wife, Andréia Souza de Sales.

MARIKINA PHILIPPINES STAKE: (May 23, 2021) President — Ofrecio Yuraba Corpuz, 43, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints facilities manager; succeeding Jaime Erwin C. Bernadas; wife, Jean Magalona Llanera Corpuz. Counselors — Rhoel Dugang Samson, 50, Technological Institute of the Philippines faculty member; wife, Jenny Batayola Zapanta Samson. Patrick Bustarde Laconsay, 39, Deped Marikina head teacher; wife, Abigail Nicolas Borilla Laconsay.

MÉXICO CITY INDUSTRIAL STAKE: (June 13, 2021) President — Carlos Alberto Ramirez Obregon, 48, Walmart México ecommerce controller; succeeding Christian Moctezuma Meza; wife, Alma Laura Paniagua Diaz. Counselors — Ivan Enrique Betancourt Silva, 40, CCM México operations manager; wife, Shyorett de Betancourt Lopez. Luis Aaron Martinez Rodriguez, 46, business owner; wife, Veronica de Martinez Perez.

ODESSA FLORIDA STAKE: (June 20, 2021) President — Ryan Glenn Henry, 44, therapist, private practice owner and University of South Florida director of M.S. in marriage and family therapy; succeeding Paul H. Thompson; wife, Laura Carey French Henry. Counselors — Aaron Salvatore Ciccarello, 44, MidFlorida Credit Union branch manager and vice president; wife, Michelle Rae Gully Ciccarello. Brandon Wade Mease, 47, Amgen Inc. senior IT manager; wife, Lindsay Leigh Lambertsen Mease.

OSASCO BRAZIL STAKE: (June 20, 2021) President — Alex de Souza Silva, 42, Sesi-SP/Fiesp social communication analyst; succeeding Adriano Vitor Fernandes; wife, Jôsi de Sousa Nunes Silva. Counselors — Elias Soares da Silva, 55, Fast Shop forklift operator; wife, Vilma de Sousa Silva. Marcus Vinicius Almeida Vilaronga, 45, Banco Citibank SA IT infrastructure analyst; wife, Cristiane Araujo Vilaronga.

PALMYRA NEW YORK STAKE: (May 23, 2021) President — Edmund Siegfried Nabrotzky, 55, Panasonic Corporation director of strategy and University of Rochester adjunct faculty; succeeding Terence L. Robinson; wife, Margaret Claire Richards Nabrotzky. Counselors — Christopher Leif Bjorling, 57, Fidello Inc. president; wife, Heidi Jeppson Bjorling. Robert Reginald Mayo, 59, Rochester Regional Health chief medical officer; wife, Karin Viola Olausson Mayo.

PROVO UTAH EDGEMONT STAKE: (June 6, 2021) President — Kevin Chester King, 61, Intermountain Health provider liaison; succeeding Scott T. Jackson; wife, Amy Marie Thomas King. Counselors — Chad Edward Grunander, 48, Utah County Attorney’s Office criminal division chief; wife, Amy Jo Suman Grunander. Kimball Lael Christianson, 46, Revere Health radiologist; wife, Olivia Paia Palmer Christianson.

SAN MARCOS GUATEMALA STAKE: (June 6, 2021) President — César Dubiel De León López, 46, physiotherapist; succeeding Carlos V. Reyes Lopez; wife, Maria De Lourdes Castañeda López. Counselors — Noeil Antonio Pivaral Gomez, 41, administrator; wife, Belcy Liseth Orozco de Pivaral. Gerardo Antonio Ochoa Muñoz, 33, construction owner; wife, Yesica Patricia Lopez Rodriguez.

RIALTO CALIFORNIA STAKE: (June 13, 2021) President — Todd Arvin Mortensen, 48, Capital Program Management program manager; succeeding Robert L. Chandler; wife, Amy Minette Johnson Mortensen. Counselors — Richard Newman Whitaker, 38, California State University Los Angeles part-time professor and Hearing Science of Rancho Cucamonga audiologist and private practice owner; wife, Angela Graves Whitaker. Nayse Aloe Vaiaoga, 39, City of Corona data scientist; wife, Jade Tausalalalelei Purcell Vaiaoga.

SARATOGA SPRINGS UTAH MOUNT SARATOGA STAKE: (June 13, 2021) President — Joseph Allen Hudson, 44, Magleby Development owner, Masterpiece Trade Services owner, Masterpiece International president and owner, StudioMX principal and owner, TeamWorxs owner and Magleby Construction chief operation officer; succeeding Kenneth T. Gibby; wife, Lindsay Jacobsen Hudson. Counselors — Randy Howard Powell, 47, MetaSource chief financial officer; wife, Shauna Margaret Lifferth Powell. John Derek Thornton Sr., 44, Amgen Inc. senior manager of clinical systems; wife, Lexia Elizabeth Dew Thornton.

SEATTLE WASHINGTON STAKE: (June 6, 2021) President — Caleb John Washington Stowell, 39, Providence vice president of value analytics; succeeding Richard C. Pedersen; wife, Laura Neuenswander Stowell. Counselors — Robert Martin Patricelli, 49, Navia Benefit Solutions vice president of engineering; wife, Lea Lorraine Silk Patricelli. Russell John Woolley, 39, Virginia Mason Franciscan Health hospital administrator and chief operating officer; wife, Carrie Jane Rosevear Woolley.

SEOUL KOREA SOUTH STAKE: (June 27, 2021) President — Tae Hwi Kwon, 59, Vision Leadership Co. Ltd. managing director; succeeding Kang Junghoon; wife, Im Ki-suk. Counselors — Kyungyeol Park, 45, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Service Center office worker; wife, Yoo Myung-sook. Hyeonseung Kim, 38, Seminaries and Institutes coordinator; wife, Kwon Kyung-min.

SURREY BRITISH COLUMBIA STAKE: (June 13, 2021) President — Eden Robin Edward Engen, 56, self-employed discretionary portfolio manager; succeeding M. Travis Wolsey; wife, Tony May Kearl Engen. Counselors — Luis Flavio Ortolano, 50, TuGo Insurance Canada chief information officer; wife, Ana Maria Chrispim Ortolano. John Barlow Roeder, 65, University of British Columbia professor; wife, Kimberly Ann Kay Roeder.

TOCUMEN PANAMÁ STAKE: (June 6, 2021) President — Jose Pablo Gaona Medina, 47, lawyer; succeeding Camilo D. Mena Dominguez; wife, Carmen Amanda Chase Gaona. Counselors — Emiliano Valdes Cedoño, 48, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints mechanic; wife, Noris Edith Batista Mendoza De Valdes. Roy Andrés Hernández, 36, La Prensa graphic designer; wife, Darling Ana Calderón Ortega.

TRUJILLO PERÚ CENTRAL STAKE: (May 23, 2021) President — Carlos Javier Rodriguez Saldaña, 40, Trujillo Peru Temple assistant registrar; succeeding William C. Rabanal; wife, Melody Leny Quispe Sanchez de Rodriguez. Counselors — Rene Abel Blas Baca, 52, self-employed; wife, Maria Emperatriz Vidal Rivero de Blas. Diego Renato Palma Caceres, 34, Special Projects Department temple facilities manager; wife, Johana Lourdes Loayza Briones.

UBERLÂNDIA BRAZIL STAKE: (May 2, 2021) President — Raul Vitor Gabriel Lopes, 37, Uberlândia City Council lawyer; succeeding Epaminondas Vilchez Gonçalves; wife, Taiane de Carvalho Lopes. Counselors — Leonardo Vieira da Silva, 47, Municipal Department of Water and Sewage public servant; wife, Silvana Moisés Oliveira da Silva. Vanderson Pereira de Oliveira, 46, Regional Labor Court labor judge; wife, Marcia de Souza Ribeiro Oliveira.

ULAANBAATAR MONGOLIA WEST STAKE: (June 27, 2021) President — Purevsuren Erdenebileg, 36, Tsever Agaar owner and CEO, and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints contract translator; succeeding Tserennyam Sukhbaatar; wife, Shinen Khaliunaa. Counselors — Agvaan Enkhbaatar, 47, EBEG LLC director; wife, Nyamravdan Bayartsetseg. Ganbat Ganbold, 32, Monnis Group supply manager; wife, Nandintetseg Batsaikhan.

UYO NIGERIA STAKE: (June 20, 2021) President — Adiel Okon Ntuk, 46, Ad-Connect Africa CEO; succeeding Enefiok Ntem; wife, Gladys Adiel Ogar Ntuk. Counselors — Odoeyen Aniefiok Okon, 45, Akwa Ibom State Civil Service assistant chief technical officer; wife, Ekaete Udoeyen Okon. Bassey Eyibio Bassey, 40, Akwa Ibom State Malaria Vector Surveillance Survey/Vectorlink Nigeria Project entomology technician; wife, Aniefiok Bassey Eyibio.

VALENCIA SPAIN STAKE: (May 23, 2021) President — José Luis Barría Fernández, 33, Roquette credit management analyst; succeeding José F. Vilar; wife, Patricia Belen Leiva Correa. Counselors — Rafael Jose Garcia Lopez, 34, dental clinic oral hygienist; wife, Génisis Carolina Rojas Terán. Javier Martínez Plumé, 52, Universidad de Valencia professor; wife, María Antonia González Colmena.

VALLEDUPAR COLOMBIA STAKE: (May 23, 2021) President — Albeiro Palma Arias, 42, judicial branch clerk; succeeding Campo E. Varon; wife, Gertrudis Maria Alfaro Redondo. Counselors — Frayder Antonio de Angel Aragon, 41, workshop owner; wife, Alexis Leonor Alvarado Maestre. Yuri Javier Sierra Jimenez, 48, vehicle promoter workshop manager; wife, Dalgi Esther Sierra Berbesi.

VERACRUZ MÉXICO MOCAMBO STAKE: (June 6, 2021) President — Rafael Montenegro Castro, 36, Grupo M director and owner, Estaciona_T owner and restaurant legal representative; succeeding Roberto Castañeda Haro; wife, Cristina de Montenegro Soriano. Counselors — Juan Gaytan Lozano, 51, business owner; wife, Lourdes de Gaytan Morales. Juan Carlos Hernandez Lastra, 35, Mecanica Tek SA de CV warehouse manager; wife, Sasha Pamela Maya Martinez.

WESTCHESTER NEW YORK STAKE: (June 13, 2021) President — Todd Allen Mortensen, 42, Covington & Burling LLP associate; succeeding J. Bradley Jefferies; wife, Lorana Whiting Mortensen. Counselors — Claeiber Diaeines Soares de Abreu, 46, JP Morgan Chase executive director; wife, Caroline Benevente de Abreu. Kreg Michael Koford, 46, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center senior vice president of hospital operations; wife, Erica Love Stephan Koford.

WINCHESTER VIRGINIA STAKE: (May 23, 2021) President — Aaron Clark Blight, 51, Caregiving Kinetics CEO and Shenandoah University adjunct professor; succeeding Michael D. Groll; wife, Jessica Marie Bodnar Blight. Counselors — Carter Lee Knapp, 73, Fay Servicing director of professional development; wife, Carolyn Yvonne Smith Knapp. Nathan Max Jensen, 46, Shea Homes national purchasing agent; wife, Ellen Rebecca Day Jensen.

YAMORANSA GHANA STAKE: (April 18, 2021) President — Frederick Antwi Sr., 66, retired accountant; succeeding Frank B. Davies; wife, Victoria Ampong Antwi. Counselors — Richard Yao Hammah, 60, REC Leslie Electricals CEO; wife, Charlotte Dawdah Hammah. Paul Essilfie, 37, Ghana Education Service supervisor instructor; wife, Juliana Efua Awotwe Essilfie.

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