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New Stakes and Stake Presidencies Announced in November 2022

A stake president visits an elderly woman. The stake president holds the priesthood keys to lead the work of the Church in the stake. He and his counselors form a stake presidency. They care for stake members with love, helping them become true followers of Jesus Christ.© 2022 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.

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By Church News Staff, Church News

NOTE: When a new stake presidency is called in an existing stake, leaders are given time to report the changes and provide brief biographical information for each member of the stake presidency. A list of stakes reporting changes is compiled and published at the end of each month. The actual date of the stake’s creation or reorganization is in parentheses following the name of the stake.

Following is a list of newly created stakes and reorganized stake presidencies of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from around the world.

New Stakes

A new stake has been created from the Gastonia North Carolina and Hickory North Carolina stakes. The Lake Norman North Carolina Stake, which consists of the Cornelius, Huntersville, Lake Norman, Mooresville, Mountain Island and Statesville wards, was created by Elder John C. Pingree Jr., General Authority Seventy, and Elder Matthew S. Harding, an Area Seventy.

LAKE NORMAN NORTH CAROLINA STAKE: (Sept. 18, 2022) President — Timothy Allen Smith, 61, retired; wife, Betsy Ann Smith. Counselors — Trenton Reed Parker, 51, self-employed professional investor; wife, April Fleming Parker. Cecil Ray Ruppe, 49, Creative Sign Solutions Inc. vice president; wife, Erika Kathleen Beyer Ruppe.

A new stake has been created from the Naga Philippines Stake. The Naga Philippines North Stake, which consists of the Tinambac Branch and the Calabanga, Camaligan, Canaman, Naga 1st and Naga 5th wards, was created by Elder Carlos G. Revillo Jr., General Authority Seventy, and Elder Edmarc R. Dumas, an Area Seventy.

NAGA PHILIPPINES NORTH STAKE: (Nov. 6, 2022) President — Cristito Masagca Pacunza, 37, teacher and motion graphics designer and editor; wife, Jewel Lynn Jayona Parco. Counselors — Ruve Fornoles Palmiano, 47, self-employed; wife, Marynell Cornejo Del Socorro Palmiano. Yasir Florentino Lanuzo Gamil, 29, self-employed business owner; wife, Marie Grace Putong Agawin Gamil.

A new stake has been created from the San Luis Potosí México Benito Juárez and San Luis Potosí México stakes. The San Luis Potosi México Industrias Stake, which consists of the Españita, Independencia, Industrias, Las Joyas, Oriente and Prados wards, was created by Elder Adrián Ochoa, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Héctor Méndez, an Area Seventy.

SAN LUIS POTOSI MÉXICO INDUSTRIAS STAKE: (Aug. 21, 2022) President — Daniel Patricio Garrido Ordenes, 31, ABB finance team lead; wife, Wendy Leticia Perez Hernandez. Counselors — Omegar Díaz Pardo, 47, 3M Purification manufacturing leader; wife, Nora Olivia de Dîaz Cruz. Victor Manuel Rubio Ramirez, 49, Potosino Institute of Fine Arts, San Luis Potosí S.L.P. master of choral and instrumental ensembles; wife, Fabiola de Rubio Hernandez.

Reorganized Stakes

ABEOKUTA NIGERIA STAKE: (Oct. 23, 2022) President — Samuel Olaleye Idowu, 44, Federal Medical Centre Abeokuta deputy director; succeeding Ebenezer Ogundele; wife, Daniella Jamila Charles Idowu. Counselors — Ekpenyong Edem Essien, 30, Century 21 Freedom Group Intl. business consultant; wife, Elsie Ekpenyong Essien. Adekunle Samuel Adebaki, 33, clerical officer; wife, Esther Efosa Ogun Adebaki.

ABIDJAN COTE D’IVOIRE TOIT ROUGE STAKE: (Aug. 28, 2022) President — Herve Villard Kpole, 39, freelance translator; succeeding Kouadio N. Yao; wife, Djénéba Désirée Koné. Counselors — Faet Mélaine Bérenger Dahakpoin, 41, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints buyer; wife, Armande Carine Zilé Dahakpoin. Thiabaut Wilifried Hien, 37, private clinic general doctor; wife, Lokpo Leocadie Flore Zelisse.

ACCRA GHANA KANESHIE STAKE: (Aug. 21, 2022) President — Francis Sosu Jr., 37, NTHC account officer; succeeding Flint E. Mensah; wife, Miriam Eleanor Mensah Sosu. Counselors — Richmond Adu-Gyamfi, 40, Engage Now Africa adult literacy manager; wife, Leticia Darko Adu-Gyamfi. Jonathan Addo, 37, Jonrose Services managing director; wife, Ama Nti Opoku Addo.

ALBANY NEW YORK STAKE: (Sept. 25, 2022) President — Bruce Russell McLaughlin, 61, driver; succeeding John V. Gulisane; wife, Deborah Susan Stevens McLaughlin. Counselors — Ryan Patrick Barzee, 46, engineering manager; wife, Jenilyn Parkin Barzee. Joshua Steven Madsen, 46, mechanical engineer; wife, Jessica Spear Madsen.

AUCKLAND NEW ZEALAND HENDERSON STAKE: (Sept. 18, 2022) President — Mila Masiasomua, 50, occupational health specialist and Flex Physio Sports and Rehab director; succeeding Aaron T. Wi Repa; wife, Christine Gwendolene Fisher Masiasomua. Counselors — Phillip Thomas Parkie Skeen, 46, Seminaries and Institutes of Religion coordinator and high school English and media studies teacher; wife, Tanisha Nicole Straws Skeen. Fe’avesi Lucas Talamaivao, 42, social worker; wife, Maria Sarah Salanoa Talamaivao.

AUCKLAND NEW ZEALAND REDOUBT STAKE: (Aug. 28, 2022) President — Iose Joe Fatuleai, 50, national merchant manager; succeeding Mark E. Green; wife, Doana Sasa Tonumaipe’a Fatuleai. Counselors — Kilioni Mafi, 52, programme facilitator; wife, Meleane Halaliku Kalonihea Mafi. Allen Royal Singsam, 52, administrator; wife, Rangimarie Joanne Rikihana Singsam.

AURORA COLORADO SOUTH STAKE: (Sept. 25, 2022) President — Justin Garrett Matthews, 44, Ranstad lead vice president of national sales and enterprise solutions; succeeding Russell N. Watterson; wife, Gayla Hawn Matthews. Counselors — Tyler Kenneth Monson, 47, Pinnacol Assurance senior field auditor; wife, Angela Dianne Whitmill Monson. Rickey Doyle Turner Jr., 45, United States Department of Justice senior trial attorney; wife, Deanna Marie Stones Turner.

BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIA SOUTH STAKE: (Sept. 25, 2022) President — Gregory Vaughn Forsyth, 42, Cardiac RMS founder and managing partner; succeeding Russell V. Judd; wife, Naomi Patrice Thompson Forsyth. Counselors — Jeffrey Richard Bell, 47, Edward Jones financial adviser; wife, Amy Hall Bell. Ryan Scott Phillips, 49, Fruit Fillings Inc. regional sales manager; wife, Jennifer May Adams Phillips.

BELLVILLE SOUTH AFRICA STAKE: (Sept. 11, 2022) President — Andrew Russell Herbert, 52, Federal Clearing & Forwarding national operations manager; succeeding Paul Kruger; wife, Shelly Lee Powrie Herbert. Counselors — Sibusiso David Nkosi, 38, South African Airforce technician; wife, Lufuno Matovheke Nkosi. Alfonso Eugene Mosenthal, 34, Integrated Real Estate Accounting Services junior accountant; wife, Merle Suzanne Jacobs Mosenthal.

BENTONVILLE ARKANSAS STAKE: (Oct. 16, 2022) President — Paul Christian Van Slooten, 56, PepsiCo sales and general manager; succeeding Simon F. Keogh; wife, Jennifer Christina Lee Van Slooten. Counselors — Matthew Ben Lindsey, 44, Sam’s Club senior director of in-club product management and operations transformation; wife, Alisha Denise Saenz Lindsey. Blaine Richard Douglas, 46, Walmart Global Tech senior director of mergers, acquisitions and divestitures; wife, Lani Michelle Petersen Douglas.

BOGOTÁ COLOMBIA KENNEDY STAKE: (Sept. 11, 2022) President — Gerson Giovanni Cagua Gutierrez, 47, U.S. Embassy administrative assistant; succeeding Rafael A. Lopera; wife, Yandy Esperanca de Cagua Ruiz. Counselors — Camilo Andres Camargo Santos, 35, Bank of Bogotá liquidity and interest rate risk leader; wife, Diana Paola Pinilla Monroy. Jairo Humberto Vanegas Rios, 39, Naturallovers digital marketer; wife, Yulannis del Carmen de Vanegas Useche.

BOISE IDAHO CENTRAL STAKE: (Aug. 28, 2022) President — Andrew Seth Jorgensen, 43, trial attorney; succeeding John H. McMurdie; wife, Hilary Eve Smith Jorgensen. Counselors — David Neil Williams, 53, HP Inc. contractural print category manager; wife, Camille Noel Rankin Williams. Gregory Wayne Schley, 55, Micron Technology IT systems manager; wife, Debra Kaye Makin Schley.

CENTURION SOUTH AFRICA STAKE: (Oct. 9, 2022) President — Romeo Amanda Nkosi, 34, bank sourcing category lead; succeeding Clive J. Martin; wife, Katleho Letwaba Nkosi. Counselors — Craig William Comrie, 49, Profmed Medical Scheme CEO; wife, Amanda Asherson Comrie. Kevin Farquharson, 57, Leadership Platform/ThinkLead Ecosystem general manager; wife, Shelly-Ann Venables Farquharson.

COLONIA DUBLÁN MÉXICO STAKE: (Aug. 28, 2022) President — Cesar Alejandro Lozoya Noris, 46, Immunotec platinum principal; succeeding Noe Cepeda Santos; wife, Dulce Maria Mendoza Rodriguez. Counselors — Ernest Clayton Nielsen, 53, self-employed business owner; wife, Shauna Jones Nielsen. Alfred Eric Robinson, 49, self-employed farmer; wife, Michele Dustin Robinson.FORT COLLINS

COLORADO STAKE: (Sept. 25, 2022) President — James Lee Parke, 43, Otter Products LLC president and CEO; succeeding Gary J. Foster; wife, Megan Taylor Bates Parke. Counselors — James Robert Van Shaar, 49, Department of the Interior Bureau of Reclamation supervisor of water resources group; wife, Carol Luthy Van Shaar. Zachary Daniel Alleman, 36, pediatric dentist; wife, Alison Lee Bramhall Alleman.

DARTMOUTH NOVA SCOTIA STAKE: (Nov. 13, 2022) President — Jonathan Roy Fox, 54, family physician; succeeding Joel D. Glanfield; wife, Tricia Ray Crilley Fox. Counselors — Sheldon Choo, 44, solicitor; wife, Juliette Jeanne Aulenbach Choo. Ryan Wayne Fraser, 51, teacher; wife, Mellissa Jo Ann Wood Fraser.

ESCONDIDO CALIFORNIA STAKE: (Sept. 11, 2022) President — Anthony Joel Thompson, 59, General Atomics–Aeronautical senior director of mechanical manufacturing; succeeding R. Todd McMaster; wife, Heidi Heath Thompson. Counselors — Graham LeRay Mitchell, 53, City of El Cajon city manager; wife, Angela Lee Bassett Mitchell. Michael Sean Owsley, 53, Zentalis Pharmaceuticals senior director of operations; wife, Paige Jeanette Ashcraft Owsley.

FORTH MILL SOUTH CAROLINA STAKE: (Sept. 25, 2022) President — Justin Carl Blackham, 41, Varo Bank senior process specialist; succeeding Blake D Smith; wife, Amy Marie Froneberger Blackham. Counselors — Craig Delmar Bell, 59, Welfare and Self-Reliance Services manager; wife, Susan Lynn George Bell. Craig Alan Craze, 50, Indigo Rush partner; wife, Tiffany Anne Weaver Craze.

GRAHAM WASHINGTON STAKE: (Aug. 28, 2022) President — Mark Brian Manwaring, 51, Seminaries and Institutes of Religion institute director; succeeding Daniel W. Wells; wife, Shanalee Williams Manwaring. Counselors — Kevin Richard Hellyer, 44, Cardinal Health senior consultant; wife, Carrie Lee Jones Hellyer. Alfred Mark Fairbanks II, 57, Harborstone Credit Union vice president of finance and accounting; wife, Heidi Taylor Fairbanks.

GRANTS PASS OREGON STAKE: (Sept. 25, 2022) President — Joshua James Richardson, 49, Edward Jones financial adviser; succeeding R. Scott Nelson; wife, Kelly Diane Templeman Richardson. Counselors — Jeffrey Jon Elseth, 68, Met One Instruments embedded firmware engineer; wife, Janet Lynne MacNicholas Elseth. Joe J Dunn, 51, Siskiyou Community Healthcare CEO and chief dental officer; wife, Deborah Sue Arner Dunn.

HICKORY NORTH CAROLINA STAKE: (Sept. 18, 2022) President — Joseph Chance Powell, 40, pediatric dentist; succeeding Timothy A. Smith; wife, Emily Elizabeth Barnette Powell. Counselors — Casey Leo Proctor, 42, Marx LLC chief operations officer and co-owner; wife, Rachael Patricia Maltba Proctor. Brad Phillip Dancy, 48, American Woodmark plant controller; wife, Reneé Leigh McCarter Dancy.

HIGHLAND UTAH CENTRAL STAKE: (Oct. 16, 2022) President — Christopher Craig Malouf, 49, Protiviti managing director; succeeding Blair M. Kent; wife, Alison Marie Andrews Malouf. Counselors — David Wayne Peterson, 52, Excel Engineering Inc. owner; wife, Marcia Mae Egan Peterson. Kurt Allen Forsberg, 47, Eltropy vice president of customer success; wife, Kali Jo Tanner Forsberg.

HONG KONG CHINA KOWLOON WEST STAKE: (Sept. 18, 2022) President — Ka Po Simon Wong, 51, Standard Chartered Bank banker; succeeding Wai Lun Cheng; wife, King Yee Wong. Counselors — Cheung Hing Michael Lau, 57, AIA International Ltd. unit manager and financial planner; wife, Wan Debby Ting. Kwun Hong Dothany Lee, 50, Caritas Hong Kong social work supervisor; wife, Lai Ha Kong.

HUEHUETENANGO GUATEMALA CALVARIO STAKE: (Nov. 6, 2022) President — Leonel Amilcar Menchu Figueroa, 48, municipal employee; succeeding Elder E. Vásquez García; wife, Hilda Nohemi Herrera Velasquez de Menchu. Counselors — Luis Josue Garcia Rivas, 36, Grupo en Tecnologia e Innovacion manager; wife, Almy Elina Matias Lorenzo. Carlos Alberto Vasquez Gomez, 42, business owner; wife, Gladis Maribel Cobon Vasquez de Vasquez.

IQUITOS PERÚ STAKE: (Feb. 20, 2022) President — Paul Harry Vega Roque, 34, newscaster and freelance general services worker; succeeding Vidal Vega; wife, Rosa Mercedes Huanaquiri Shapiama. Counselors — Jose Ricardo Padilla Bustos, 57, Grifo y Servicio Transportes Santo Tomás EIRL head of operations and logistics; wife, Luz Iliana de Padilla Garcia. Jamilson Lozano López, 58, Comercial la Roca SRL administrator; wife, Lourdes Judith de Lozano Ríos.

KAYSVILLE UTAH CENTRAL STAKE: (Nov. 6, 2022) President — Scott Francis Simpson, 53, Utah Credit Union Association president and CEO, and KSL Newsradio anchor and host; succeeding Andrew W. Seelos; wife, Samantha Marie Yaunt Simpson. Counselors — James Joseph Dotson Jr., 54, firefighter and paramedic; wife, Carrie Lynn Covill Dotson. Matthew Kyle Meese, 44, credit union sales manager of wealth management; wife, Jennifer Donielle Gonzales Meese.

LAGOS NIGERIA FESTAC STAKE: (Sept. 11, 2022) President — Ugochukwu Benniah Nwaelele, 36, Clarion College of Business and Technology founder and Clariontech Services Ltd. director; succeeding Vincent C. Igbinedion; wife, Petra Ifeanyichukwu Onyisi Nwaelele. Counselors — Eric Olumayowa Olakitan Tade, 32, health and safety officer; wife, Patience Oyiri Jnr Onwuka Tade. Anthony Ifeanyichukwu Okoye, 38, business owner; wife, Esther Agwu Okoro.

LETHBRIDGE ALBERTA YSA STAKE: (Oct. 23, 2022) President — Stuart James Morgan, 49, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints area facilities manager; succeeding Eric R. Wilde; wife, Lisa Jane Bassett Morgan. Counselors — Bruce William Stewart, 49, physiotherapist; wife, Amy Suzanne Price Stewart. Mark Conrad Sauer, 59, business owner; wife, Diane Gale Pinter Sauer.

LIMA PERÚ PROLIMA STAKE: (Sept. 18, 2022) President — Miguel Angel Ramos Calderon, 39, San Martin logistics assistant; succeeding Maximo I. Gil Layza; wife, Dionicia Rosalvina Ramos Caldas de. Counselors — Juan Carlos Clemente Calizaya, 47, Clevac SAC general manager; wife, Andrea Melissa Vasquez Perez. Marco Antonio Osorio Diaz, 50, self-employed metals buyer and seller; wife, Magna Diamile de Osorio Fernandez.

LIMA PERÚ TAHUANTINSUYO STAKE: (Sept. 18, 2022) President — Christian Barrantes, 43, Credit Bank of Peru official; succeeding Segundo C. Sanchez Garrido; wife, Natalia Lissette de Barrantes Cavero. Counselors — Jesus Osccorima Nuñez, 46, Maquinarias SA supervisor; wife, Sara Emperatriz de Osccorima Ortiz. Wilmer Perez Pinedo, 55, self-employed; wife, Magdalena Lourdes Perez Vidal.

LIVERPOOL AUSTRALIA STAKE: (Sept. 18, 2022) President — Siosifa Fotukava Tokelau, 55, Greens General Food Co. Ltc. warehouse operator; succeeding Leonardo D. Gomez; wife, Sepiuta Talafaiva Lui Tokelau. Counselors — Pablo Ariel Gomez, 41, business owner; wife, Maree Kate Hancock Gomez. Sam Sio, 39, South Western Sydney Local Health District NSW Health project manager; wife, Ella Vili-Sio.

MENIFEE CALIFORNIA STAKE: (Oct. 16, 2022) President — Jason Eric Barney, 47, school district director of human resources; succeeding Michael L. Gray; wife, Beth Westenskow Barney. Counselors — Daniel Lee Temple, 54, retired; wife, Naomi Denise Dickson Temple. Cyrus Garrett Price, 47, clinic regional director; wife, Leanne Mickelsen Price.

MERIDIAN IDAHO SOUTH STAKE: (Oct. 23, 2022) President — Cameron Scott Keller, 44, Keller CPAs CEO; succeeding J. Joseph Kiehl; wife, Erin Reeder Keller. Counselors — Scott William Grant, 44, dentist; wife, Sadie Winterowd Grant. Kyle Renn Yorgason, 44, podiatrist; wife, Elizabeth Marie Pratt Yorgason.

MESA ARIZONA YSA WEST STAKE: (Oct. 16, 2022) President — Daniel Albert Shreeve, 61, real estate investor and developer; succeeding Jon F. Nielson; wife, Susan Emma Arledge Shreeve. Counselors — Andrew Paul Stewart, 55, ActiveG managing partner; wife, Charlotte Palmer Stewart. Christopher James Tatton, 28, financial adviser.

MESA ARIZONA YSA EAST STAKE: (Oct. 30, 2022) President — Michael Craig Hofeling, 56, Seminaries and Institutes of Religion coordinator; succeeding J. Robert Heap; wife, Patrice Merrill Hofeling. Counselors — Allen Robert Marsh, 59, Boomerang Capital Partners LLC managing director; wife, Karen Ann Orchard Marsh. Kyle James Donaldson, 58, L&W Supply outside sales representative; wife, SueAnn Allen Donaldson.

NAMPA IDAHO RIDGEVUE STAKE: (Nov. 6, 2022) President — Landon Knight Hagberg, 42, optometrist; succeeding Reid T. Stephan; wife, Kara Nicole Jensen Hagberg. Counselors — Brendan Jacob Felix, 48, Seminaries and Institutes of Religion seminary teacher; wife, Lucinda Ann Dewitt Felix. Alan Dean Kindall, 46, Micron Technology Inc. senior manager of global learning and development; wife, Michelle Renae Mease Kindall.

NANAIMO BRITISH COLUMBIA STAKE: (Oct. 30, 2022) President — Michael David Holt, 58, director of IT support; succeeding Andreas M. Weckesser; wife, Melanie Jane Sutton Holt. Counselors — Jeremy Keolla Orrego, 40, lawyer; wife, Dana Noelle Tyskerud Orrego. Justin John Kingsley, 44, family physician and College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia board member; wife, Rachel Catherine Van Horne Kingsley.

OREM UTAH CANYON VIEW STAKE: (Sept. 18, 2022) President — Reed Aaron Beus, 48, Lawrence Wealth Management managing partner; succeeding Mark H. Hansen; wife, Michelle Butler Beus. Counselors — Ronald Ray Warren, 55, ICS vendor strategic relations; wife, Brenda Jean Schroeder Warren. Michael Brent Newsome, 66, Unicity International vice president; wife, Linda Marta Pass Newsome.

OREM UTAH CHERRY HILL STAKE: (Nov. 13, 2022) President — Adam Michael Goodman, 56, Ancestry principle project manager; succeeding Jeffrey L. Robinson; wife, Kanani Clarke Goodman. Counselors — Giancarlo Santamaria, 47, Charcuterie Artisans vice president of manufacturing; wife, Jolene Crockett Santamaria. Nathan Ronald Harris, 44, Larson Davis logistics manager; wife, Lori Jeanine Smith Harris.

OTALVO ECUADOR STAKE: (Oct. 30, 2022) President — Cesar Luis Ascanta Farinango, 38, administrator; succeeding Jose J. Lema Tituaña; wife, Jacqueline Mercedes de Ascanta Santillan. Counselors — Juan Amado Muñoz Burga, 41, trader; wife, Elsa Marina Ascanta Morales. Christian Andres Donoso Garcia, 35, microcredit analyst; wife, Wendy Dayana de Donoso Aguirre.

PASTO COLOMBIA STAKE: (Aug. 14, 2022) President — Wilson Omar Guerrero Caicedo, 53, Acar and independent special transport and administration employee; succeeding Angel J. Zambrano Jaramillo; wife, Luz Elena Guerrero Chaves. Counselors — Luis Hernando Castro Velasquez, 47, Frimac SAS logistics supervisor; wife, Sandra Isabel Castro Rivera. Daniel Fernando Mora Moncayo, 26, Alexandra Estupiñan accounting assistant; wife, Dana Gabriela Velasquez Estupiñan.

PROVO UTAH YSA 19TH STAKE: (Oct. 9, 2022) President — Brent Anthony Whiting, 58, business owner; succeeding Lerron E. Little; wife, Laurie Black Whiting. Counselors — Steven Lynn Sumsion, 52, self-employed rancher and farmer; wife, Alisa Dawn Bradshaw Sumsion. Gerald Eldridge Kawika Allen, 49, Brigham Young University professor; wife, Carolina Molina Sagebin Allen.

PUNTA ARENAS CHILE STAKE: (Oct. 16, 2022) President — Victor Ivan Godoy Flores, 62, entrepreneur; succeeding Ricardo I. Fica Hidalgo; wife, Monica Cecilia de Godoy Saavedra. Counselors — Claudio Esteban Gonzalez Gonzalez, 52, self-employed driver; wife, Monica Teresita Garcia Lizama. Daniel Osvaldo Carvajal Hernandez, 56, taxi driver; wife, Maria Eugenia de Carvajal Alvarez.

QUILLOTA CHILE STAKE: (Oct. 9, 2022) President — Julio Patricio Caro Zarabia, 40, Nomasarriendo Agency commercial manager; succeeding Patricio E. Gòmez Turner; wife, Lineth Evelyn Guevara Montes. Counselors — Enrique Andrés Concha Alvarado, 32, freight forward servicing company owner; wife, Cintya Carla de Concha Cabrera. Rodrigo Esteban Escobar Bustos, 36, Constructora Escobar Hermanos Ltda. owner and operations manager; wife, Carolina Alejandra de Escobar Pereira.

REXBURG IDAHO MARRIED STUDENT 4TH STAKE: (Oct. 23, 2022) President — Douglas Ray Crabtree, 61, university professor; succeeding Alan J. Dutson; wife, Shauna Standing Crabtree. Counselors — Ronald Lee Berry, 62, Berry Oil president; wife, Michelle Erickson Berry. Mark Domenic Sanelli, 64, retired; wife, Leila Fay Campbell Sanelli.

RIVERTON UTAH YSA STAKE: (Oct. 23, 2022) President — Rory Christopher Bigelow, 52, Seminaries and Institutes of Religion associate administrator; succeeding J. Russton Bradshaw; wife, Tamara Jo Kershaw Bigelow. Counselors — Gregory Stanley Boswell, 53, OC Tanner Co. executive vice president of global sales; wife, Michelle King Boswell. Sione Sonasi Po’uha, 43, football coach; wife, Hokeiti Bernice Vea Kafusi Po’uha.

RIVERTON UTAH STAKE: (Sept. 18, 2022) President — Christopher Hal Neddo, 50, The Cynosure Group senior investment strategist; succeeding John L. Arens; wife, Sarah Christine Schwitzer Neddo. Counselors — Mitchell Chester Curtis, 48, Daw Construction Group LLC division manager; wife, Melissa Anne Day Curtis. David J Jessen, 53, Seminaries and Institutes of Religion manager of financial services; wife, Amy Sorensen Jessen.

ROSEBURG OREGON STAKE: (Oct. 16, 2022) President — Scott Charles Anderson, 46, audiologist; succeeding Scott D. Lander; wife, Jennifer Bitner Anderson. Counselors — Ryan Scott Loosli, 56, law firm case manager and private investigator; wife, Tamara Lynn Morton Loosli. Benjamin James Baird, 41, physician assistant; wife, Sarah Marie Hawkes Baird.

SALT LAKE RIVERSIDE STAKE: (Sept. 18, 2022) President — Andres Diaz, 68, Red Rock Legal Services PLLC and Diaz & Larsen managing partner; succeeding Bryant J. Keller; wife, MerriLyn Chilton Diaz. Counselors — Joseph Martel, 59, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints controllership services, finance and records department controller; wife, Silvia Myriam Martel. Tyler Lynn Peck, 42, Lumen Technologies Inc. central office technician; wife, Yuderka Sosa Peck.

SANTA MARIA BRAZIL STAKE: (Aug. 14, 2022) President — Ivan Bocianoski, 40, National Gas Butane regional consultant; succeeding Edson Artemio dos Santos; wife, Daniela Freitas Bocianoski. Counselors — Tiago Martins da Silva, 39, Logike Calculation Suite system analyst; wife, Letîcia Daiana Oliveira da Rosa da Silva. Thiago Oliveira de Oliveira, 36, Bradesco corporate manager; wife, Camila Roberta Trage de Oliveira.

SANTO DOMINGO DOMINICAN REPUBLIC SAN GERÓNIMO STAKE: (Oct. 23, 2022) President — Felix Eladio Peralta Balbuena, 45, Gerdau Metaldom commercial adviser; succeeding Orlando Castaño; wife, Vanessa Esperanza Peralta. Counselors — Alexander Reyes Reyes, 46, self-employed construction and maintenance worker; wife, Ingrid Gissel Valencio Reyes. Guido Guillermo Gutierrez Montoya, 39, associate producer; wife, Alicia Navarro Feliz.

SIERRA VISTA ARIZONA STAKE: (Nov. 6, 2022) President — Nathan John Williams, 45, attorney; succeeding Darren A. Haws; wife, Linda Joy Johnson Williams. Counselors — James Dale Rottweiler, 56, college president; wife, Melanie Oberholtzer Rottweiler. Morgan Paul Evershed, 44, pediatric dentist; wife, Lindsay Marie Moeller Evershed.

SOUTH SALT LAKE STAKE: (Nov. 6, 2022) President — Paul Ned Mattinson, 53, Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District laboratory director; succeeding R. Sean Marchant; wife, Lisa Dutson Mattinson. Counselors — Jason Thomas Covili, 47, Fidelity regional center learning lead; wife, Kristin Myrup Covili. Rodney Clay Lantz, 66, Bio-Med Engineering Inc. director of marketing and sales; wife, Ginger Van Wagenen Lantz.

SPANISH FORK UTAH MAPLE MOUNTAIN STAKE: (Sept. 18, 2022) President — David Clark Funk, 51, Remarkable Home Loans executive vice president; succeeding Stephen E. Hill; wife, Rebecca Lambert Funk. Counselors — Brayden Thomas McBride, 43, doctor; wife, Cassy Eppich McBride. Cameron Sylvan Buhler, 56, dentist; wife, Wendy Lynn O’Brien Buhler.

ST CLOUD FLORIDA STAKE: (Oct. 16, 2022) President — Jonathan Brent Gooch, 44, pediatric dentist; succeeding Ryan R. Munns; wife, Celeste Alela Ann Carr Gooch. Counselors — Carlos Gianfranco Palomino, 38, Kindred Hospice area vice president of operations; wife, Gisela Natalia Benitez Palomino. Adam Carter Zern, 37, CVS Health senior manager of organizational effectiveness and learning; wife, Sarah Johnston Zern.

ST GEORGE UTAH CRIMSON RIDGE STAKE: (Nov. 6, 2022) President — Benjamin Barney Crane, 45, Cinch IT sales director; succeeding Jeffry R. Ricks; wife, Wendy Barton Crane. Counselors — Jared William West, 42, real estate agent; wife, Tauni Reichert West. Cody Andrews Felts, 46, commercial real estate agent; wife, Ann Tracy Liljenquist Felts.

TRUJILLO PERÚ EAST STAKE: (Oct. 9, 2022) President — Fernando Eder Quiroz Urtecho, 39, lawyer; succeeding Dionicio Tapia; wife, Lisseth Nohely Aguilar de Quiroz. Counselors — Cesar Encarnacion Espinoza Rodriguez, 52, public servant; wife, Jesus Maria de Espinoza. Carlos Anticona Horna, 47, electrical technician; wife, Carmen Elizabeth Guzman Contreras.

UPOLU SAMOA NU’UMAU STAKE: (Aug. 21, 2022) President — Alema Tamala, 41, University South Pacific Alafua messenger; succeeding Talalelei Pauga; wife, Fuaesi Tamala. Counselors — Solo Maiava, 44, MT, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; wife, Moliei Talataina Maiava. Tupe Punivalu, 48, detective senior sergeant; wife, Patilisi Tuimaunei Punivalu.

WEST PLAINS MISSOURI STAKE: (Oct. 16, 2022) President — Ryan Lawrence Morris, 40, attorney; succeeding Robert W Jones; wife, Klara Marie Whipple Morris. Counselors — Brigham Colorado Arce, 37, inventor; wife, Alejandra Rodriguez Arce. Joshua James Butman Wilber, 44, Wilber Enterprises LLC president; wife, Mandy Jean Brown Wilber.

ZAMBOANGA PHILIPPINES STAKE: (Sept. 18, 2022) President — Rommel Cia Abundio, 45, LM Enterprises sales representative; succeeding Melchor A. Pahlaya; wife, Ruby Mira Mira Abundio. Counselors — Belise Agustin, 51, Emedia Broadcasting Network Inc., Goldstone Trading, Marketing and General Merchandising Inc. and Alberei Advertising Corp. president and CEO; wife, Lilybeth Bandala Saavedra Agustin. Gino Indino Calumpang, 29, Ateneo de Zamboanga University officer and teacher; wife, Ammonihah Ubas Oro Calumpang.

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