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Sisters Yee, Browning and Spannaus Visit Mexican Diabetes Association

Also, while in Guadalajara, Mexico, the leaders spent time with Latter-day Saints

Sisters Kristin M. Yee of the General Relief Society Presidency, Tracy Y. Browning of the General Primary Presidency and Andrea Muñoz Spannaus of the General Young Women Presidency visited Guadalajara, Mexico, June 6–9, 2024.

On Friday, June 7, Sister Yee visited the Hospital Civil de Guadalajara. She spoke with hospital officials about the needs of this public health institution to identify projects in which the Church can collaborate. While there, she also had the opportunity to minister to some patients and their families whom she encountered during her tour.

Later that same day, Sisters Yee, Browning and Spannaus visited the Mexican Diabetes Association. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints collaborates with this organization to care for patients and prevent this condition, which affects millions of people in Mexico.

These leaders spent time with members of the Church of Jesus Christ during devotionals and by attending local church meetings.

“Women play a central role in loving and inspiring while using their talents to make this world a better place to live,” said Sister Yee.

Sister Browning affirmed that “God expresses His love in different ways.” Addressing mothers, she explained that “we all have a responsibility. God has called us to be mothers.”

“We have a great task as women, Church members and daughters of God,” remarked Sister Spannaus.

During a devotional, she invited attendees to think of a moment when they felt God’s love. Sister Spannaus noted that to see God’s love “we need to have our eyes open to realize ... that God is there, that He knows and loves you.”

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