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Video: An Amputated Foot Hasn’t Stopped This Young Man From Running

Dallin Woodbury, 15, said his testimony was strengthened by his accident

Dallin Woodbury is pictured in the hospital with his father, Mike, after a recreational accident. Dallin tells his story in a new Church video released June 23, 2022. All rights reserved.

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By Sydney Walker, Church News

Young Dallin Woodbury had always dreamed of running on the track team. Before his accident he was one of the fastest kids at school, often winning the mile race. 

A week into his seventh grade year, Dallin had a traumatic experience that ultimately resulted in losing his foot. 

But that didn’t stop him from running.

In a new Church video titled “Crossing the Finish Line: A Story of Overcoming Obstacles,” Dallin and his family recount the experience and what he learned from his rescue, amputation and recovery. The video was released Thursday, June 23. 

“Even in our darkest moments when we feel alone … God knows that we can get through them and they will make us a better whole. We can always turn towards God,” said 15-year-old Dallin in the video.  

The Accident

Dallin and his friend Andrew were riding their bikes along a river trail on a hot summer day when they decided to stop and cool off in the river. Climbing down an embankment, they steadied themselves on a ledge of rocks as they stepped over a bush. Suddenly the ledge of rocks broke loose and tumbled down on top of them. 

A large falling rock hit Andrew and knocked him back. Another large rock scraped Dallin’s left leg and crushed his foot. 

Screaming from the pain but pumping with adrenaline, the two boys climbed up the hill and started walking back to the trail. After about 40 yards Dallin realized he couldn’t go any farther. He told Andrew to go get help. 

“I was just praying as I was running, praying out loud that everything would be okay, that he would be okay,” Andrew recalled. 

Andrew found a man named Ed riding his bike on the trail. Ed had felt prompted to ride in the direction of the boys.

“As soon as I got to [Dallin] I realized, wow, this is pretty serious,” Ed said in the video. 

Ed immediately retied the tourniquet he found at the top of Dallin’s left leg, tried to keep Dallin alert and calm, and handed him one of the pictures of the Savior he carried with him. 

“That helped just calm not necessarily my body, but my mind to know that, first of all, I was going to get through this, and second, that there was someone who had already been through this for me and that He suffered as I suffered, and that He could relate and would help me through it,” Dallin said. 

Paramedics arrived and the police contacted Dallin’s parents, Mike and Cindy. Dallin was life-flighted to Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Doctors tried to save Dallin’s foot, but ultimately it had to be amputated. 

Dallin is pictured in the hospital with his family after a recreational accident. Dallin tells his story in a new Church video released June 23, 2022. All rights reserved.


‘Crossing the Finish Line’

Mike, Dallin’s father, remembers praying that Dallin would be able to recognize the Lord’s hand and not be bitter about what happened. “It’s been inspiring to watch him,” Mike said. 

The spring after Dallin’s accident, he signed up for track. 

“I would run the 800 meter every race I could. No matter if it hurt, I would finish,” Dallin said. “I even got lapped a couple times because I was slow, but I would go and I’d finish.”

Cindy, Dallin’s mother, said Dallin’s trial has given him a new perspective on what it means to win a race. 

She said, “The day he finished his race and came in dead last, I’ve never been so proud. And in that moment, that spot was the championship spot in my eyes. He keeps pushing, he keeps trying and lifts others along the way.”

Above all, the experience has strengthened Dallin’s testimony in the Savior and His Atonement. 

“I love God, I love Jesus. I know that They have a plan for me and that they will help me through it,” Dallin said. 

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