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Young Women General Leaders: Enlist the ‘Noble Youth’ in the Work of Salvation and Exaltation

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By the Young Women general presidency and advisory council

The youth have been invited to join the Lord’s youth battalion, and this is a responsibility they hold dear to their hearts. They strive to be active participants in the work of salvation, to gain and strengthen their personal testimonies of Jesus Christ and to build up their peers in their own journeys toward the Savior.

In the scriptures, we read about young people experiencing the marvelous power of God in their lives and using those experiences to bless and uplift others. Examples of youth like Esther, Nephi, Abish, Mormon, the maid in Naaman’s household and others teach us the power of a willing heart and mind.

These noble youth saw the Savior, testified boldly, served as record keepers, saved nations, acted as mighty leaders, kept their covenants during difficult times, built ships and followed the prophet. If miraculous and marvelous things can come to pass at the hands of young people throughout the scriptures, then why not at the hands of our youth?

Our young women are the strongest, most valiant the world has ever known, and they are not content to sit on the sidelines. They have been called of God to be leaders. They have been sent to earth at this precise time for a precise purpose, and they are prepared for the challenges of our day. They too can be a glorious light that shines in darkness.

Esther Nable, 13, from Bamako, Mali, is a powerful example of faith to her family and friends. 2021 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.

Esther Nable, 13, from Bamako, Mali, and her two younger siblings were baptized last year and are the only members of the church in their family. Every week, she faithfully walks with her siblings through busy, unpaved streets to attend their small branch. Esther loves to sing the hymns and is learning how to play the keyboard. And just like Esther of old, she is a powerful example of faith to her family and friends as she trusts God and testifies often of Jesus Christ and why it is important that we should follow Him.

Aidrey Anderson, 18, from Ogden, Utah, serves on her seminary council and helps her peers find ways to safely gather during the pandemic.2021 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.

Aidrey Anderson, 18, from Ogden, Utah, sees the guiding hand of the Lord in her life daily. She serves on her seminary council and understands the strong desire that her peers have to gather during the pandemic. While closely following local restrictions, she continues to seek out ways in which they can participate in faith-building activities that strengthen their testimonies and help move the Lord’s work forward. Instead of the seminary students gathering at the temple every Friday, their seminary building has become an extension of the temple as together they gather their kindred dead through indexing.

As the only young woman in her ward, Romina Martinez, 13, from Treinta y Tres, Uruguay, helped plan a stake youth activity for the youth to safely gather.2021 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.

Romina Martinez, 13, from Treinta y Tres, Uruguay, is currently the only young woman in her ward. She too understands the need for her peers to be together and helped plan an activity where the youth in her stake could safely gather. They played games, ate snacks and shared with one another how their testimonies were strengthened during their recent For the Strength of Youth conference. This experience helped increase their faith in Jesus Christ, as together they felt the joy and belonging that comes from living the gospel.

These young women are representative of so many throughout the world who follow the example of the Savior who went about “doing good.”

Most of us have an opportunity to interact on some level with youth — we don’t need an official calling to do this. We need to know their names and their interests; we need to see them as part of the solution to the problems that affect our wards and our communities. Enlisting the youth is the Lord’s pattern of moving the work of salvation and exaltation forward. We can expect miracles.

As the young women nobly accept this call from a beloved prophet, they, like noble youth who have gone before, will taste and know of the goodness of God. They too will find Christ in the everyday, as well as in the miraculous, and be the means of helping others find Him. They too will help prepare the world for His second coming.

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