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In Op-Ed Published by The Hill, Elder Rasband Tells World Leaders that Faith in the Economy Begins With Faith in Society

In an op-ed column published by The Hill, titled “Religion and the G-20: With faith, we can move mountains,” Elder Rasband wrote about participating in the annual G-20 Interfaith Forum in Bologna, Italy.

15 Invitations From October 2021 General Conference by The First Presidency, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

Members of the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles extended 15 invitations during October 2021 general conference. President Nelson invited listeners to “make this conference a time of feasting on messages from the Lord through His servants” and to look for pure truth, the pure doctrine of Christ and pure...

Learn About FamilySearch’s Day of the Dead Celebration and Find a Calendar of Daily Activities

To help make Day of the Dead more meaningful for people of all backgrounds, FamilySearch is launching a campaign October 24 through November 2 with various activities to encourage everyone to honor their ancestors.

A Man of Science and Faith, Elder Richard E. Turley Sr., Emeritus General Authority Seventy, Dies at Age 90

Elder Richard E. Turley Sr., an emeritus General Authority Seventy, died Sunday, October 10, 2021, in Salt Lake City at age 90. He had a love for engineering and a love for the Savior and His gospel.

Using the Example of Apollo 13, Bishop Waddell Shares 3 Ways to ‘Stay Connected’ to the Only Source of Truth

During the campus devotional at Brigham Young University on Tuesday, October 12, Bishop W. Christopher Waddell compared the Apollo 13 space mission to each individual’s journey back to Heavenly Father. He explained that we can stay connected to God and return home to His presence through the scriptures, the sacrament, and the...

‘There Is a Hurry,’ Brother Wilcox Says about Education, Repentance and Gathering Israel

During an October 12 Ensign College devotional, Brother Bradley R. Wilcox urged listeners to proceed “with haste” in their efforts to pursue education, repent and gather Israel. He used examples from the lives of Stephen R. Covey and Jon M. Huntsman Sr. Brother Wilcox emphasized the urgency for education, repentance, and gathering...

Brazil, Mexico, Colombia MTCs Set to Reopen for On-Site Training; Provo MTC Expands to Training in 17 Languages

Learn about how vaccines, travel restrictions, COVID-19 precautions and limited on-site operations at MTCs have affected the reopening of MTCs around the world for on-site training.

How Temple Growth Has Fared During a Pandemic that Has Limited Work in and on Temples

Temple work has grown during the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn about planned temples, temples currently under construction or renovation, and dedicated temples.

Elder and Sister Holland: ‘How Growing Up in Rural Utah Shapes a Life’

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland and his wife, Sister Patricia Terry Holland, share their experiences growing up in small-town Utah.

Learn 16 Simple Ways to Be a Better Humanitarian

Sister Eubank gives 16 simple ways to be a better humanitarian and uplift those in your community and the world.