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New Stakes and New Stake Presidencies Announced in June 2022

Following is a list of newly created stakes and reorganized stake presidencies of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from around the world.

2023 Curriculum to Focus on New Testament

During 2023, children, youth and adults in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are encouraged to study at home the New Testament. The curriculum will be supported in Primary, Sunday School and Seminary and is supported by Teaching in the Savior’s Way.

Upcoming Fifth-Sunday Meetings to Focus on Sharing the Gospel

The Church is encouraging wards and branches to use fith Sunday meetings on July 31 to recognize and discuss together the joy and blessings that come from sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Video: An Amputated Foot Hasn’t Stopped This Young Man From Running

Watch a new Church video titled “Crossing the Finish Line: A Story of Overcoming Obstacles,” Dallin and his family recount the experience and what he learned from his rescue, amputation and recovery. The video was released Thursday, June 23.

Why Indebtedness Is the New Thankfulness

After a year studying indebtedness at Brigham Young University, Jenae Nelson has discovered the power in feeling indebted and how this separates itself from a sense of obligation or thankfulness.

Remembering the Martyrdom: 5 Articles About Joseph and Hyrum Smith

Joseph and Hyrum Smith were martyred in Carthage, Illinois, 178 years ago. To remember the martyrdom, which took place June 27, 1844, read five articles reflecting on the death of the Prophet and his brother.

From Disney Artist to General Relief Society Leader, Sister Kristin M. Yee Is Guided by Trusting God

Sister Kristin M. Yee has seen God guide her path throughout her life, from illustrating for Disney to working with the Church animation team to being called as Second Counselor in the Relief Society General Presidency. 

Elder Brook P. Hales Shares ‘3 Simple Gifts’ With BYU–Hawaii Graduates

Elder Brook P. Hales, a General Authority Seventy, encouraged graduates of BYU–Hawaii to accept their circumstances, seek repentance and trust in God. 

7 Lessons Elder Bednar Has Learned About Obedience Over Past 50 Years

Elder David A. Bednar detailed seven important lessons he has learned about the law of obedience over the past 50 years during a devotional for full-time missionaries on June 24 at the Provo Missionary Training Center, which was broadcast to missionaries around the world.

Sharing the Gospel Broadcast Encourages Latter-day Saints to Love, Share, Invite

As Latter-day Saints testify of Jesus Christ, they are helping individuals bind themselves to Him through covenants and ordinances, testified Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf, Elder David A. Bednar and Elder Quentin L. Cook during a broadcast on sharing the gospel.