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Area Seventy Releases Announced

For the first time, the releases of Area Seventies (regional leaders) of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have been publicly announced prior to general conference, which is scheduled for October.

During the April 2021 general conference, 77 new Area Seventies were sustained in the leadership meetings, rather than during a general session of conference. In a similar manner, the practice of announcing releases of Area Seventies during conference is also being modified.

Area Seventies serve as “special witnesses” of Jesus Christ to the geographic areas in which they live around the world.

The following Area Seventies are released, effective August 1, 2021:

Third Quorum of the Seventy (Africa Central, Africa South and Africa West Areas)

     Frederick O. Akinbo         

     M. T. Ben Davis   

     Jerat K. C. Igwe    

     Christophe Kawaya          

     John A. Koranteng


Fourth Quorum of the Seventy (Asia and Asia North Areas)

     Dong Chol Beh     

     Ming-Shun Kuan  

     Seiji Tokuzawa     

     Robert K. William

Fifth Quorum of the Seventy (Brazil Area)

     Aroldo B. Cavalcante       

     Carlos E. Perrotti  

Sixth Quorum of the Seventy (Caribbean, Central America and Mexico Areas)

     Luis J. Camey       

     Luis C. Chaverri   

     Ulises Chávez       

     José A. Fernández

     Candido Fortuna   

     Felix A. Martinez 

     Helamán Montejo 

     A. Moroni Pérez   

     Rene Romay         

     Luis G. Ruiz         

     Jesús Vélez

Seventh Quorum of the Seventy (Europe, Europe East and Middle East / Africa North Areas)

     Matthieu Bennasar

     Tom-Atle Herland

Eighth Quorum of the Seventy (Pacific and Philippines Areas)

     Richard C. Baquiran         

     Daniel G. Hamilton          

     Ryan V. Pagaduan

     Mark P. Peteru      

     Maximo A. Saavedra Jr.   

     Benjamin T. Sinjoux         


Ninth Quorum of the Seventy (South America Northwest and South America South Areas)

     P. David Agazzani

     Quilmer A. Agüero           

     Nelson Ardila       

     Antonio F. Faúndez          

     Matías D. Fernández        

     Juan J. Levrino      

     Carlo M. Lezano   

     Pedro A. Sanhueza

     Daniel Texeira      

     Luis G. Zapata      

Tenth Quorum of the Seventy (North America Central, North America Northeast and North America Southeast Areas)

     Douglas B. Carter 

     M. Dirk Driscoll   

     Michael A. Gillenwater    

     Michael D. Groll   

     J Vaun McArthur  

     Thomas T. Priday 

     Brian L. Rawson   

     Paul H. Sinclair    

Eleventh Quorum of the Seventy (North America Southwest and North America West Areas)

     Lawrence P. Blunck

     Marc C. Davis       

     J. Scott Dorius      

     Bruce E. Ghent     

     Raymond S. Heyman        

     Todd S. Larkin      

     Kevin K. Miskin   

     Michael R. Murray

     David L. Stapleton

     Maxsimo C. Torres           

     Carlos Villarreal   

     Paul H. Watkins    

     C. Dale Willis       


Twelfth Quorum of the Seventy (Utah Area)       

     Brent J. Christensen

     Douglas L. Dance 

     Blake M. Roney    

     Eric J. Schmutz     

     Kevin J Worthen   

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