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6 Key Lessons and Divine Principles for Trusting in God’s Timing

When speaking to students of Ensign College, President Bruce C. Kusch gives five steps for receiving guidance through the Holy Ghost. His wife, Sister Alynda Kusch shares ways that we can stand in holy places.

6 Proven Ways to Fight Loneliness, Increase Social Connection

“We need each other” because social connection impacts nearly every sector of society. Learn six ways to fight loneliness and make more meaningful connections from Julianne Holt-Lunstad, a Brigham Young University professor of psychology and neuroscience.

Elder Neil L. Andersen Reflects on the Prophet Joseph Smith After Visiting Church Historic Sites in Eastern US

There is great value in knowing that Joseph Smith was divinely tutored. “These things happened, and they happened in these places, said Elder Neil L. Andersen, who traveled with his wife to Church historic sites in the Eastern United States at the end of August.

Elder Renlund Explains How Doctrine of Christ and Spiritual ‘Sisu’ Lead to ‘Happily Ever After’

Speaking to students and faculty from the Marriott Center on the Provo, Utah, campus, Elder Dale G. Renlund addressed the topic of “lifelong conversion” and explained that the best way to become a lifelong convert is to engage with the doctrine of Christ.

California Wildfire Damages Historic Site Where Three Mormon Battalion Members Are Buried

The Caldor Fire burned through the Tragedy Spring historic site in the El Dorado National Forest where three members of the Mormon Battalion were killed in 1848. It will likely be years before the site can be restored, and it will need more help from committed volunteers to make that happen.

How Can I Help My Stake, Ward or Family Council Be More Effective?

Church leaders share principles of counseling at the general level that can be applied to stake, ward and family councils.

2021 Church Music Festival Highlights Music, Children Testifying of the Savior

Uplifting music testifying of the Savior and children sharing their testimonies of His love highlighted the 2021 Church Music Festival on Friday, September 17.

What Are the Children and Youth Emblems of Belonging and Achievement?

The Young Women General Presidency explain the Children and Youth emblems of belonging and achievement. When young women participate in the Children and Youth program, they learn to build faith in Jesus Christ, progress along His covenant path and face life’s challenges with faith. The emblems of belonging associated with this...

BYU–Hawaii President: Scriptures Teach How Water Symbolizes Peace, Righteousness from Obedience

Peace and righteousness “will prepare us to patiently and confidently trust our Savior, Jesus Christ, in every challenge,” said BYU-Hawaii President John S.K. Kauwe III during the first campus devotional of the semester.

President Ballard Shares the Answer to Strife While Addressing Manti Temple Workers

The answer to strife and divisiveness in the world is turning to the Savior Jesus Christ and following His example, President M. Russell Ballard said at a devotional with workers in the Manti temple.