Church News

‘Saints’ Podcast Dives Into Church History, Impacts Tens of Thousands

Exploring chapters of “Saints: The Story of the Church of Jesus Christ in the Latter Days” with Church history experts, the “Saints” podcast delves into stories of people, places and events in Church history for tens of thousands of monthly listeners.

Church Donates $20k to Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recently donated $20,000 to the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, a cultural and educational research center in Alabama.

From Playing Softball to Serving a Mission

Hermana Audrey Smith has never been so sure about the future, even amid great uncertainty. Read about her journey from the softball field to the mission field.

Missionaries Reported Safe Following Massive Mexico Earthquake

No missionaries were harmed during Tuesday’s powerful 7.4 magnitude earthquake that shook Mexico’s Pacific Coast.

Women of Covenant: What Will You Take with You?

In this narrative, part of a Church News series titled “Women of Covenant,” Sister Craig explains how keeping our covenants ensures the Lord will be with us on our trek through life and its challenges.

Glimpses of Hope Sustain Latter-day Saints in COVID-19 Hotspots of Navajo Nation, NYC

Church members living in the United States’ other primary coronavirus hotspot — New York City — are hoping the worst days of the virus belong to the past.

Elder Holland Says COVID-19 Crisis Has Changed How He Views Himself and Others

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland was featured in the Elijah Interfaith Institute’s Coronaspection initiative, which aims to share light and hope through introspection during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Emeritus General Authority Gordon T. Watts Dies at 85

Elder Gordon T. Watts died on June 12 in South Weber, Utah. He was 85 years old. He and his wife also served as president and matron of the Ogden Utah Temple from 2005 to 2008.

New Seventy Elder Villanueva Says Growth Comes by Leaving Safety Zone

Elder Moisés Villanueva was sustained as a General Authority Seventy during the April 2020 general conference.

New Seventy Elder Schmeil Has Faith That the Lord Knows Best

The new General Authority Seventy from Brazil says his family has “always, always put God first in our lives.”The new General Authority Seventy from Brazil says his family has “always, always put God first in [their] lives.”