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See When the Final 11 ‘Book of Mormon Videos’ Will Be Released

Additionally, the Book of Mormon app, augmented and virtual reality technology, and Book of Mormon Stories for children make this sacred text easy to share and teach

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has published the first of 11 final “Book of Mormon Videos.” This marks the beginning of the fifth and final season of videos in the series. The other 10 videos in the season will publish throughout the year in coordination with the Church’s 2024 study of the Book of Mormon.

“In an era marked by the delivery of the 200 millionth printed copy of the Book of Mormon, it is fitting that we draw attention to the many other ways people can be introduced to the truths of this sacred volume,” said Elder Dale G. Renlund of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and chair of the Scriptures Committee. “Through these new channels of discovery and learning, people across the world are being blessed with a sure witness of God’s love and His desire to draw all men and women to him through the atoning sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ. Our hope is that Church members will enjoy these resources and consider how they can be used to help fill the earth with more of the Book of Mormon’s powerful and positive influence.”

The 11 final episodes will accompany Sunday School lessons on the following subjects:

  • April 8: Jacob Teaches the Allegory of the Olive Tree | Jacob 5
  • May 20: The Lord Delivers the People of Limhi and Alma | Mosiah 21–24
  • July 8: The Lord Delivers the People of Ammon | Alma 23–27
  • August 12: Moroni Raises the Title of Liberty | Alma 46
  • August 19: Helaman’s Stripling Soldiers Fight for Freedom | Alma 53–58
  • August 26: Nephi and Lehi Testify of Jesus Christ | Helaman 5
  • September 9: Samuel the Lamanite Prophesies of Jesus Christ | Helaman 13–16; 3 Nephi 1
  • October 28: Mormon Preserves the Sacred Record | 3 Nephi 5; Mormon 1–7
  • November 11: The Lord Appears to the Brother of Jared | Ether 1–6, 12–13
  • December 9: Mormon Teaches about Faith, Hope and Charity | Moroni 7
  • December 9: Mormon Teaches about the Salvation of Little Children | Moroni 8

By year’s end, the Book of Mormon Videos collection will include 45 episodes telling stories from the beginning chapters of 1 Nephi to the ending chapters of Moroni. The full collection will be available in 15 languages with select episodes available in 45 additional languages. English, Spanish and Portuguese versions of the videos are available on YouTube. Additional languages are found in the Gospel Library app and the Gospel Library online.

“The Book of Mormon Videos complement and augment our understanding of the Book of Mormon,” said Elder Jose L. Alonso of the Seventy and member of the Church’s Scriptures Committee. “They can never replace an earnest study of the written word, but they can open our minds to new thoughts and feelings about Jesus Christ, His gospel, His Atonement, and Heavenly Father’s plan. And for many who are visual learners or who struggle with literacy or comprehension, they can be an ideal way to introduce the story of the Book of Mormon as well as the teachings of the Book of Mormon prophets and of the Savior Himself.”

A new behind-the-scenes video has been released that shows the making of the final season. And new this year are feature-length compilations of videos depicting the stories from 1 Nephi and 3 Nephi.

Book of Mormon App

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Latter-day Saints sometimes ask why the Church has a separate app for the Book of Mormon when it is readily available on the Gospel Library app and in the Gospel Library online. The Church has done this because the Book of Mormon app is the easiest way to share the Book of Mormon.

“Not all Church members carry a printed copy of the Book of Mormon with them wherever they go,” said Tamara Runia, First Counselor in the Young Women General Presidency and a member of the Church’s Scriptures Media Committee. “But on our smartphones, we have a simple way to carry and share not only the full text of the book in more than 110 languages, but also the Book of Mormon Videos and so many other resources to help others learn more about this sacred volume and about the Church.”

The free Book of Mormon app lets anyone with a smartphone share a QR code with others to download the app. When downloading, the app automatically detects the language of the receiving device and downloads the book in that language. From there individuals can read or listen to the Book of Mormon or review the other contents of the app in the privacy of their own home. The app also provides a simple way to chat with missionaries 24 hours a day and find a congregation where they can worship.

Augmented and Virtual Reality Book of Mormon Experiences

Select stories from the Book of Mormon are also being brought to life using augmented and virtual reality AR/VR technology. This technology allows participants to imagine being firsthand witnesses or even participants in the stories being portrayed. The first of these experiences, Lehi’s vision of the Tree of Life, is already available to anyone using a smartphone or tablet device, computer, or virtual reality headset. Later this year, a new experience depicting the visit of the Savior Jesus Christ to the inhabitants of Ancient America will be made available.

Book of Mormon Stories for Children

Another new resource is the Book of Mormon Stories for children. These stories are short, easy to understand, and are available in illustrated text and animated video formats in numerous languages.

A collection of scripture story coloring and activity pages are also available to help children learn.

Other Book of Mormon Resources

A vast collection of thousands of photos and music clips from the series are also available in the Gospel Library, Gospel Library app, and Church Media Library. These can be used in Church, at home, and on social media. Church members are encouraged to use these resources to share messages from the Book of Mormon in appealing ways.

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