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Brigham City Utah Temple Groundbreaking Dedicatory Prayer

President Boyd K. Packer of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles offered the following dedicatory prayer at the groundbreaking of the Brigham City Utah Temple:

    Our beloved Father in Heaven, we have assembled here in great numbers. We come with open hearts and open minds and with a feeling of joy to participate in the groundbreaking for another temple of the Lord, a temple built under the authority of the priesthood, “the priesthood . . . after the holiest order of God” (D&C 84:18) or “the Holy Priesthood, after the Order of the Son of God” (D&C 107:3), the consummate power upon this earth. It is that power by which the earth was created. As we dedicate this site, our Holy Father, we call forth a protection of it, that this site and the community that it represents, the origin stake and adjoining wards and stakes, that there will be an extra measure of protection.

    Thou dost know, as we know, the decay of social power and decency and honor in society. And we as a Church and as a people must stay above that.

    We invoke a blessing that the families here can be protected, that families can be raised, and children can be given in marriage and sent on missions to teach the gospel across the world, and that there will be an aura of protection over them.

    We ask that there will be no element or influence that will disturb this place in the course of the construction, that no accident or mistake in the course of the construction will delay or limit the fact that in due time, just out there ahead of us, there will stand here this glorious, white building with the towers reaching to heaven, and the rooms equipped for ordinance work that will be available to anyone in the Church, but particularly to those who live here.

    We bless those who in due course will be called as temple workers and invited to come and spend their time in the temple to bend at the altars and to participate in the ordinance work, the ordaining and the baptisms, all in this sacred temple.

    And so on a day that could hardly be more beautiful than we have now, we add to it the image of the beauty of this temple, not just the structure, which will be as perfect as we know how to build it, but it will be a beautiful, spiritual power.

    We invoke a blessing that will cause the influence of the adversary and his angels, of whom there are many, to be held in abeyance that we as a people will know that each one of us has power over him, that we cannot be destroyed or led astray unless we consent to it, and we do not consent to it. We consent to a life of dedication unto Thee, our Holy Father.

    We pray that the angels will watch over and guard us and bless this site and all that pertains to it. And this we do humbly and reverently, as a servant of the Lord holding the keys of the kingdom and presiding in this moment for all of us, a moment of joy and beginning. We know that Thou art our Father and our God, and Thou dost know that we do know Thy Son Jesus Christ, that He is no stranger to His servants here upon the earth, that He is the leader of the Church, and we all follow Him. In His name we dedicate this beautiful plot of ground, preserved over these generations for this very purpose for the building of a temple of the Almighty, and do so in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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