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Church Leaders Provide Additional Adjustments Relating to Temple Work

Directions of scheduling living ordinance appointments in temples out of home temple district given

To minimize community spread of COVID-19, the following adjustments have been made related to temples. These policies are effective immediately and will continue until further notice.

Temples will only accept appointments for living ordinances from members residing within the local temple district.

In states, provinces, or regions that have multiple temples, those temples can accept appointments for living ordinances from members within the state, province, or region.

This applies retroactively to previously scheduled appointments. Temple staff will contact all those affected to answer questions and cancel or reschedule appointments.

Temple staff will also attempt to contact those scheduled for living ordinances the day before their appointment to ensure no members of the patron’s attending party are showing symptoms of COVID-19.

Members showing symptoms of COVID-19 should not attend the temple.

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