Church Statement

Church Says Everyone Welcome,
Room for Questions

But spokeswoman says, “We should not try to dictate to God what is right for His Church”

In response to questions from the news media regarding a Church disciplinary council held in Virginia Sunday evening, Church spokeswoman Ally Isom made the following statement to the news media in Salt Lake City:

“Tonight, our prayers are with those who have to decide these difficult personal matters. We also pray for those whose choices may place them outside our congregation.  In the Church, we want everyone to feel welcome, safe and valued, and of course, there is room to ask questions. But how we ask is just as important as what we ask. We should not try to dictate to God what is right for His Church."

Disciplinary councils may be held by local leaders when members preach doctrines contrary to teachings of the Church and refuse to be counseled. Tonight's statement from the Church came as a council was convening in Oakton, Virginia, and in response to news media inquiries. Council proceedings are considered private matters between a member and his or her local Church leader.

See "News Articles and Commentary on Church Discipline."

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