Clear, Contextual Conversation Begets More of the Same “Church Seeks to Address Public Confusion Over Texas Polygamy Group.”

Last week this Web site posted a package of videos and stories titled “Church Seeks to Address Public Confusion Over Texas Polygamy Group.” Several news articles and blog posts have reacted to these resources, the majority of which have acknowledged that there is still considerable misunderstanding about the two churches.

Overwhelmingly, the mainstream media and blog traffic has been dignified, well-researched and thought-through. This is evidence of the principle that clear, contextual discussion on a particular subject can and should lead to more of the same.

What is desired by most of us is to get to the heart of important matters, whatever they may be — and to do so using honest, transparent, mutually respectful language.  Newsroom staff thank those who share these goals and look forward to many more conversations with traditional media representatives and others with an interest in finding the facts and drawing well-informed opinions.

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