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Elder Soares is Interviewed by International TV Network in Chile

The Apostle is ministering in three South American countries

Elder Ulisses Soares of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles spoke with international network TVN in Santiago, Chile, on Monday, June 5, 2023. In a sit-down interview with Maria Jimena Pereyra and Jorge Hevia, hosts of ”Conecta2,” Elder Soares answered a variety of questions about the name of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, his calling and responsibilities as an Apostle, and the Church’s humanitarian efforts and the significance of family history for church members.

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When asked what it meant to him to be an Apostle, Elder Soares shared his feelings for the Savior and the gravity of the calling.

“This is a calling that will last for all my life until I go to the other side of the veil … going all over the world, carrying the word of God and the words of His son Jesus Christ,” he said. “It is a life of devotion and full-time dedication, a life that brings much satisfaction to our hearts because being close to Jesus Christ and teaching His words is something special [and] marvelous.”

The Apostle highlighted the impact of women in the Church.

“Women play an important role in the Church. They are presidents of organizations for women, young women and children. They participate in high leadership councils in the Church,” Elder Soares said.

“Women have something special in their hearts. The truth is that they have a sincere love for humanity and people... We join together in our efforts as [a] church to find the real needs in our communities.”

Elder Soares talked about the work the Church’s members do around the world to serve others. He mentioned the tsunami relief needed last year in Tonga, talked about helping countries where COVID-19 vaccines were needed, and talked about the organizations the Church works with to accomplish service in other countries.

“There are agencies and entities that we work with to help people move forward,” he said.

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He also gave examples of the monetary contributions made by the Church to help with the World Food Programme, UNICEF and refugees around the world.

According to the program’s producers, “Conecta2” reaches about 20 million households in 25 countries and is celebrating 13 years on the air this month. TVN is broadcast globally, and viewers in Chile can connect digitally via a livestream each weekday.

The program’s format allows hosts and guests to interact with their digital audience in real time, with viewers’ messages read during each segment. During Elder Soares’ interview, several viewers from various Latin American countries sent messages of well wishes to the Apostle and expressed their gratitude for his ministry visit to Chile.

“We have several comments. The first is from Lisette Astudillo from Neuquen [Argentina]. She says, ‘Thank you Elder Soares, I’m touched by his words,’” read the show’s digital host.

At the close of the segment, Hevia invited Elder Soares to share a personalized message for viewers in Uruguay and Argentina, where the Apostle is next headed this week.

“We are here to serve you. We represent the Lord, Jesus Christ, and want to share the love that he has for you through our dedicated service,” the Apostle said in Spanish. “We love all people because we follow the commandment to love God first and love one another.”

Elder Soares, accompanied by his wife, Rosana, arrived in Santiago on Friday, June 2. During the weekend, he ministered to young adults, families and Latter-day Saint missionaries in several devotionals.

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