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For the Strength of Youth Conferences Expand to US and Canada

A record 150,000 teens worldwide are expected to participate in 2022

More than 400 teens assembled in San Diego last week to strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ. This was one of 212 For the Strength of Youth (FSY) conferences being held this summer for the first time in the United States and Canada.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints sponsors the five-day gathering. Youth come together to grow spiritually, socially, physically and intellectually through activities, devotionals and classes.

In 2022, a record 150,000 youth are expected to attend FSY worldwide.

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The FSY conferences are based on the traditional Especially for Youth (EFY) model that Church-owned Brigham Young University has operated for more than 40 years. For more than 15 years, FSY was held outside the U.S. and Canada while EFY served the two North American countries.

However, as first announced in 2019, the Church is expanding FSY to youth in the U.S. and Canada and covering much of the cost of attendance. Areas outside the two countries will continue holding FSY conferences under the direction of Area Presidencies.

The change is meant to give more teens access to a youth conference experience under FSY. Youth are invited to attend up to two FSY sessions from the year they turn 14 until high school graduation.

For the U.S. and Canada, twice as many teenagers are attending FSY as attended EFY in previous years.

One of those youth is incoming high school senior Anna Benitez, 17. She attended FSY sessions this week on the campus of San Diego State University.

“It was too expensive for me to come to [EFY] in the past,” Benitez said. “This year they made it very possible for me to come, so I’m really excited to be here.”

“I personally love it,” added Anna Sawyer, one of the teachers at the San Diego State University conference. “When I was a youth, I really wanted to go to EFY, but it was just so expensive and I couldn’t afford it. When I heard the Church was coming out with an EFY-type of experience for everybody — as in FSY — I thought it was incredible. I love that we have so many more youth getting to participate in this experience.”

2022 Theme: Trust in the Lord

This year’s FSY theme is “Trust in the Lord.”

“We’re doing a lot with scriptures and, honestly, that’s what I really needed in my life,” Benitez said. “I love it. All of the classes are helping me a lot to hear [Jesus Christ] more.”

Teens are organized into companies led by a young single adult counselor who can relate to the youth. They play an essential role at FSY and are invited by the leaders of the Church to prepare themselves and apply to serve as FSY counselors.

“I really like the FSY counselors. They are kind and easy to relate to,” said FSY participant Arath Fuentes. “Our company’s counselor Nick is a great help. I think he’s a great example to us and I want to be respectful and friendly like him.”

Activities include equal parts class time and wholesome fun like a game night, pizza night, dance party and variety show.

“It’s cool to be able to have a one-on-one conversation with someone your age about the gospel,” said FSY participant Brody Chapman, 14. “I feel a lot of times it’s with older people [that I can talk about the gospel] but being able to do that with people your age is something cool and new for me.”

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