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General Presidencies Minister Around the World Through Virtual Visits

Members of the general presidencies of the Relief Society, the Young Women and the Primary organizations of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have recently wrapped up virtual ministering visits with sisters around the world. The Church leaders were originally scheduled to travel to the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, the Philippines and Western Africa, but the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted their plans to meet with Latter-day Saints in person. The virtual meetings included leadership instruction, devotionals and individual visits.


Sister Sharon Eubank, first counselor in the Relief Society general presidency and president of Latter-day Saint Charities, said the sisters in the areas are “so remarkable and courageous during a very difficult time.”

“The Spirit has blessed all the meetings in such powerful ways,” said Sister Joy D. Jones, Primary general president.

Sister Jones continued, “We feel the strength, the testimony, the resilience and the devotion of these wonderful saints. It is remarkable to feel so connected in a Zoom meeting — actually a revelatory experience. It is still possible for hearts to connect when the Holy Ghost is present, even when many miles separate us.”

Virtual Visits in Europe

“I had a sweet experience seeing a video of a Primary class in Moscow,” shared Sister Jones. “The president told me that one of the girls giving the opening prayer in Zoom Primary prayed for a sturdy internet connection. They have worked so hard to provide Zoom Primary classes to keep unity among the children.”

During devotionals with Latter-day Saint sisters held in Eastern Europe in November, a video was shared of Mavlianova Liubov Aleksandrovna, who sang a new Primary song, “I Will Walk with Jesus,” in Russian. She is a performer for Russia’s prestigious Bolshoi Theatre and a Primary teacher in the Moscow Russia Stake.


Following her virtual visit to Eastern Europe, Sister Eubank recalled a memory of her missionary service in Finland in 1986 when then Elder Russell M. Nelson told the missionaries that there would be a mission in Russia within five years.

“I wondered to myself, ‘I know he is an apostle, but how could that possibly be?’” she questioned.

Russia did open to missionary work in February 1992 in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

“I looked at all the youth, young single adults and families who had joined the devotional,” said Sister Eubank. “They spanned 11 time zones, and I could feel their great testimonies, their love for their country and for the Lord. President Nelson’s prophecy had come to pass in a big and marvelous way.”

During the virtual visits, Sister Eubank also met with single sisters in Armenia; Moscow, Russia; and Kyiv, Ukraine.

In addition, the leaders hosted devotionals with youth and young single adults in Russia and Ukraine. A virtual gathering was held with missionaries assigned to Armenia, the Baltics, Bulgaria, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

Philippines Experience

Sister Reyna I. Aburto, second counselor in the Relief Society general presidency, and other general officers met virtually with local leaders in the Philippines in mid-November.

“Seeing their faces on the screen, feeling of their strong faith in Jesus Christ, and hearing how they are looking and acting on revelation was certainly a delight,” said Sister Aburto.

“Despite their hardships, like recent typhoons and earthquakes, on top of the pandemic, they are joyfully following the Savior’s example by ministering to each other in unity and love, sharing the gospel with family and friends, and finding ways to unite their families for eternity,” she added.

Primary children and their parents also participated in the virtual instruction from the Church leaders.

Sister Jones said 3,200 Latter-day Saints were online in the Philippines “with the biggest smiles you have ever seen.”

After a Primary instruction meeting with the Philippines, the parents and children stayed online to wave, blow kisses and express their love. “It was priceless, and we were moved to tears,” she said.

Devotional in the Caribbean

Sister Aburto was also joined by Sister Jones and Sister Bonnie H. Cordon, Young Women general president, for a devotional that was broadcast in the Caribbean in early December, as well as Relief Society instruction with local leaders.

“I think that at this time, when we’re not able to physically meet everyone and it’s difficult for all, these meetings, these trainings and these sessions, they help us to know that the leaders are still thinking about us and that we’re not forgotten,” said Sister Renée Ramdhanie of Trinidad.

“This training meeting really focused around reemphasizing the important [service] of Relief Society leaders, and how we can more effectively [counsel] together, especially within dealing with the challenges of the pandemic,” said Stacy-Ann Patel of Trinidad. “I am grateful for the things that they teach us.”

“The Spirit has blessed all the meetings in such powerful way,” concluded Sister Jones.


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