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'Glorious' Video Compilation Features Singers Around the World

A fan supercut of the music video of “Glorious,” recorded by David Archuleta for the movie “Meet the Mormons” has been released by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The video, featuring a three-minute compilation of amateur voices singing in English from eight countries, can be found on the “Meet the Mormons” Facebook page or on YouTube. The performers, including two people signing the lyrics in sign language, are from Canada, China, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Mexico, Philippines, United States and Vietnam.

“The social media team for ‘Meet the Mormons’ decided to create a supercut that had a global flavor and included a variety of different ages and ethnicities,” said John Dye of Boncom, a partner working with the Church to promote the film.

“Much like the movie, the major message of ‘Glorious’ transcends ethnicity, race and gender, as we are all children of our Heavenly Father,” said Dye. “When we come together we can create something that is so much greater than each individual part, and this is a perfect example of that concept.”

Fans were asked to send in their submissions to be included in the supercut version of the music video with Archuleta. There were 425 videos submitted from around the globe. Standouts from different categories such as “Creative Covers,” “Glorious Groups” and “Talented Groups” are being featured throughout the week following the release of the supercut. “We had so many outstanding entries, we felt we needed to highlight more than we were able to feature in the supercut,” said Dye.

The supercut music video has received more than 385,000 views on Facebook, YouTube and other social media channels the four days following its release. All of the submissions combined have received more than 750,000 views. Archuleta’s original video posted on YouTube in October has 1.6 million views.

“Meet the Mormons” has been playing in theaters around the country this fall. “Glorious” is the first official song and music video Archuleta has released since returning from his mission to Chile earlier this year. The song was written by Stephanie Mabey.

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