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God Loves You, President Camille N. Johnson Tells Women in Asia North Area 

General Relief Society President speaks to Latter-day Saints and friends in South Korea, Japan and Mongolia

Relief Society General President Camille N. Johnson poses with attendees at the Korea Women's Conference in Suwon, South Korea, December 1-2, 2023.© 2023 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.
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During a ministry assignment to the Asia North Area November 29 through December 7, Relief Society General President Camille N. Johnson reminded Latter-day Saint women of all ages in Korea, Japan and Mongolia that God loves them. 

Sharing a personalized message to them from Church President Russell M. Nelson that “they are loved … they are precious and … they are necessary,” President Johnson encouraged women to study the words of the Prophet and to follow his counsel. 


At a 2-day women’s conference in South Korea, President Johnson spoke to Latter-day Saint women gathered in Suwon for the first Korea Women’s Conference on Friday, December 1, 2023. 

“This is wonderful to have the opportunity to be in Korea with nearly 1,400 women who have assembled for this women’s conference,” President Johnson said. “And I do hope that their conversion is strengthened, that their relationship with Jesus Christ is deepened.”   

President Johnson encouraged women to listen to the Prophet and follow the guidance and inspiration found in the scriptures and through the Holy Ghost. She explained that utilizing these sources can help them gain greater happiness as they establish their priorities in life starting with their “love of God and love of His children.”   

“Maintaining the presence of the Spirit requires effort, energy, prayer, scripture study, study of the words of living prophets, preparation for partaking of the sacrament, repentance, personal acts of daily devotion,” she said.  

Conference participants also experienced entertainment, networking opportunities, instructional classes and spiritual messages throughout the two days, all focused on building their faith in Jesus Christ.   

Elder Takaski Wada, President of the Asia North Area of the Church, said conference organizers hoped to “energize the members in Korea” by helping women understand “that no matter how difficult their life might be ... they can rely on the Savior, because He lives, and He is our Redeemer."

Elder Wada’s wife, Naomi, testified that Jesus Christ lives, the Book of Mormon is true and that it is important to follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost throughout their lives.

In President Johnson’s closing remarks, she referenced the enthusiasm, unity and the spirit of Christ participants experienced. She said that from now on, whenever she hears the hymn “I Am a Child of God,” she will remember the wonderful feelings she felt when singing this song with all the sisters from Korea.


In Tokyo, Japan, President Johnson spoke in a devotional for women and young women, and met with women’s focus groups, discussing and answering their questions that ranged from organizational concerns to personal and family challenges. 

During the devotional, President Johnson said to look for answers to questions by following the Prophet rather than the voices of the world. She reminded women of the prophet’s invitation to “live worthy of and learn how to recognize promptings and answers from the Holy Ghost.” 

Acknowledging that everyone is busy, she said, “When we prioritize the first and second great commandments — love of God and love of our neighbor and family — then the things that don’t have eternal significance drop off the list.” Sister Johnson said she is more efficient when she includes scripture study in her daily routine and does the things that matter most first. 

President Johnson said covenant-making and covenant-keeping women are needed in the Church. She quoted President Nelson’s reminder that “those who are endowed in the house of the Lord receive a gift of God’s priesthood power by virtue of their covenants.” It is through priesthood power that a woman’s capacity to serve is enhanced, she said. 

Even when women may feel they have little to offer, the Savior can use them as He provides His relief to others through their small acts of service, and that in so doing, they will find their own relief in Him. 

“You are loved by Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ,” she said. “... They are intimately aware of your circumstances.” 

She invited listeners to ask for confirmation of God’s love when they prayed that evening. “Ask to be answered in a way you can understand. Then listen!” 

Elder J. Kimo Esplin, Second Counselor in the Asia North Area Presidency, said that as the youngest in a family with seven older sisters, he recognizes the spiritual nature of women. He reaffirmed President Johnson’s testimony of God’s love for His daughters. 

After watching the broadcast at home in the Tokyo suburb of Azabu with her aging mother, a sister from the Azabu Ward said, “Even through the screen, I felt the love of Sister Johnson for us. Her talk reminded me again who I am — a precious daughter of God. I am grateful that she came all the way to Japan and spent time with us.” 

Adrianne Richards from the Tokyo 1st Ward said, “The devotional was an example to me personally of my place in the Church and the influence women can have.”


Relief Society General President Camille N. Johnson and her husband, Douglas, met with the Deputy Speaker of the Mongolian Parliament Odontuya Saldan in Ulaanbaatar on Wednesday, December 6.© 2023 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.
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Wrapping up her ministry visit to the area in Mongolia, President Johnson met with the Deputy Speaker of the Mongolian Parliament Odontuya Saldan in Ulaanbaatar on Wednesday, December 6. “It was a wonderful opportunity to meet with the deputy speaker. We share a common objective to strengthen families in Mongolia,” said President Johnson.

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