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Little Bags Bring a Warm Feeling of Human Dignity in Finland

Connections between The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and civil society organizations have been strengthened in Finland during the COVID-19 period. The Finland Helsinki Mission and the Helsinki Finland Stake Relief Society presidency examined service opportunities to respond to the community’s needs, utilizing the increased time spent in homes during the pandemic.


Discussions with the Deaconess Foundation presented an opportunity for the mission office and the Relief Society to help care for the homeless by providing hygiene bags to those in need. Sisters of the stake were informed of the project through social media and their local Relief Societies. The Christ-like charity spread fast, and sisters got involved in the labor of love stitch by stitch by sewing hygiene bags and acquiring towels for the homeless. One sister who made several bags wrote, “It is nice to be making these [bags], and you feel good knowing that they are needed.”

The Deaconess Foundation suggested that it would appreciate receiving 30 bags. It did not take the volunteers much time to reach and exceed that number. The sewing of the bags continues, but once the first 60 bags were finished, they were sent to the mission office with about 200 towels, and missionaries filled the bags with hygiene products.

The hygiene bags not only provide a small personal storage space and needed products, but organizers say they also bring a feeling of “human dignity.” The bags come with a French proverb inside that says, “The friends of our friends are our friends.”

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