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Mongolia Honors Church for Wheelchair Donation

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was recently recognized by the Mongolian government for its donation of 250 wheelchairs, as well as crutches, canes and walkers.

Deseret International Charities (DIC), a Mongolian humanitarian organization sponsored by the Church, partnered with the Social Welfare Service Department of Mongolia. Church Humanitarian Services, through its wheelchair program, works with local organizations to distribute wheelchairs wherever they’re needed around the world.

B. Khandsuren, a rehabilitation doctor from the National Rehabilitation Center, presented training. Elder Richard Lasson, a missionary, represented the Church.

Since 2004, the Church has donated 4,500 wheelchairs to disabled people of Mongolia. Latter-day Saint missionaries work with government welfare leaders in the wheelchair distribution throughout the country.

Dr. MUNKHBATR Delger, director general of the National Rehabilitation Center in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, expressed gratitude on behalf of the recipients. “Your donation is of great benefit to improve the poor health condition of physical disability people and quality of their life.”

Sister Carol Lasson, a missionary, helps a young man with his new wheelchair

A new donation of 900 wheelchairs has been approved for delivery to Mongolia during this year and the first part of 2012. DIC will continue to work with the Social Welfare Service Department and the National Rehabilitation Center, helping to train people in fitting a person for a wheelchair and in how to use and take care of a wheelchair.

The Church wheelchair initiative is designed to improve mobility, health and educational and economic opportunities for people with physical disabilities. Latter-day Saints work with local organizations throughout the world to improve the services they provide to the physically disabled and provide a wheelchair or walking aid appropriate to the individual’s need and circumstances.

Wheelchair recipients Tamir Bayarsaikhan and Chinbayar Narandelger

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