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Mormon Channel Recognized for YouTube Success

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Last month, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints received attention when the Touchstorm Video Index listed the Mormon Channel as a “top brand” on YouTube.

The Touchstorm report features channels ranked within what it calls the “YouTube 5,000” — a group of channels that each has at least 43 million views. Touchstorm says only 74 of those 5,000 are brands, and it ranked the Mormon Channel 52nd out of those 74.

The Mormon Channel has more than 220,000 YouTube subscribers, and its users have viewed its 1,900-plus videos more than 61 million times. Touchstorm notes that the Mormon Channel video views are spread broadly across its video library (an average of 31,326 views per video) and that the Mormon Channel is among the brands that receives an above-average number (3,586) of subscribers per one million views.

Touchstorm says the high rate of subscribers is a sign that those “who saw the content liked it, wanted to see more and were comfortable taking the second step to create a relationship with the brand.” Mormon Channel manager Todd Daley says the Church simply tries to “provide content that inspires and uplifts, and people seem to be responding to it.” (Subscribe to the Mormon Channel.)

In addition to the Mormon Channel, the Church has several other YouTube channels. These include:


View the entire Touchstorm Video Index report.

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