NEW: Watch Mormon Leaders Speak of Diversity, Love, Inclusion and More

There should be no question that diversity, love, inclusion, hope and personal responsibility would describe a Christ-centered faith. In a new video series from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, five apostles and two general women leaders speak to the importance of these very topics.

The value of a heterogeneous Church membership is not just "diversity for diversity's sake," Elder D. Todd Christofferson says in one video. Rather, he says, it means the cultivation of a Church culture in which "people can bring different gifts and perspectives, and the wide range of experience and backgrounds and challenges that people face will show us what really is essential in the gospel of Christ." And Elder Dallin H. Oaks says in another video that Latter-day Saints should remember to follow Jesus Christ's example and "always be trying to reach out to include everyone."

Other videos feature Elder Jeffrey R. Holland speaking about Christ's love; Elder David A. Bednar commenting on personal responsibility; Elder Gary E. Stevenson teaching that no blessings are withheld from the faithful; Sister Carol F. McConkie of the Young Women general presidency talking about inclusion; and Sister Jean B. Bingham of the Primary general presidency (an organization that helps children) focusing on ministering to individuals.

Watch the videos in the playlist below.

Three-part Commentary Series: Unity in Diversity

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