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Mormonism in the News: Getting It Right | July 2

Mormonism News Getting Right

Today’s edition of “Getting It Right” includes mentions of Mormon temples as places of peace, missionary service through the eyes of a parent, how the Church’s humanitarian work seeks to relieve suffering wherever it is found and the Church’s interest in educating others about the faith.

Winnipeg Free Press: Mormons are interested in educating others about their faith

Noting the increased attention on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, reporter John Longhurst quotes Church spokesman Michael Purdy, who says, “Our primary interest is to simply educate people about the church and to help them understand who we are.”’s “Mormonism 101: FAQ” should help further illuminate what Latter-day Saints believe.

Also see the Church’s political neutrality statement and accompanying whiteboard animation.


Deseret News: The Church seeks to relieve suffering wherever it is found

Journalist Jesse Hyde writes in great detail about the ongoing cleanup effort in Haiti after the devastating January 2010 earthquake. Hyde includes an important comment from Lynn Samsel, the Church’s director of emergency response, about whom the Church seeks to assist with its humanitarian aid.

“It’s our job to relieve suffering wherever we find it,” Samsel says, “and to help people whether they are members of our church or not.”

Learn more about the Church’s humanitarian services.


East Valley Tribune: Looking at missionary service through the parents' eyes

Many reporters write profiles about Mormon missionaries, but few examine missionary service through the eyes of the missionaries’ parents. Reporter Michelle Reese does this, explaining how mothers of missionaries from Mesa, Arizona, cope during the 18- to 24-month absence of their son or daughter.

Read more about the Church’s missionary program.


CoLab Radio blog: Mormon temples are places of peace

Writing at the MIT Community Innovators Lab (CoLab) blog, Stephanie Hatch explains the importance of temple worship in the lives of Latter-day Saints. She notes that Mormons “place a high value on physical places of peace,” and a Mormon temple is a quiet space where Latter-day Saints “ponder, pray, and meditate upon questions one has for the Lord regarding life’s journey.”

Learn more about Mormon temples in the commentary “Of Chapels and Temples: Explaining Mormon Worship Services.”

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