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Musicians Invited to Submit Covers for ‘Come, Follow Me’ Song of the Week

Submissions for May through Augusts are being accepted until April 21.

Come, Follow Me cover submissions
Come, Follow Me cover submissions
Each month, “Come, Follow Me” will feature original covers of hymns and children’s songs submitted by Latter-day Saint musicians in the Church. © 2023 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.
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Latter-day Saint musicians are invited to submit original covers to be featured monthly in “Come, Follow Me.” Submissions for May through August are being accepted until April 21, 2024.

  • May – “Let Us All Press On” Hymns, no. 243 
  • June – “Come unto Jesus” Hymns, no. 117 
  • July – “Called to Serve” Hymns, no. 249 
  • August – “‘Give’, Said the Little Stream” Children’s Songbook, no. 236 

Submissions that are not selected may be considered for additional Church projects, events and music productions.

Submission Requirements

“Come, Follow Me” music submissions are intended to elevate the study of the “Come, Follow Me” scripture block. Covers should preserve the composers’ original message while providing a refreshed opportunity to learn and connect to the sacred music of the Church. The arrangements should reflect creative and authentic interpretations of the music while meeting the following criteria:

  • Keep original lyrics intact.
  • Keep melody intact with minimal stylistic variation.
  • Keep rhythm of the original recognizable.

Musical Styles

Music is sacred when it is composed and arranged with the intent to draw listeners to the Savior Jesus Christ and His gospel. Diversity in musical style and instrumentation is welcome and encouraged.

Submitters are encouraged to be sensitive to the sacred nature of the doctrines and themes included in the music. Regardless of the chosen musical style, submitters will specifically want to consider using conservative tempos, beats, and performance approaches, and avoid anything jarring when the lyrics:

  • Emphasize the Savior and His acts.
  • Address Heavenly Father or Jesus Christ.
  • Are written in the voice of the Savior.
  • Focus on sacred events such as the Atonement, the First Vision, or priesthood ordinances.

For an example of stylistic range, refer to the Songs of Devotion album.

Additional Criteria

Covers must be an original work by the submitter or a named collaborator. You cannot submit a recording of music that you did not write without permission from the original artist.

Find additional information on requirements and how to apply.

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