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New Magazine For the Strength of Youth Will Reach Latter-day Saint Teens in 140 Countries 

Latter-day Saint youth around the world will have access to a global magazine made just for them

FTSOY Changes
Two young women read in the "New Era," a magazine that will be replaced by a global young adult magazine, "For the Strength of Youth" starting in January 2021. (Note: This picture was taken before social distancing measures had been established.) © 2020 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.

Beginning in January of 2021, the youth of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will receive a new youth-based magazine that will be translated and sent to about 150 countries on a more frequent basis.

This will be the first time that many youth (ages 11–18) outside of English-speaking countries will be able to subscribe to a magazine with messages specifically directed to them. Content will include messages written by prophets, apostles and other Church leaders, as well as testimonies and experiences from youth members around the world.

FTSOY Changes 2
The cover of the January 2021 issue for the new youth magazine, "For the Strength of Youth."© 2020 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.

With youth as the target audience for the magazine, all doctrine, stories and articles will be crafted and published with their needs in mind. Youth will be able to see teenagers, just like them, actively engaging with the gospel and finding resolutions to their problems with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Although For the Strength of Youth will be slightly shorter than its English-only predecessor, the New Era, the decreased page count will allow the magazine to be printed in 48 languages. There will also be additional digital content through the Gospel Library and Gospel Living apps, on social media and on the magazine website. Aligned with the Church’s desire to be more global, now more readers than ever will be given access to authentic stories from youth written in countries like Zimbabwe, France, Thailand and more.

President Steven J. Lund of the Young Men general presidency said it’s more essential now than ever before to provide uplifting content on a global scale.

“More and more, we globally are exposed to all manner of worldly things, many of which will pull us away from the Savior and from the things that matter most,” President Lund said. “We really need to place virtuous things front and center in our lives — things that will remind us of who we are, and of what our promises are. I hope that every day, every youth in the Church will find something like the For the Strength of Youth magazine in open view in their homes and be inspired by it to fight the good fight.”

Finding Joy in Christ

For the Strength of Youth will seek to edify young people while embodying its tagline: “Finding joy in Christ” through its 32 colorful pages.

Elder Lund
President Steven J. Lund, Young Men general president. © 2020 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.

Although much deliberation and discussion revolved around the tagline for the magazine, ultimately, it was chosen with the hope of inspiring youth to learn and grow through the gospel of Jesus Christ while enjoying the process along the way.

President Lund said, “Satan does a pretty good job of painting religion as a drudgery of some kind when, in fact, our religion is the greatest show on earth. It brings to the fore the very reason we came into this life. The promise of this magazine is that it will be able to demonstrate that there is a promised connection between the joy and happiness of our lives and our faithfulness to the gospel.”

What to Expect

The For the Strength of Youth magazine is going global, and with it, there will be a unique and uniform message being sent to all youth members of the Church — regardless of their hometown or time zone. Although each month will bring a slightly different surprise, the magazine will have recurring sections that readers can expect on a regular basis, President Lund said.

FTSOY Changes 5
An article that will be featured in the January 2021 "For the Strength of Youth" magazine. Young adults will be able to read content-specific content for them from various Church leaders. © 2020 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.

Messages from Church Leaders

General officers will have numerous opportunities to address present-day issues and give helpful advice that can be applicable in the lives of the youth members of the Church. Readers will obtain personal insight into topics that will be threaded throughout each issue. By reading the counsel and guidance from Church leaders, youth will be able to gain strength, receive guidance and feel the love of the members of the Church presidencies as they focus on content that was created specifically them.

Youth Inspired Content

Youth of the Church themselves will be heavily involved in creating the content they see in the For the Strength of Youth magazine. Readers can expect personal experiences from youth who live all around the world reacting to modern-day problems, questions and spiritual turbulence.

President Lund said he is excited for the youth to connect with the authentic stories of young members of the Church as they read about how others are finding and sharing joy in Christ while managing the sometimes-heavy worries of the world.

“We are all empowered and motivated by the faith and courage of those who are at our same age, stage and circumstance. We try to listen to everyone, but somebody who looks and thinks like us — and experiences what we experience — seems more relevant to us. We can relate better to those stories and examples,” he said.

Application of the Teachings

While the magazine will help strengthen the testimonies of anyone reading its pages, it will also provide examples that show how youth of the Church are strengthening those around them on a local level.

FTSOY Changes 6
"For the Strength of Youth" will provide additional content that complements the Church-supported, home-centered teachings of "Come, Follow Me."© 2020 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.

“When President Nelson invited the youth into the Lord’s battalions, it was not necessarily about marching off to some foreign land to rescue others, it was also to rescue each other,” President Lund said. “The first job of a soldier is to protect his compatriots, his fellow soldiers. This magazine will help point us to each other and showcase opportunities that we may have to serve Heavenly Father in our own homes, in our own families and in our own quorums and classes.”

“Come, Follow Me”

Beginning in January, readers can anticipate articles and stories that complement what they are learning in “Come, Follow Me.” Not only will the content encourage them to follow along with Church-supported, home-centered teachings, but it will also allow them to see how they can apply the topics within their daily lives.

Digital Content

FTSOY Changes 3
A young man studies the gospel on his tablet. null

Youth can also expect material available online. The digital articles will include stories and perspectives that will strengthen the messages in that month’s issue. Those interested in accessing the digital content can find it in the Gospel Library app or online at

In addition, youth content can be found on the Church’s youth Instagram channel @StriveToBe and the Gospel Living App.

“The Spirit is so accessible in this youth magazine. I’m excited that it will place within the minds of our young people the eternal doctrines that bring us joy,” President Lund said. “The For the Strength of Youth magazine is going deliver the uplift we have seen in earlier publications, but more and better – It will be more accessible to more youth in more places, and better directed and better focused on showing connections between gospel living and happiness.”

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