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Follow New Platforms to Stay Informed on Church’s Humanitarian Efforts Worldwide

Caring.ChurchofJesusChrist.org and @caring.churchofjesuschrist on Facebook and Instagram generate awareness, encourage participation

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By Mary Richards, Church News

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has a mission to care for all of God’s children around the world. That includes their spiritual health and their physical well-being.

A new website now contains those efforts in one place: Caring.ChurchofJesusChrist.org. The name reflects the goal to care for all of God’s children and a larger effort to shine a light on the efforts of the global Church and Church members working to care for those in need. The 2022 annual Caring for Those in Need report can also be found on the site.

Humanitarian efforts by the Church and its members are also highlighted on Facebook and Instagram. In January, the name of those social media accounts changed from @latterdaysaintcharities to @caring.churchofjesuschrist.

Social media posts announcing the name change said, “Members around the world work to give their time, talents, and resources to bless those in need. And through those efforts, we become better disciples of Jesus Christ.”

The posts then quoted from President Russell M. Nelson’s talk in April 2021 general conference: “The two great commandments can guide us: first, to love God and, second, to love our neighbor. We show our love by serving” (“What We Are Learning and Will Never Forget”).

The Church works with charities and organizations around the world to fulfill this mission of caring for others. Those efforts will be highlighted on the Caring website and social media accounts, as well as other efforts including:

  • Building self-reliance
  • Facilitating member service
  • Providing worldwide aid
  • Giving ideas on how people can make a difference

Building self-reliance includes initiatives such as education projects, self-reliance courses, addiction recovery and employment services.

Facilitating member service includes ways that Church members around the world work to give their time, talents and resources to bless those in need such as: youth service projects, refugee aid, missionary service to the community, fast offerings and food pantries.

Providing worldwide aid includes projects in categories such as food security, clean water, vision care and mobility, maternal and newborn care, and emergency response.

Ideas on how people can make a difference includes stories of service and ideas on how anyone can care for those in need in their own communities as well.

More information about how the Church cares for those in need can be found at Caring.ChurchofJesusChrist.org and through coverage in the Church News and Newsroom of humanitarian efforts.

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