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New Stake Presidencies Announced in April 2022

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NOTE: When a new stake is created or a new stake presidency is called in an existing stake, leaders are given time to report the changes and provide brief biographical information for each member of the stake presidency. A list of stakes reporting changes is compiled and published at the end of each month. The actual date of the stake’s creation or reorganization is in parentheses following the name of the stake.

Following is a list of newly created stake presidencies of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from around the world.

New Stake Presidencies

AUGUSTA GEORGIA STAKE: (Jan. 30, 2022) President — David Mitchell Stewart, 42, attorney; succeeding David R. Squires; wife, Rachel Camille Cornish Stewart. Counselors — Kirk Timothy Mitchell, 49, Eisenhower Army Medical Center lead nuclear medicine technologist; wife, Jana Matthews Mitchell. Jason Allen Jones, 45, Department of the Navy compliance officer; wife, Katrina Michelle Lundeen Jones.

BAY CITY TEXAS STAKE: (Feb. 6, 2022) President — Michael Robert Olson, 60, Citizens Medical Center — Texas CEO; succeeding Gregory A. Bond; wife, Christina Adele Truscott Olson. Counselors — Nathan John Whipple, 45, Summit Fire Security manager; wife, Tiffany Ruth Heilbut Whipple. Joshua Nathaniel Cobb, 40, RiceTec Inc. US new product development manager; wife, Jennie Dance Cobb.

BOGOTÁ COLOMBIA LA LIBERTAD STAKE: (Feb. 6, 2022) President — Ernesto Gallo Molina, 38, Pink Life manager; succeeding Jorge I. Jimenez Giraldo; wife, Yhudt Viki Becerra Hernandez. Counselors — Alejandro Cruz Parra, 40, freelance graphic designer; wife, Gloria Tatiana de Cruz Lugo. William Baquero Cañon, 43, Prosegur Alarms portfolio analyst; wife, Rosa Maria de Baquero Salazar.

BRIGHAM CITY UTAH NORTH STAKE: (Jan. 9, 2022) President — Don Alan Shakespear, 53, AM Shakespear Properties owner and operator; succeeding Sheldon G. Black; wife, Marcy Wilson Shakespear. Counselors — Paul B Smith, 51, Autoliv manager; wife, Lacie Delilah Hawkes Smith. Patrick Hales Cannon, 54, Eco-Systems Inc. president; wife, Angela Cristine Ellis Cannon.

CAGUAS PUERTO RICO STAKE: (Feb. 6, 2022) President — José M Gonzalez Pomales, 50, WSRM employee; succeeding John Hernandez; wife, Yaritza Gonzalez. Counselors — Damien Luna-Zayas, 38, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission federal investigator; wife, Jo-Ann Marie Luna-Puig. Edgardo L. Cartagena Luna, 41, Vied owner; wife, Virginia Cartagena.

CHESAPEAKE VIRGINIA STAKE: (Jan. 30, 2022) President — Mark Edward Smith, 53, Dupont marketing specialist-defense; succeeding Barton S. Sloat; wife, Tamra Franks Smith. Counselors — Matthew Michael Dudley, 44, Willcox Savage partner; wife, Heather Bennett Ducley. Richard Jason Gerber, 50, Department of the Navy developmental pediatrician; wife, Amy Kay Berlin Gerber.

CHULAC GUATEMALA STAKE: (Nov. 21, 2021) President — Oswaldo Ico Maquin, 32, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints deep cleaning specialist; succeeding Juan C. Maaz Tiul; wife, Maria Mercedes Yat de Ico. Counselors — Carlos Anibal Maquin Xo, 41, self employed; wife, Elena Cuc Cuz. Eldersse Mo Yoj, 33, self employed; wife, Claudia Choc de Mo.

COATEPEQUE GUATEMALA STAKE: (Oct. 24, 2021) President — Jose Antonio Sarat Diaz, 43, technical services in refrigeration, air conditioning and electricity technician; succeeding Jorge R. Valdés Arreaga; wife, Sara Elizabeth Sapon Axpuac de Sarat. Counselors — Jorge Roberto Valdes Ortiz, 29, dentist. Boris Daniel Lopez, 38, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints administrative assistant; wife, Viviana Nabil Saenz Ajucum de Lopez.

COIMBRA PORTUGAL STAKE: (Feb. 6, 2022) President — Cosme Manuel França Da Rocha Costa, 48, Forwartrans Lda. services director; succeeding José P. Costa; wife, Susana Teresa Queirós Figueira Moura Costa. Counselors — Rúben Alexandre Henriques Figueiredo, 28, business owner; wife, Rafaela Alexandra Nogueira Vieira Figueiredo. Pedro Emanuel Da Costa Barata, 37, military; wife, Andreia Sofia Tavares Dias.

COLUMBUS OHIO EAST STAKE: (March 6, 2022) President — Adam Wade Nelson, 43, Innovis Data Solutions product manager; succeeding Craig M. Bell; wife, Caroline Francis Nelson. Counselors — Daniel Jansen Dickson, 41, JPMorgan Private Bank executive director; wife, Ciera Bird Dickson. Kristopher Jay Jacobs, 39, JPMorgan Chase vice president; wife, Candice Lorraine Betts Jacobs.

CORVALLIS OREGON STAKE: (Feb. 6, 2022) President — Carl Lanier Britsch, 58, NuScale Power vice president of human resources; succeeding Craig R. Cole; wife, JoLynne Schill Britsch. Counselors — Michael David Moore, 56, Chateau Management owner; wife, Laurie Connelly Moore. William Stuart Hartsell IV, 52, Alsea Bay Dental Clinc owner; wife, Teresa Rhea Wooldriodge Hartsell.

CHICAGO ILLINOIS STAKE: (Jan. 30, 2022) President — Scott David Shurtliff, 42, Information Resources Inc. vice president of central operations; succeeding Joseph S. Cannon; wife, Liesl Ann Robbins Shurtliff. Counselors — Joel Juarez Bernal, 57, ELEVI Associates LLC IT consultant, architect and engineer; wife, Luz Maria de Juarez Gonzalez. Celso Alvarez Jr., 47, truck driver; wife, Blanca Edith Betancourt Alvarez.

COUNCIL BLUFFS IOWA STAKE: (Jan. 16, 2022) President — James Haynie Barton, 52, oral and maxillofacial surgeon; succeeding Timothy P. Jacob; wife, Regina Ruth Busk Barton. Counselors — Arturo Miranda Ruíz, 49, University of Nebraska at Omaha emeritus lecturer and Miranda Consulting Services self employed; wife, Lillian Ivette Padilla Miranda. Matthew Wayne Smith, 43, Trivium Life Services chief operating officer; wife, Hannah Jensen Smith.

DAVAO PHILIPPINES BUHANGIN STAKE: (Feb. 6, 2022) President — Dennis Yee Aquino, 59, retired; succeeding Wilson D. Aparri; wife, Emily Perez Valdeviezo Aquino. Counselors — Mark Oroceo Dyquiangco, 48, James Hardie Phils. Inc. area sales manager; wife, Jessica Jaum Ticong Dyquiangco. Rodolfo Paulo Calumpag Monteros, 38, DepED teacher; wife, Liezel Payos Beoyo Monteros.

ETINAN NIGERIA STAKE: (July 11, 2021) President — Percus Willie Etukudo, 50, self-employed contractor; succeeding Aniefiok J. Udo; wife, Mercy Percus Uche Etukudo. Counselors — Aniefiok Okon Nelson, 55, self employed; wife, Glory Aniefiok Umo Nelson. Faith Marcus Akpan, 29, self employed.

FARMINGTON NEW MEXICO STAKE: (Feb. 6, 2022) President — Jonathan Brent Hancock, 39, orthopedic surgeon; succeeding M. Brent Farnsworth; wife, Ashley Kae Harris Hancock. Counselors — Jeffery Scott Nygren Jr., 46, pharmacist; wife, Britney Ann Kolste Nygren. Charles Kent Applegate, 57, BHP environmental compliance employee; wife, Elizabeth Bassett Applegate.

FORT MACLEOD ALBERTA STAKE: (March 13, 2022) President — Mark Glenn Ellis, 59, Government of Alberta team lead with Alberta Environment; succeeding C. Alan Poytress; wife, Bonnie Eileen Gordon Ellis. Counselors — Joseph Henri Toone, 47, Toone Farms owner and operator; wife, Natalie Elaine Sopal Toone. Brian Young Nelson, 41, AVAIL CPA partner; wife, Ashley Vanessa Smith Nelson.

GUADALAJARA MÉXICO LOMAS STAKE: (Feb. 6, 2022) President — Leobardo De La Cruz Valerio, 33, Frati Associates SA de CV commercial sales manager; succeeding Roberto A. Olguin; wife, Danna Yoalli Corona Cruz. Counselors — Andrés Silva Rodríguez, 34, Cesime Solar commercial director; wife, Paulina de Silva Ceja. Jairo Jacob Cruz Magro, 33, Seminaries and Institutes of Religion coordinator; wife, Maria José Vélez Dueñas.

HUNTSVILLE UTAH STAKE: (Feb. 6, 2022) President — Lance Adam Albrechtsen, 55, orthodontist; succeeding David L. Wadman; wife, Laurie Anne Edvenia Malan Albrechtsen. Counselors — William Rick Bailey, 48, Young Auto Group fleet sales director; wife, Shalin Satterthwaite Bailey. Aaron Tracy Hall, 51, Missionary Department director; wife, Kimberly Wade Hall.

MESA ARIZONA EASTMARK STAKE: (Feb. 6, 2022) President — Travis Michael Beardall, 48, G&A Partners area manager; succeeding Thomas L. Russon; wife, Emily Kay Denison Beardall. Counselors — Kyle Robert Pickeral, 45, Seminaries and Institutes of Religion institute director; wife, Brooke Anne Massey Pickeral. Corwin Todd Edwards, 55, AT&T consultant; wife, Brenda Lee Woods Edwards.

MIAMI LAKES FLORDIA STAKE: (Jan. 30, 2022) President — Darrell Burton Wilson, 38, CSPi Tecnology Solutions director of collaboration solutions; succeeding James N. Robinson; wife, Dulce Elena Farias Pascal Wilson. Counselors — Thomas Theouplus Ikner, 44, United States Coast Guard storekeeper and chief petty officer; wife, Kara Madison Ikner. Eric Humberto Roche, 49, Burlington store manager; wife, Stephanie Kay Williams Roche.

OCUMARE DEL TUY VENEZUELA STAKE: (Jan. 16, 2022) President — Carlos Alberto Santeliz Zamora, 45, National Cement Factory head of manufacturing; succeeding Fernando J. Viloria; wife, Ericka Maria Santeliz Rojas. Counselors — Luis Alfonso Briceño Cortes, 48, 911 Telecommunications Command and Control Center operations coordinator; wife, Yelitza Yolimar Azuaje de Briceño. Jesus Leonardo Rodriguez Romero, 34, Ministry of Popular Power for Education teacher; wife, Eliany Magdalena Rodriguez Leon.

OREM UTAH SHARON PARK STAKE: (Jan. 9, 2022) President — Jeffrey Darrell Brown, 42, BYU Rollins Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology associate director; succeeding Danny M. Miller; wife, Shelley Dawn Hart Brown. Counselors — Grant Wendell Hart, 68, Brigham Young University associate professor; wife, Deborah Louise Aamodt Hart. Matthew Austin Murdock, 32, Seminaries and Institutes of Religion seminary instructor; wife, Heather Dimond Murdock.

PORTO VELHO BRAZIL STAKE: (Oct. 10, 2021) President — Máricio Rogério Gomes Rocha, 54, public servant; succeeding Luís Alberto Lourenço de Matos; wife, Edna Nonato Aranha Rocha. Counselors — Francisco Carlos Araujo, 56, former Military Police of the State of Rondônia officer; wife, Selma Maria Barbosa da Silva Araujo. José Ávila de Azevedo, 32, employee; wife, Claudia Lopes dos Santos Azevedo.

PROVO UTAH CENTRAL STAKE: (Jan. 30, 2022) President — Neil A Harmon, 54, Brigham Young University adjunct professor of organ; succeeding Mark E. Hubner; wife, Anese Judy Harmon. Counselors — Douglas Spencer Stewart, 64, Deseret Industries manager; wife, La Nell Barnes Stewart. Steven Byron Jensen, 45, United Sites Services operations supervisor; wife, Adrienne Elaine Nelson Jensen.

PROVO UTAH YSA 16TH STAKE: (Feb. 6, 2022) President — Chrisophe Gerard Giraud-Carrier, 56, Brigham Young University computer science professor; succeeding Alan B. Hansen; wife, Isabelle Sophie Mauclair Giraud-Carrier. Counselors — Steven G Allred, 63, Ace Hardward owner; wife, Mitzie Kay Medeiros Allred. Antonio Peter Gervais, 60, Brigham Young University systems administrator; wife, Lisa Maurine Forman Gervais.

REXBURG IDAHO YSA 6TH STAKE: (Feb. 27, 2022) President — James Reed Stoddard, 62, Brigham Young University–Idaho director of the counseling center; succeeding Michael B. Thueson; wife, DeeAnn Miller Stoddard. Counselors — Gregory Scott Johnson, 49, Members Preferred Credit Union president and CEO; wife, Heather Jean Mitchell Johnson. Brian Riley Howard, 55, Brigham Young University–Idaho faculty; wife, Kami Lee Lalli Howard.

ROANOKE VIRGINIA STAKE: (Feb. 20, 2022) President — Hani Abdel Meguid Shabana, 47, psychotherapy training coordinator; succeeding R. Kevin Bohon; wife, Amanda Marie Cochran Shabana. Counselors — Daniel Keith Dutton, 64, American Equipment and Auction Company president and owner; wife, Clovie Rene Shockley Dutton. Jonathan Michael Lubeck, 45, dentist; wife, Alexandra Elizabeth Rolston Lubeck.

SALT LAKE FOOTHILL STAKE: (Feb. 6, 2022) President — David Keith Bailly, 46, University of Utah physician; succeeding Matthew R. Hall; wife, Gina Sharene Lower Bailly. Counselors — Jason Paul Perry, 50, Hinckley Institute of Politics director and University of Utah vice president; wife, Mary Catherine Bryan Perry. Craig Alan Jacobsen, 64, Intermountain Healthcare assistant vice president of information systems; wife, Marcia Lee Peterson Jacobsen.

SAN CLEMENTE CALIFORNIA STAKE: (Jan. 30, 2022) President — Troy Arlen Bourne, 48, Spieker Senior Development partner; succeeding Gregory K. Stapley; wife, Amanda Mari Dalton Bourne. Counselors — Robert Turner Braithwaite, 55, Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian president and CEO; wife, Lisa Andrus Braithwaite. Joseph James Croft, 51, HyperDrive Intermational founder and president, and JuJuBe International founder and CEO; wife, Rachelle Miller Croft.

SANDY UTAH CANYON VIEW STAKE: (Jan. 30, 2022) President — Jeremie Tad Snowder, 46, Valuation Consulting Group principal and partner; succeeding William T. Whitworth; wife, Sarah Jane Lewis Snowder. Counselors — Shane C London, 62, Deseret First Credit Union president and CEO; wife, Robyne Patricia Hunt London. Hyrum Grant Kunzler Jr., 57, Avenue Consultants project manager; wife, Heidi Jean Hanks Kunzler.

SÃO PAULO BRAZIL PIRATININGA STAKE: (Jan. 23, 2022) President — Joaquim Fernandes Júnior, 43, Sola Fernandes Consulting Oracle EBS/cloud consultant; succeeding Diego Paulucci de Melo; wife, Patricia Dias Sola Fernandes. Counselors — Adan Jonathan Tallmann, 40, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints coordinator; wife, Bruna Schultze Buchalla Tallmann. Rogerio Santos de Almeida, 43, businessman; wife, Annelly Lays Bezerra de Almeida.

SNOWFLAKE ARIZONA STAKE: (Feb. 6, 2022) President — Russell Todd Burk, 42, Positive Solar sales and design employee; succeeding Daniel O. Mills (who died on Dec. 29, 2021); wife, Chantal Kuuleialohalani Keala Burk. Counselors — Todd Raymond Lorenzen, 62, Lakeside Cabins LLC self employed; wife, Laura Christine Foutz Lorenzen. Chad Burdal Brimhall, 41, physician; wife, Caskie Jill Hicken Brimhall.

SOUTH HILL WASHINGTON STAKE: (Jan. 30, 2022) President — Burton T Kerr, 55, VA Puget Sound System director of primary care mental health; succeeding Steven A Barker; wife, Mary Juanita Jacobson Kerr. Counselors — David Benson Ward, 46, Pacific Lutheran University department chair and professor of marriage and family therapy; wife, Kathryn Wells Ward. Benjamin Randolph Grover, 39, Virginia Mason Franciscan Health physical therapist; wife, Alisha Kay Moultrie Grover.

TAYTAY PHILIPPINES STAKE: (Feb. 6, 2022) President — Robert Salvador Estil Oximas, 46, Oleo-Fats Inc. HSE head; succeeding Servillano S. Parana; wife, Gladys Dela Cruz Osimas. Counselors — Rhaponzolo Galozo Chansing, 54, EY senior manager technology consulting; wife, Filma Cipriano Eustaquio Chansing. Ceferino Enriquez Malicse Jr., 50, Reed Elsevier Philippines marketing director; wife, Leonisa Mahinay Pios Malicse.

TESHIE GHANA STAKE: (Feb. 13, 2022) President — Jeffrey Odai Botchway, 38, Fidelity Bank team leaders; succeeding Jerry Nipz-Nipah; wife, Eugenia Enyonam Afetor Botchway. Counselors — Daniel Akowuah Dwomoh, 51, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints HR generalist; wife, Alison Akowuah Fokuo Asuah Dwomoh. Lernard Lennox Anertey Abbey, 36, Honghai House Ghana Limited executive assistant for finanice to chairman director; wife, Millicent Atswei Abbey.

TULA MÉXICO STAKE: (Feb. 13, 2022) President — Efrain Cruz Montoya, 54, business owner; succeeding Edmundo J. Alvarez; wife, Rosa Elena de Cruz Trejo. Counselors — Pablo Villalobos Perez, 48, business owner, director; wife, Araceli de Villalobos Huitron. Iván González Cossio, 48, business owner; wife, Erika Irma Parra de González Cossio.

UMUAHIA NIGERIA STAKE: (Jan. 23, 2022) President — Kennedy Chibuzor Onyelowe, 43, Kampala International University kampala Uganda visiting senior lecturer; succeeding Samuel E. Ekpolo; wife, Blessing Obiageri Agu Onyelowe. Sunday Ikechukwu Orji, 60, self employed; wife, Beatrice Ogisi Ogbonna Orji. Eric Godfred Otoo, 51, self-employed builder; wife, Doris Ginikanwa Otoo.

YUCAIPA CALIFORNIA STAKE: (Feb. 13, 2022) President — Travis Alan Salisbury, 46, self employed; succeeding Darryl K. Cartozian; wife, Meredith Jane Brown Salisbury. Counselors — Dusty Andrew Headley, 48, veterinarian; wife, Sunny Lynn Anderson Headley. Andrew Dale Gardner, 40, Gardner Tax & Bookkeeping Inc. enrolled agent; wife, Yolanda Dawn Medrano Gardner.

VANCOUVER BRITISH COLUMBIA STAKE: (Nov. 21, 2021) President — Kenneth McKinley Bateman, 65, Northern Secwepemc ye Qelmucw chief negotiator BC First Nations; succeeding George P. Goeders; wife, Wilhelmina Anna Jager Bateman. Counselors — Christopher Clayton Miller, 63, Sanotize Research & Development Corp. chief scientific officer and co-founder; wife, Minna Kristiina Muhonen Miller. William McGregor Hall, 46, Kardium electrical engineering manager; wife, Lisa Renata Booth Hall.

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