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New Stakes and Stake Presidencies Announced in January 2021

A stake president visits an elderly woman. The stake president holds the priesthood keys to lead the work of the Church in the stake. He and his counselors form a stake presidency. They care for stake members with love, helping them become true followers of Jesus Christ.2021 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.

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By Church News staff

NOTE: When a new stake is created or a new stake presidency is called in an existing stake, leaders are given time to report the changes and provide brief biographical information for each member of the stake presidency. A list of stakes reporting changes is compiled and published at the end of each month. The actual date of the stake’s creation or reorganization is in parenthesis following the name of the stake. 

Following is a list of newly created stakes and stake presidencies of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from around the world.  

New Stakes

A new stake has been created from the Camiling Philippines District. The Camiling Philippines Stake, which consists of the Bamban, Cabaluyan, Camiling 2nd and Camiling 4th branches and the Camiling 1st, Camiling 3rd, Camiling 5th, Cammiling 6th, Pindangan and San Clemente wards, was created by Elder Taniela B. Wakolo, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Jose G. Manarin, an Area Seventy.

CAMILING PHILIPPINES STAKE: (November 8, 2020) President — Restituto Cachapero Bajarin, 51, self-employed business owner; wife, Analyn Pescador Saure Bajarin. Counselors — Fidel Juan Ramos, 42, CAT-Agrikulto Inc. farm supervisor; wife, Agnes Salvador Domingo Ramos. Rodel Devolgado Dolorfino, 44, Armed Forces of the Philippines Medical Administrative Corps member; wife, Julieta Lorenzo Feliciano Dolorfino.

A new stake has been created from the Casper Wyoming Stake. The Casper Wyoming East Stake, which consists of the Lusk Branch and the Casper 2nd, Casper 3rd, Casper 6th, Casper 10th, Douglas and Glenrock wards, was created by Elder Matthew S. Holland, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Kevin J. Hathaway, an Area Seventy.

CASPER WYOMING EAST STAKE: (December 6, 2020) President — Steven Dale Higginson, 63, Reliant Federal Credit Union chief executive officer; wife, Karen Moore Higginson. Counselors — Brooke Talmage Downs, 55, Wyoming Machinery Company director of rental services; wife, Sally Jo Sarvey Downs. Dax Orlando Collins, 44, Porter Muirhead, Cornia & Howard owner and shareholder; wife, Angela Walker Collins.

A new stake has been created from the Brazzaville Republic of the Congo and Makelekele Republic of the Congo stakes. The Diata Republic of Congo Stake, which consists of the Mfilou 2nd Branch and the Diata, Mfilou 1st, Moungali, Ouenze and Tsieme wards, was created by Elder Joseph W. Sitati and Elder Thierry K. Mutombo, General Authority Seventies.

DIATA REPUBLIC OF CONGO STAKE: (November 8, 2020) President — Dieudonne Emmanuel Enyegue-Mbida, 45, GFC Services Groupe company administrator; wife, Kambulu Agnes Muluila Enyegue-Mbida. Counselors — Rodiai Kihanchel Bahonda, 41, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints administrative assistant; wife, Fane Bruny Kiyindou Bahonda. Luc Berllins Moungo, 48, Limonaderie Coca Cola machinist; wife, Immaculee Ephrasie Tchissambou Moungo.

A new stake has been created from the Gateway YSA, Kingsway YSA, Mill Creek YSA, Mount Pleasant YSA and Whitemud Creek YSA wards. The Edmonton Alberta YSA Stake was created by Elder LeGrand R. Curtis Jr., General Authority Seventy, and Elder David C. Stewart, an Area Seventy.

EDMONTON ALBERTA YSA STAKE: (October 11, 2020) President — Jeffrey Brinkhurst Champion, 63, Provincial Court of Alberta judge; wife, Janice Diane Hansen Champion. Counselors — Jan Robert van Bruggen, 66, self-employed business owner; wife, Frances Jean McClelland van Bruggen. Kevin Morais, 44, Classic Landscapes Limited accountant; wife, Inalee Smith Morais.

A new stake was created from the Farmington Utah Stake and the Farmington Utah West Stake. The Farmington Utah Farmington Bay Stake, which consists of the Farmington 6th, Farmington 7th, Farmington 16th, Farmington Ranches 1st, Farmington Ranches 3rd, Farmington Ranches 4th, Farmington Ranches 5th and Meadows wards, was created by Elder Adrián Ochoa, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Blake M. Roney, an Area Seventy.

FARMINGTON UTAH FARMINGTON BAY STAKE: (October 25, 2020) President — Preston Craig Packer, 49, dentist; wife, Charlotte Sue Streiff Packer. Counselors — Andrew Kevin Nield, 48, Heritage Dental Associates owner and dentist; wife, Jessica Jensen Nield. Scott David Larsen, 45, Red Rock Pharmacy pharmacist; wife, Jennifer Ann Johnson Larsen.

A new stake has been created from the Port-Bouet Cote d’Ivoire Stake. The Koumassi Cote D’Ivoire Stake, which consists of the Vridi Canal Branch and the Anoumabo, Koumassi, Marcory, Prodomo, Remblais, Sicogi, Vridi 1st and Vridi 2nd wards, was created by Elder Jörg Klebingat, General Authority Seventy, and Elder John A. Koranteng, an Area Seventy.

KOUMASSI COTE D’IVOIRE STAKE: (November 15, 2020) President — Omon Medard Bole, 55, Cargill West Africa trainer in sustainable agriculture; wife, Amenan Odette Yao Bole. Counselors — Bi Ouga Lucien Zebli, 55, MOVIS CI chauffeur challenger; wife, Ouga Tia Veronique Zebli. Vihevalo Thiernos Bah Bi, 50, Intertek West Africa chemist; wife, Lou Younan Laure Nanti Bah.

A new stake has been created from the Layton Utah Legacy and Layton Utah South stakes. The Layton Utah Shoreline Stake, which consists of the Evergreen, Harmony Place, Layton 2nd, Pinehurst, Swan Lakes and Weaver Lane wards, was created by Elder Walter F. González, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Colin C. Stauffer, an Area Seventy.

LAYTON UTAH SHORELINE STAKE: (October 11, 2020) President — Thomas Ervie Ericksen, 45, Kaysville Dental dentist; wife, Stacey Randall Ericksen. Counselors — Ryan Craig Hansen, 49, Davis School District director of digital learning; wife, Rachelle Hibbard Hansen. Rowland Scott Wilson, 45, real estate principal broker; wife, Daisey Michelle Wright Wilson.

A new stake has been created from the Lehi Utah YSA Stake. The Lehi Utah Jordan River YSA Stake, which consists of the Crossroads YSA, Eagle Mountain YSA, Holbrook Farms YSA, Jordan River YSA, Lehi YSA 1st, Lehi YSA 2nd, Saratoga Springs YSA and The Ranches YSA wards, was created by Elder William K. Jackson, General Authority Seventy, and Elder James H. Bekker, an Area Seventy.

LEHI UTAH JORDAN RIVER YSA STAKE: (October 25, 2020) President — Jared Austin Sasser, 53, Welfare and Self-Reliance Services director of global field operations; wife, Nikkii TyAnn Van Hook Sasser. Counselors — Zachory Smith Huish, 40, Hub International vice president of wealth management; wife, Tiffany Nicole Pubmire Huish. Todd Matthew Schlappi, 46, WealthPlan Advisors consultant; wife, Edith Marie Gardner Schlappi.

A new stake has been created from the Nampa Idaho North and Nampa Idaho West stakes. The Nampa Idaho Ridgevue Stake, which consists of the Nampa 1st, Nampa 3rd, Nampa 4th, Nampa 12th, Nampa 13th, Nampa 36th and Nampa 41st wards, was created by Elder Kevin W. Pearson, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Michael D. Jones, an Area Seventy.

NAMPA IDAHO RIDGEVUE STAKE: (November 22, 2020) President — Reid Trent Stephan, 48, St. Luke’s Health System vice president and chief information officer; wife, Michelle Beth Nelson Stephan. Counselors — Henry Medel, 55, USPS postmaster; wife, Willa Mae Kotter Medel. Craig Alan Hanks, 44, Amalgamated Sugar chief financial officer and treasurer; wife, Karene Thompson Hanks.

A new stake has been created from the Vale do Itajai Brazil Stake. The Navegantes Brazil Stake, which consists of the Barra Velha Branch and the Blumenau 1st, Blumenau 2nd, Navegantes 1st, Navegantes 2nd and Piçarras wards, was created by Elder Adilson de Paula Parrella, General Authority Seventy, and Elder José L. Del Guerso, an Area Seventy.

NAVEGANTES BRAZIL STAKE: (November 1, 2020) President — José Rodrigues Jr., 40, 43sa Gráfica e Editora assistant technician; wife, Jossimara Ferreira da Silva Rodrigues. Counselors — Danilo Dos Santos Carreira, 55, Camil Alimentos electrical technician; wife, Rosalangela Oliveira Dos Santos Carreira. Alexsandro Cipriano, 41, businessman; wife, Sandra Barilli Cipriano.

A new stake has been created from the Pointe-Noire Republic of the Congo District. The Pointe-Noire Republic of the Congo Stake, which consists of the Dolisie and Mont Kamba branches and the Aeroport, Loandjili, Mpaka 1st, Mpaka 2nd, Pointe-Noire and Tchimbamba wards, was created by Elder Thierry K. Mutombo, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Alfred Kyungu, an Area Seventy.

POINTE-NOIRE REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO STAKE: (October 18, 2020) President — Omenga Charden Hermann Reimer Ndinga, 41, AZ Trading & Services SARL CEO, founder and general manager; wife, Sandrine Djemelaki Mabiala Ndinga. Counselors — Massamba Dieudonne Mouyabi, 44, International Polytechnic and Commerce Institute director of academic affairs; wife, Mwaba La France Olivia Engoussy Mouyabi. Xavier Patrick Mampouya, 39, Saipem human resources manager; wife, Gerlene Therese Mberi Mpembe Mampouya.

A new stake has been created from the Rigby Idaho East, Rigby Idaho South, Ririe Idaho and Ucon Idaho stakes. The Rigby Idaho Holbrooke Stake, which consists of the Garfield 3rd, Garfield 5th, Rigby 8th, Rigby 10th, Rigby 16th, Rigby 19th, Rigby 20th and Rigby 21st wards, was created by Elder S. Gifford Nielsen, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Michael D. Jones, an Area Seventy.

RIGBY IDAHO HOLBROOKE STAKE: (October 11, 2020) President — Trevor L Neville, 39, self-employed; wife, Katie Deon Hillman Neville. Counselors — Earl Max Killian, 56, Battelle Energy Alliance performance testing specialist; wife, Lisa Lynette Torgerson Killian. Kade Jeffrey Kraus, 44, KLIM chief financial officer; wife, Natalie Calleen Luke Kraus.

A new stake has been created from the St. George Utah Crimson Ridge Stake. The St. George Utah Crimson Ridge West Stake, which consists of the Cottonwood, Hawthorn, Mulberry, Silkwood and Sycamore wards, was created by Elder Adeyinka A. Ojediran, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Eric J. Schmutz, an Area Seventy.,

ST GEORGE UTAH CRIMSON RIDGE WEST STAKE: (November 15, 2020) President — Ted Gary Telford, 53, Incentia Location Advisor CEO; wife, Mindy Gae Pincock Telford. Counselors — Richard Henry Stehmeir, 63, St. George City airport director; wife, Georgia Faye Clester Stehmeier. Cortney W Rasmussen, 58, Seminaries and Institutes seminary principal; wife, Dana Griffin Rasmussen.

Reorganized Stakes

AMBATO ECUADOR STAKE: (September 13, 2020) President — Jose Renan Molina Delgado, 41, JM Occupational Health occupational doctor; succeeding Enrique R. Mayorga; wife, Diana Patricia Cabezas Medina. Counselors — Jorge Cristian Paredes Paredes, 48, Verpaintcorp CIA LTD technical department employee; wife, Lorena Alexandra Paredes Sánchez Freire. Ramiro Orozco Cordonez, 52, business owner and manager; wife, Maria Martha de Orosco Paucaar Quispe.

AUCKLAND NEW ZEALAND OTARA STAKE: (December 6, 2020) President — Talosaga Fiaui, 32, Ministry of Justice senior case manager; succeeding Sione P. Pulu; wife, Susan Roberta Walters Fiaui. Counselors — Simione Taufalele, 49, self-employed; wife, Daphne Lavinia Nonu Taufalele. Lee Tauti Jr., 33, Ensign Developments project manager; wife, Vienna Mililani Tofa Tauti.

AUCKLAND NEW ZEALAND PANMURE STAKE: (November 29, 2020) President — Brian Matthew Stephens, 51, Showerwell Home Products business development; succeeding Dean M. Westerlund; wife, Marlene Moana Hart Stephens. Counselors — Nepote ’Etuate Hingano, 35, Tamaki College director of pastoral care; wife, Amelia Masina Fifita Hingano. Tevita Kau Fonua Le’ota, 45, Hayek Contracting foreman; wife, Luseane Kaho Tu’itavake Le’ota.

BARQUISIMETO VENEZUELA STAKE: (October 18, 2020) President — Gustaavo Jose Ruiz Garcia, 49, Molinos Nacionales C.A. sales manager; succeeding Hernan D. Peña Peña; wife, Judy de Ruiz Ayala Buitrago. Counselors — Jaime Arturo Vilchez Millones, 49, self-employed; wife, Diana Gabriela de Vilchez Bello Reyes. Wladimir Enrique Mendoza Cortez, 33, Para Tu Nave C.A. trader; wife, Jessica del Carmen de Mendoza Medina.

BARUERI BRAZIL STAKE: (October 18, 2020) President — Alex Ferreira Batista, 48, UNISO university professor and self-employed lawyer; succeeding Carlos Barbosa; wife, Regiane Corrêa Batista. Counselors — Rubenilton Camilo Souto, 47, FIEB IT technician; wife, Faíza Soraia Silva Souto. Gilvan Gama de Souza, 52, self-employed; wife, Fabiana Regina Pereira de Souza.

BELÉM BRAZIL ENTRONCAMENTO STAKE: (December 6, 2020) President — Ângelo César Luz Barbosa, 38, AB Code Soluções senior programmer, owner partner; succeeding Leonelson de Jesus Gatinho Castro; wife, Ariadna Maria Ferreira do Amaral Barbosa. Counselors — João Gabriel Andrade da Costa, 36, Caixa Econômica Federal banker; wife, Eliane Sousa dos Santos da Costa. Darvei Gomes, 47, business owner; wife, Janaina de Souza Gomes.

M BRAZIL ICOARACI STAKE: (December 6, 2020) President — Danilo da Costa Souza, 33, Seduc Pará professor; succeeding Rubens Dário de Castro Souza; wife, Aline Caroline Pantoja Silva Souza. Counselors — Almir de Oliveira Moraes, 52, Seduc Pará professor; wife, Eliene Monteiro de Oliveira Moraes. Cleberson Cruz da Silva, 45, Serviço Geológico do Brasil federal public employee; wife, Gizele Ramos de Brigo da Silva.

BELO HORIZONTE BRAZIL PAMPULHA STAKE: (November 22, 2020) President — Alexandre Machado Monteiro, 59, Verum Brasil Proteção Veicular businessman; succeeding Victor Pereira de Salles; wife, Regina de Fátima Moreira Monteiro. Counselors — Edmilson de Sousa Costa, 37, self-employed; wife, Ludmila Xenia Aparecida Silva de Souza Costa. Raulem Marques Barroso, 46, CHL Transporte partner and owner; wife, Ana Paula Chaves Tiago Barroso.

BLACKFOOT IDAHO SOUTH STAKE: (November 22, 2020) President — Ron Searle Thompson, 66, self-employed; succeeding Christian M. Cannon; wife, Mindy Lee Ellis Thompson. Counselors — Kelly Winfield Hurst, 59, consulting agronomist; wife, Denise Christenson Hurst. Andrew Kyler Polish, 36, self-employed financial adviser; wife, Camilla Stallings Polish.

BOISE IDAHO STAKE: (December 6, 2020) President — Benjamin Hans Boettcher, 44, The Helmstar Group partner and owner; succeeding Roger G. Doughty; wife, Amy Elizabeth Lattin Boettcher. Counselors — Jason Thayne Ellsworth, 48, Clenera LLC president; wife, Kelli Ann Hopkins Ellsworth. Duane Rick Hansen, 52, EMI emergency physician; wife, Nancy Ellen Stuart Hansen.

BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA AVELLANEDA STAKE: (November 15, 2020) President — Javier Esteban Martinez Valenquela, 37, Cliba Ingenieria Urbana S.A. operations supervisor; wife, Lucia Gabriela Calveiro Martinez. Counselors — Jose Antonio Del Castillo, 64, business owner; wife, Susana Guerrero Pereyra del Castillo. John Jairo García Velasco, 43, IT Resource functional systems analyst; wife, Yesseniua Virginia de García García Paredes.

BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA LONGCHAMPS STAKE: (November 29, 2020) President — Juan Marcelo Perez, 34, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints deputy manager of operations and maintenance; succeeding Daniel G. Pardo Amaro; wife, Valeria Gisele Arrieta Perez. Counselors — Ramon Antonio Romano, 55, bricklayer and builder; wife, Blanca Beatriz Gramajo Romano. Alan Matias Godoy, 33, freelance account manager in digital marketing and freelance investment advisor; wife, Mariana Ines Pardo.

CARTERSVILLE GEORGIA STAKE: (December 13, 2020) President — Robert Leslie Kime III, 49, Mosaic Solutions Group partner; succeeding Jacob N. Filetti; wife, Sharon Lyn Wadley Kime. Counselors — Donn William Mason II, 62, Temple Department temple recorder; wife, Cheryl Elaine Meredith Mason. Kevin Miller Ballard II, 40, Quantum Radiology physicians assistant; wife, Lyndi Bernhisel Ballard.

CASPER WYOMING STAKE: (December 6, 2020) President — Brandon Vern Smith, 42, Reliant Federal Credit Union chief financial officer; succeeding Millard L. Smathers; wife, Natalie Rogers Smith. Counselors — Todd Gibson Heward, 48, Heward’s 7E Ranch LLC owner and manager; wife, Malea Godfrey Heward. Kendall Voyd Jacobs, 54, Casper College mathematics instructor; wife, Ami Geneille Longhurst Jacobs.

CASTANHAL BRAZIL STAKE: (November 22, 2020) President — Alex Fabiano de Oliveira, 35, realtor; succeeding José Maria Soares Belo; wife, Raquel Natividade de Oliveira. Counselors — Alex Sandro Martins Dos Santos, 44, Multimix Distribuidora commercial representative; wife, Mirlene Goulart Terra Santos. Antonio do Socorro Pereira Reis, 53, Bragança City Hall driver; wife, Ellen Marcia Cunha Ferreira Reis.

CAVITE PHILIPPINES STAKE: (November 22, 2020) President — Francis Malacad Soberano, 44, J5S Security Services manager; succeeding Agner R. Maurillo; wife, Jinema Paña Tripoli Soberano. Counselors — Albert Ordiz Maquimot, 53, Leader Garments corporation import/export representative; wife, Hazel Grace Tomas Valenzuela Maquimot. Adonies Baril Ambos, 33, Infineon Technologies operation manager; wife, Ma. Christine Joy Claveria Javier Ambos.

CHICLAYO PERÚ STAKE:November 29, 2020) President — Edwin Daniel Díaz Díaz, 32, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints administrative assistant; succeeding Eduardo A. Monja; wife, Leyre Palmira de Díaz Vásquez. Counselors — Hernan Ñiquen Otero, 50, Lambayeque Regional Labor Management labor counselor; wife, Maria Fellicita de Ñiquen Chung Villagomez. José Edinson Quintana Guerrero, 45, Grupo Dmat-Masecod Sac administrative manager; wife, Maria Maximina de Quintaana Montalván Farro.

CHRISTCHURCH NEW ZEALAND STAKE: (November 2020) President — Uliki Moea Pongia, 45, Wilcox New Zealand operations manager; succeeding Jared V. Ormsby; wife, Shrina Tavaalu Fifitaa Pongia. Counselors — Pieter Adriaan Cosgrove Van’t Wout, 57, Brand Logging logging manager; wife, Karne Dawn Evernden Van’t Wout. Nathan Douglas Gardiner, 41, University of Canterbury associate director of future learning and development; wife, Triana Willard Gardiner.

CIUDAD JUÁREZ MÉXICO LA CUESTA STAKE: (November 29, 2020) President — Javier Jimenez Morales, 43, self-employed contractor; succeeding Luis S. Ramos Chavez; wife, Rubicela Camacho Pucheta. Counselors — Gilberto Mario Quintana Delgado, 42, Electrical Components International supply and demand director; wife, Nancy de Quintana Gonzalez Dominguez. Felipe de Jesús Corona Rivera, 41, RAD Soluciones S.C. administration and finance manager; wife, María Cristina Alicia Marrón Ojeda.

CIUDAD MANTE MÉXICO STAKE: (November 15, 2020) President — Isai Helaman Treviño, 40, Secretary of Education of Tamaulipas English teacher; succeeding Nefi Jaime Ingram; wife, Anabel de Treviño Medina Ojeda. Counselors — Gerardo Hernández Ponce, 47, business partner; wife, Perla Estela de Hernández Lara Martinez. Khin Rodrigo Lara Gonzalez, 36, Inbox Paquetería y Envíos SA de CV chauffeur; wife, Isabel Cristina Ramirez Vega.

COMAYAGUA HONDURAS STAKE: (November 22, 2020) President — Kervin Alexis Zuniga Aguilar, 37, Ebanisteria Zuniga administrator; succeeding Julian Carranza Castellanos; wife, Marlen Rosario Mazariegos Benitez. Counselors — Dax Raul Murillo Recarte, 46, Proenovis teacher; wife, Socorro Yamileth Dominguez Nolsco de Murillo. Angel Rafael Rivera Lopez, 39, Secretary of Education teacher; wife, Dulce Consuelo De Rivera Castillo Lizardo.

CUAUTLA MÉXICO STAKE: (November 29, 2020) President — Gustavo Martinez Ortega, 57, Multinivel independent employee; succeeding Faustino Ziga; wife, Patricia del Carmen de Martinez Vazquez Torres. Counselors — Pablo Martin Jimenez Berdejo, 58, former construction supervisor; wife, Veronica Patricia de Jimenez Olvera Silva. Jose Manuel Medina Mejia, 29, analyst; wife, Abril Yareli Oropeza Enriquez.

CURITIBA BRAZIL PORTÃO STAKE: (November 29, 2020) President — Antonio Bernardo Santanaa Marques, 61, Paraná Soluções Logísticas e Transportes Ltda managing partner; succeeding Arialdo Celli Filho; wife, Simmone Coelho Arantes Santaana Marques. Counselors — Guilherme Nunes Mourão, 39, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints temple facilities manager; wife, Grace Kelly Torno Mourão. Thiago Leal de Souza, 35, ExxonMobil agile coach; wife, Julliene Celia de Jesus Inacio de Souza.

ENOCH UTAH WEST STAKE: (December 6, 2020) President — Adam Val Christensen, 39, Dixie Leavitt Agency managing co-owner; succeeding Calvin J Rollins; wife, Deann Rollins Christensen. Counselors — Alan Anthony Cavalieri, 45, Clark County Fire departmenet firefighter and engineer; wife, Nicole Robins Cavalieri. Isaac Shirl Spencer, 39, Iron County School District teacher; wife, Josephine Emma Grandbois Spencer.

GAPAN PHILIPPINES STAKE: (November 8, 2020) President — Archamedes Navarra Bautista, 47, St. Isidore Christian Academy high school principal; succeeding Cristopher M. Javate; wife, Avesta Zayin Ramos Villanueva Bautista. Counselors — Ronaldo Perez Sanggo, 44, National Confederation of Cooperatives area manager; wife, Malyn Linsangan Miranda Sanggo. Randy Dela Cruz Pangilinan, 42, self-employed business owner; wife, Ma Teresa Penales Canadalla Pangilinan.

GODOY CRUZ ARGENTINA STAKE: (December 20, 2020) President — Omar Rafael Montenegro, 58, Municipality of Lujan de Cuyo head of technological integration and administrator of municipal computer networks; succeeding Matias F. Munives; wife, Patricia Noemi Espinoza Montenegro. Counselors — Jorge Miguel Miranda, 41, Viña Doña Paula S.A. farm manager; wife, Monica Hilda Heredia Miranda. Carlos Fabian Prado, 49, Instituto de Educación Superior del Valle de Uco teacher, Medication Delivery medical propaganda agent and Nutri Home nurse; wife, Daniela Patricia Ontiveros Prado.

GOIÂNIA BRAZIL STAKE: (November 29, 2020) President — Filipe Gornero Rzende, 37, GR Group technical and entertainment director; succeeding Gustavo G. Rezende; wife, Paula Dias Pinto Rezende. Counselors — Mário José de Souza, 59, Federal University of Goiás – UFG professor of higher education; wife, Maria Aparecida de Faria. Luiz Fernando Marcelino, 38, Quimica Amparo vendor; wife, Ana Carolina Alves de Morais Marcelino.

GRAVATAÍ BRAZIL STAKE: (November 29, 2020) President — André Luiz Da Rosa, 35, IFRS contract manager; succeeding Laerte José da Silva; wife, Janaína Aparecida Alves Rezende. Counselors — Alessandro Rosa Borges, 39, Diamond Flex Distribuidora director; wife, Ana Paula Vieira Da Silveira Borges. Gerson Luiz Martins de Lara, 42, Pirelli production operator; wife, Elisane Machado Ferreira de Lara.

HUDDERSFIELD ENGLAND STAKE: (December 13, 2020) President — Samuel Bridgstock, 43, Sherwin-Williams senior counsel; succeeding Boyd D. McEwen; wife, Elizabeth Anna Fullwood Bridgstock. Counselors — Louis Cooper, 47, self-employed chartered health and safety practitioner; wife, Elizabeth Platt Cooper. Justin lee McKeown, 50, Mission Internation Ltd. director; wife, Ruth Alison Stewart McKeown.

IDAHO FALLS CENTRAL STAKE: (October 18, 2020) President — George William Bradley, 64, Pacific North West Managed IT Services vice president of marketing and sales and chief operations officer; succeeding Richard N. Stewart; wife, Virginia Marie Capone Bradley. Counselors — Eric J Pace, 58, Naval Nuclear Laboratory manager; wife, Claire Jeanne Okeson Pace. Jonathan Lyle Gallup, 37, Resin Architecture principal architect and founding partner; wife, Jaime Lee Kohler Gallup.

IQUITOS PERÚ NUEVE DE OCTUBRE STAKE: (November  22, 2020) President — Joseph Garcia Peña Jr., 34, El Riconciro de Zoe entrepreneur; succeeding Camerson Mello Cabrera; wife, Monserrat Edith Garcia Arevalo Torres. Counselors — Ramiro Gomez Saldaña, 53, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints technician; wife, Maria Monica de Gomez Estevez Cortez. Gary Alejandro Rojas Laulate, 42, UNAP tax specialist; wife, Carol Magaly de Rojas Quispe Pizarro.

JACKSON MISSISSIPPI STAKE: (December 6, 2020) President — Marc Allen Richardson, 39, Mississippi Vision Correction Center ophthalmologist; succeeding Steven D. Boone; wife, Megan Michelle Barilleau Richardson. Counselors — Patrick Dale Whipple, 41, MEA Medical Clinics family physician; wife, Brigette Nicole Brown Whipple. Bryce Christian Kunz, 33, Law Offices of Richard R. Grindstaff attorney; wife, Anne Michelle Spackman Kunz.

KILLEEN TEXAS STAKE: (November 22, 2020) President — Tyler Louis Martin, 38, Department of Defense licensed clinical social worker; succeeding F. Wendell Jones; wife, Brookelynn Johanna Bird Martin. Counselors — Jordan Winston Felkner, 34, dentist; wife, Rachel Michelle Goepel Felkner. Ryan Terry Adams, 45, Hamilton General Hospital general surgeon; wife, Erika Marlene Dale Adams.

KINSTON NORTH CAROLINA STAKE: (November 22, 2020) President — Damon Loren Rappleyea, 45, East Carolina University associate professor; succeeding David C. Walker; wife, Rebecca Michelle Laughman Rappleyea. Counselors — Kevin Matthew Nelson, 44, NC Farm Bureau Insurance agent; wife, Emily Marlowe Hancock Nelson. Darren Orville Day, 51, Day Law Firm owner; wife, Ruthenia Moreira E Silva Day.

LAIE HAWAII YSA 2ND STAKE: (October 18, 2020) President — Kealii Jon Leighton Haverly, 46, Polynesian Cultural Center senior director of global sales and facilities; succeeding Billy G. Casey; wife, Jennifer Kahokuahiahi Soon Haverly. Counselors — Aaron Kawika Keo, 45, State of Hawaii Department of Education school based behavior health specialist; wife, Nichole Kealakuupuailiahi Kamakaala Keo. William Kaaumoana Meyers, 48, State of Hawaii food safety specialist; wife, Kylie Maureen Peta Barker Meyers.

LAGOS NIGERIA YABA STAKE:December 6, 2020) President — Chinedu Joshua Enwereuzo, 43, PEC Mining and Exploration Ltd director; succeeding Raymond Maxwell Oraegbu; wife, Jemilat Wuraola Taofik Enwereuzo. Counselors — Lekwa Kalu, 43, Anglomittal Nigeria Ltd. accountant; wife, Kalu Chinenye Lekwa. Fred Essien Ntuen Anyin, 39, Lead-Forte Gate Limited executive assistant; wife, Afolakemi Oluwatosin Olofinnusi Anyin.

LIMA PERÚ CAMPOY STAKE: November 15, 2020) President — David Dionisio Silva Chamorro, 44, Comunicator Perú owner; succeeding L. Guido Cristobal; wife, Jessica Rosa de Silva Cuba Villanueva. Counselors — David Omar Cernades Gomez, 46, manager; wife, Magdalena Susan de Cernades Renteria Coronel. Paol Angel Saldaña Angulo, 38, LedsTech commercial manager; wife, Liz Rosario Zarate Huayta.

LINCOLN NEBRASKA STAKE: December 6, 2020) President — Samuel Joseph Melessa, 43, University of Nebraska-Lincoln assistant professor; succeeding Larry W. Van Tassell; wife, Cherin Donna Reber Melessa. Counselors — Victory Philip Haines, 37, Lincoln Public Schools associate principal; wife, Alissa Randall Haines. David Grant Cleverly, 45, Nebraska Oral & Facial Surgery oral surgeon; wife, Ashley Elaine White Cleverly.

TOGO TOKOIN STAKE: November 8, 2020) President — Folly Mikpeayevo, 43, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints facilities management; succeeding Mathieu Gbedevi; wife, Pierrette Kotso Amoni Mikpeayevo. Counselors — Koffi Messeko, 33, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints technician; wife, Kafui Carine Gbehou. Kansounti Tiempo Sanwogou, 34, self-employed IT professional; wife, Lebenam Kolani.

MÉXICO CITY ARBOLILLO STAKE: (December 6, 2020) President — Federico Enoc Aguilar Cordoba, 44, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints contractor; succeeding Rogelio Osuna Ruiz; wife, Miriam Gutierrez Arrayaga. Counselors — Vicente Chavez Murillo, 44, Secretary of Public Education English teacher; wife, Raquel de Chavez Santillan Mendoza. Limhi Eduardo Lozano Valencia, 44, UNAM associate academic technician; wife, Laura de Lozano Calderon Cruz.

MÉXICO CITY AZTECA STAKE: (December 6, 2020) President — Elias Riaño Magallon, 45, Elias Riano Magallon director; succeeding David Vilchis Gomez; wife, Alejandra de Riaño Vega Garcia. Counselors — Felipe Gabriel Toledo Huerta, 50, Industria Metal Mecánica sales employee; wife, Monica Alejandra de Toledo Castro Velasco. Octavio Israel Hernandez Mendoza, 48, Autotransportes de Carga Tresguerras SA de CV commercial executive; wife, Elizabeth de Morales Hernandez.

MONTERREY MÉXICO LOS ANGELES STAKE: (December 13, 2020) President — Poul Sarmiento Castillo, 49, Automated Data Systems Sa de CV project coordinator; succeeding Omar Arizpe; wife, María Antonieta de Sarmiento Gaytán Vera. Counselors — Felipe Rodriguez Guzman, 39, Banco Regional de Monterrey manager; wife, Brenda Alejandrina Lamalinche Deaquino Aguirre. Daniel Bernal Vigil, 30, Heart Ego work residence employee; wife, Brenda Carolina de Bernal Reyes Vazquez.

NAMPA IDAHO NORTH STAKE: (November 22, 2020) President — Daniel Luke Jones, 41, HDR Inc. roadway section manager; succeeding Reid T. Stephan; wife, Jenny Ann Christensen Jones. Counselors — Randall Paul Syphus, 59, TAIT & Associates architect; wife, Linda Mae Kirtley Syphus. David March Tidwell, 59, Legacy Financial Advisors Inc. owner and founder; wife, Roma Lucille Millward Tidwell.

NEUQUÉN ARGENTINA STAKE: (November 29, 2020) President — Marcelo Oscar Rodriguez, 61, Sistema Educativo coordinator; succeeding Eduardo M. Paredes; wife, Alicia Emma Crisol Rodriguez. Counselors — Gustavo Eugenio Abad, 44, Undersecretary of the Health of the Province of Neuquén surveyor; wife, Gladys Amalia Muñoz Abad. Jose Martin Morales, 38, Entrepreneurs Chocon SRL controller; wife, Jessica Lorena Valdes Silva Morales.

NEWCASTLE-UNDER-LYME ENGLAND STAKE: (November 29, 2020) President — Oliver Mayson, 42, Transport for Greater Manchester development manager; succeeding Brett M. Boydell; wife, Elizabeth Ann Cork Mayson. Counselors — John Wililam Beharrell, 39, Interhearing director; wife, Carissa Vivien Lucas Beharrell. Richard Isaac Martin Guy, 32, project manager; wife, Emily Jane Garnham Guy.

OREM UTAH SHARON STAKE: (December 13, 2020) President — Cameron J Packer, 49, Seminaries and Institutes director of curriculum services; succeeding W. Bradley Camp; wife, Steffani Darlene Reeves Packer. Counselors — Mark Dennis Jessen, 45, doTERRA managing editor; wife, Susan Elizabeth Perkins Jessen. Anthony Heath Westfall, 37, self-employed; wife, Rebekah Ruth Ashton Westfall.

PACAJUS BRAZIL STAKE: (December 13, 2020) President — José Jerovane da Costa Nascimento, 38, Fundação de Apoio a Serviços Técnicos systems analyst and IT manager; succeeding Sérgio Ricardo Castro Guimarães; wife, Ana Paula Lira Teixeira Nascimento. Counselors — Francisco de Assis Barbosa Falcão, 39, digital marketing freelancer; wife, Suelem Da Silva Rodrigues Falcão. Luiz Carlos Gomes Silva, 31, Tijuca Alimento LTDA sales employee; wife, Rosilene Batista de Castro Gomes.

PAEA TAHITI STAKE: (November 15, 2020) President — Rainui Francois Xavier Ariipeu, 45, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ICS team leader; succeeding Bryan T. Jamet; wife, Debra Jeanne McGrevy Ariipeu. Counselors — Gustave Heimana Tarano, 42, entrepreneur; wife, Melessa Faana Tarano. Jean-Paul Wong Pao Sing, 53, Pirae Town Hall municipal agent; wife, Marie-Claude Tiare Lee Wong Pao Sing.

PENSACOLA FLORIDA STAKE: (December 13, 2020) President — Jacob William Smith, 45, Bill Smith Electric president; succeeding Kevin W. Curtis; wife, Jennifer Paige Harper Smith. Counselors — Robert Eells Tonkinson Jr., 56, Baptist Health Care Corporation chief financial officer of healthcare division; wife, Cameo Dawn Booher Tonkinson. Jacob Enoch Sumrall, 31, Joe DeReuil Associates structural engineer and project manager; wife, Lora May Miller Sumrall.

PIEDRAS NEGRAS MÉXICO STAKE: (December 6, 2020) President — Cesar Humberto Mejia Godoy, 32, Hospital Ingles general practitioner; succeeding Jorge A. Sierra Cano; wife, Magaly Perez Ramirez. Counselors — Eleazar Adame Sanchez, 35, ServiTec Móviles manager; wife, Diana Elizabeth de Adame Ortiz Calvillo. Efrain Zenil Cruz, 46, Sistema en Prevencion de Alarmas technician; wife, Rosa Angelica Torres Adan.

PLEASANT GROVE UTAH TIMPANOGOS STAKE: (December 13, 2020) President — Russell Lynn Johnson, 52, Utah Army National Guard human resource technician; succeeding Cabe K. Atkinson; wife, Rebecca Lynn Anderson Johnson. Counselors — Matthew Phil Shumway, 63, Inside Insurance sales producer; wife, Rebecca Sue Martell Shumway. Wayne Scott Cleverley, 61, master carpenter; wife, Sabrina Marie Tillotson Cleverley.

QUERÉTARO MÉXICO EL SOL STAKE: (November 29, 2020) President — Juan David Soriano Jimenez, 42, medical pathologist; succeeding Isaias Lozano Gaona; wife, Claudia Lizet de Soriano Gonzalez Peña. Counselors — Gabriel Santos Ruiz, 41, Zubex Industrial director of sustainability and innovation; wife, Ana Maria de Santos Ortiz Ferrusca. Jose Jeremias Toledo Galdamez, 48, property manager; wife, Ana Laura de Toledo Zepahua Nery.

QUEVEDO ECUADOR NORTH STAKE: (November 15, 2020) President — Cesar Efrain Cepeda Morante, 35, Ibero-American School of Basic Education academic coordinator; succeeding Gregorio J. Rezabala; wife, Cindy Solange De Cepeda Palma Vasquez. Counselors — Tito Alejandro Berreiro Vasconez, 53, Cooperativa de Ahorro y Crédito El Porvenir head of operations; wife, Luisa Germania de Barreiro Tobar Castro. Enrique Samuel Espinoza Moreira, 39, self-employed grocery store salesman; wife, Isabel Jessenia De Espinoza Zambrano Almeida.

REXBURG IDAHO YSA 9TH STAKE: (November 8, 2020) President — Rodney Harold Hillam, 58, orthodontist; succeeding Kevin J. Cook; wife, Malanie Joyce Johnson Hillam. Counselors — Daren Orme Bitter, 60, Bittersweet Farms co-owner and manager; wife, Kathleen K. Klingler Bitter. Dane Hansen Watkins Jr., 50, State of Idaho district judge; wife, Angela Giles Watkins.

RICHMOND VIRGINIA STAKE: (November 22, 2020) President — Shane Timothy Holdaway, 44, Mission Lane CEO; succeeding W. Frederick Mullins; wife, Alysia Mae Thomas Holdaway. Counselors — Erick Buck Carlson, 47, Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP attorney; wife, Rachel Ann Robertson Carlson. Theodore Herbert Lansing II, 41, self-employed; wife, Joy Engebretsen Lansing.

ROMFORD ENGLAND STAKE: (December 6, 2020) President — Jonathan James Bleakley, 38, Westcliff High School for Boys director of lower school; succeeding Michael D. Barter; wife, Jennie Marie Kitsell Bleakley. Counselors — Martin Nicholls, 54, Colourfast World Ltd. director; wife, Karen Elaine Hatch Nicholls. Michael Shola Onaolapo, 68, retired; wife, Elizabeth Oluyinka Ogunkolati Onaolapo.

SALT LAKE COTTONWOOD STAKE: (December 6, 2020) President — David Sloan Ayre, 52, Missionary Medical president; succeeding David H. Sturt; wife, Kelli Anderson Snow Ayre. Counselors — Gary Robert Reynolds, 68, Reynolds Companies manager; wife, Barbara Ellen Dowden Reynolds. James Maurice Campbell, 55, Ken Garff Enterprises chief financial officer; wife, Judith Peterson Campbell.

SAN JOSÉ COSTA RICA LA SABANA STAKE: (November 29, 2020) President — Rodrigo Alberto Rivera Madrigal, 49, Universidad Latina academic director; succeeding Oswaldo Angulo Madrigal; wife, Paola Sofia Alvarado Mora de Rivera. Counselors — Alonso Jose Alvarado Alvarado, 41, Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad engineer; wife, Carol Maria Arias Vargas. Kevin Alexander Perla Henriquez, 28, Accenture digital marketing advisory specialist; wife, Ana Lucia Quiros Camacho.

SAN CRISTÓBAL VENEQUELA PIRINEOS STAKE: (November 15, 2020) President — Jesus Alberto Garcia Teran, 41, business owner; succeeding Benedicto Correa; wife, Jeussmarlen Evieth Genes Vitola de García. Counselors — Pedro Mauel Gamez Garcia, 36, Tu Gusto Express merchant; wife, Claudia Lorena Gamez Sanchez Barrera. Jose Rafael Piedrahita Ruiz, 39, technician; wife, Samar Lisbeth Ayala Becerra.

SANDY UTAH COTTONWOOD CREEK STAKE: (November 22, 2020) President — James Luke Sorenson, 46, Sorenson Capital partner; succeeding David L. Kezerian; wife, Meredith Marie Smart Sorenson. Counselors — Richard Leroy Ellis III, 44, business owner; wife, Steffanie Clark Ellis. Gerrit William Timmerman, 46, Curtis Miner Architecture principal; wife, Stacey Smith Timmerman.

SAN PEDRO SULA HONDURAS STAKE: (November 29, 2020) President — Mario Rolando Velásquez Arriola, 40, Sampedrana International School dean of students; succeeding Hector A. Manley Casco; wife, Rosa Angela de Velasquez Arzu Ballesteros. Counselors — Eldon Levi Martinez Membreño, 41, Triple A Autopartes administrative manager; wife, Soveyda Rosibel Nolasco de Martinez Tabora. Dennis Adalberto Santos Guifarro, 41, Grupo Dental manager, and Grupo Sang owner and manager; wife, Amanda Gissell Martinez Membreño de Santos.

SÃO PAULO BRAZIL ITAQUERA STAKE: (September 13, 2020) President — Paulo Sérgio da Silva, 45, Alfa Serviços de Apoia a Edifício lawyer and businessman; succeeding Marcos Antonio Saturnio; wife, Marleide Santos Freitas da Silva. Counselors — Vagner Florentino da Silva, 39, CPTM maintenance officer; wife, Edna Lucia Alves da Silva. Silvio Cesar Campanhole de Souza, 48, self-employed electrician; wife, Luaci Silva Rocha de Souza.

SANTO ÂNGELO BRAZIL STAKE: (November 22, 2020) President — Vanderlei dos Santos Machado, 57, Rio Grande do Sul State 1st Lieutenant; succeeding Gerson Maicá; wife, Laureni Langer Cardoso Machado. Counselors — João Sidinei Marostega, 47, state government and SEG professor; wife, Carine Antunes dos Santos Marostega. Arthur Luis Pedroso, 31, FIERGS/SESI music arts instructor; wife, Daiana de Souza Hensing Pedroso.

SARATOGA CALIFORNIA STAKE: (October 18, 2020) President — Colin Glenn Robinson, 47, Western Digital vice president of operations; succeeding Brent R. Knudsen; wife, Jeanetta Platt Robinson. Counselors — Chris Po-On Sui, 50, Ultra Clean Technologies Inc. senior vice president and chief accounting officer; wife, Huey Miin Tseng. Brian Douglas Weaver, 56, Live Care Services director of health care operations; wife, Jennifer Lynn Joyce Weaver.

SAVAII SAMOA SOUTH STAKE: (October 25, 2020) President —Pupi Sosaiete Magalogo, 44, former salesman; succeeding Mose M. Li’o; wife, Pea Pupi Talapa Magalogo. Counselors — Faafoi Tumama, 46, former Samoan Shipping officer; wife, Mesepa Faauliuli Tumama. Neli Seumanu, 52, former Ministry of Labour officer; wife, Nafanua Sevesi Seumanu.

SOZACATE EL SALVADOR STAKE: (November 15, 2020) President — Daniel Otsmaro Sintigo Musto, 36, Concentrix operative agent; succeeding Julio A. Soto Morales; wife, Rosa Evelia Rugamas Cienfuegos de Sintigo. Counselors — Emerson Alexander Rosales Ortiz, 36, Autonomous Executive Port Commission Port of Acajutla supervisor of civil works; wife, Alejandra Stephanie Rodriguez Moran. Alvaro Jose Asencio Tadeo, 38, Avicola Salvadoreña farm preparation supervisor; wife, Ana Cecillia Cortez Rodriguez de Asencio.

SPOKANE WASHINGTON WEST STAKE: (December 6, 2020) President — Steven Brady Bates, 39, dentist; succeeding Matthew D. McCombie; wife, Bethanie Ruth Wayman Bates. Counselors — Donald Wayne Vanderholm, 58, Lind-Ritzville Cooperative Schools superintendent; wife, Teena Colleen Laverty Vanderholm. Scott Howard Lathen, 39, GeoEngineers Inc. environmental engineer; wife, Whitney Leigh Mortensen Lathen.

SURAKARTA INDONESIA STAKE: (November 15, 2020) President — Wijoyo Santoso, 39, entrepreneur; succeeding Budi Susanto; wife, Indah Purwanti Santoso. Counselors — Mardiyono, 55, Eliza Florist gardener; wife, Winastuti Tjiptohandojo. Joko Catur Jatmiko, 51, Catur Motor owner; wife, Irma Indriyani Jatmiko.

TERESINA BRAZIL STAKE: (December 6, 2020) President — Jurecir Da Silva, 52, Instituto Federal do Piauí professor; succeeding Roberto Gomes de Andrade; wife, Helonise Helane Brito Silva. Counselors — João Fhelipy Ramos Da Silva, 32, businessman; wife, Francisca Fabiana da Silva. Igor Raphael Verçosa de Macêdo Eufrásio, 29, AOS Software support technician; wife, Dayane Silva Da Cruz Verçosa Eufrásio.

TUGUEGARAO PHILIPPINES SOUTH STAKE: (November 22, 2020) President — Gary John Uy Angoy, 49, Seminaries and Institutes coordinator; succeeding Gabriel B. Cuntapay; wife, Marjulie Garcia Ybañez Angoy. Counselors — Dillo Esmundo Mallari, 48, businessman; wife, Catherine Viernes Barreo Mallari. Jonathan Mangulad Bhupal, 35, Department of Education teacher; wife, Maria Fatima Gatan Carlos Bhupal.

UBON THAILAND STAKE: (December 6, 2020) President — Prawit Sison, 56; succeeding Umporn Parapan; wife, Chureerat Soi San. Counselors — Somkiat Chantarasorn, 58, business owner; wife, Jaruwan Srirom Chantasorn. Sai Yud Nak Khongkham, 50, Celestica Thailand Company engineering manager; wife, Natchiya Bunmart Nakkhongkham.

UPOLU SAMOA WEST STAKE: (November 1, 2020) President — Aukuso Ainuu, 42, self-employed head electrician; succeeding Oliva Mulipola; wife, Sitagata Leota Ainuu. Counselors — Vai Finau, 46, business owner; wife, Sara Vasasou Finau. Daniel Faiga Chan Boon, 34, Samoa Public Service Commission manager; wife, Suameli Theresa Sefo Chan Boon.

WARRI NIGERIA STAKE: (November 29, 2020) President — Ebi-Williams Monkurai, 56, E.W. Monkurai & Co. Attorneys at Law managing partner; succeeding Sylvain Amakpassa; wife, Francisca Tamaranyedenyhan Biukeme Monkurai. Counselors — Kenneth Efakponana Eni, 54, Niger Delta University professor; wife, Joy Oghogho Whiskey Eni. Ibem Goerge Sunday Udo, 42, Megapraise Microfinance Bank managing director; wife, Vivian Obiajulu Onyeugba Udo Ibem.

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