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New Stakes and Reorganized Stake Presidencies Announced in February 2024

stake presidency
stake presidency
The stake president holds the priesthood keys to lead the work of the Church in a specific geographical area. He and his two counselors form a stake presidency. They care for stake members with love, helping them become true followers of Jesus Christ.© 2024 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.
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By Church News Staff, Church News

Following is a list of newly created stakes and stake presidencies of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from around the world.

NOTE: When a new stake is created or a stake presidency is reorganized in an existing stake, leaders are given time to report the changes and provide brief biographical information for each member of the new stake presidency. A list of stakes reporting changes is compiled and published at the end of each month. The actual date of the stake’s creation or reorganization is in parentheses following the name of the stake.

New Stake

A new stake has been created from the Herriman Utah Butterfield Canyon and Herriman Utah Pioneer stakes. The Herriman Utah Mirabella Stake, which consists of the Mirabella 1st, Mirabella 2nd, Mirabella 3rd, Mirabella 4th, Mirabella 5th, Mirabella 6th and Mirabella 7th wards, was created by Elder John C. Pingree, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Jason C. Jensen, an Area Seventy.

HERRIMAN UTAH MIRABELLA STAKE: (Jan. 14, 2024) President — Douglas Keith Hart, 55, Church Correlation Evaluation manager; wife, Cherilyn Christensen Hart. Counselors — Scott Allen Knecht, 51, Chartway Credit Union consumer loan underwriting manager; wife, Heather Davenport Knecht. Todd Lawrence McNeill, 56, Eclipse Composites Engineering chief technology officer; wife, Michelle Adams McNeill.

A new stake has been created from the Hyrum Utah, Hyrum Utah North and Hyrum Utah West stakes. The Hyrum Utah Central Stake, which consists of the Blacksmith Fork Branch (Care Center) and the Hyrum 6th, Hyrum 7th, Hyrum 8th, Hyrum 9th, Hyrum 11th, Hyrum 15th and Valle Hermoso (Spanish) wards, was created by Elder David P. Homer, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Daren R. Barney, an Area Seventy.

HYRUM UTAH CENTRAL STAKE: (Jan. 21, 2024) President — Allen De Loy Crofts, 50, Mountainland RV owner; wife, Laura Lee Miller Crofts. Counselors — Kip Lewis King, 52, State of Utah lieutenant; wife, Susan Bawden King. Matthew Christopher Huss, 50, MCH Enterprises owner; wife, Celeste Crookston Huss.

A new stake has been created from the Ondo Nigeria District. The Ondo Nigeria Stake, which consists of the Adeyemi College Road 1st, Adeyemi College Road 2nd, Ondo 1st, Ondo 2nd, Yaba 1st and Yaba wards, was created by Elder Jörg Klebingat, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Anthony M. Kaku, an Area Seventy.

ONDO NIGERIA STAKE: (Nov. 26, 2023) President — Richard Lasisi Olagunju, 49, Federal College of Education Special Oyo lecturer; wife, Abimbola Elizabeth Akinrodoye Olagunju. Counselors — Esoleonu Uche Okoh, 46, self-employed director; wife, Titilayo Sandra Okoh. Toluwalope Israel Akinbodunse, 32, federal government administrator; wife, Abigail Ibukun Oyewole Akinbodunse.

Reorganized Stakes

ANDERSON CALIFORNIA STAKE: (Jan. 28, 2024) President — Timothy James Beeman, 47, physical therapist; succeeding Jordan Willis Wright; wife, Natalie Griffeth Beeman. Counselors — Tony Lane Christofferson, 57, Sustainable Resource Management safety manager; wife, Kimberley Anne Hardy Christofferson. Aaron Edward Sulzer, 47, Sierra Pacific Industries vice president of sales; wife, Heather Porter Sulzer.

BENNION UTAH WEST STAKE: (Jan. 21, 2024) President — Nathan David Faurschou, 48, Church functional analyst; succeeding Lynn Ray Morton; wife, Dana Lanae Porter Faurschou. Counselors — Christopher Scott Petrick, 56, Church region employment manager; wife, Leslee Heaton Petrick. Michael Bramwell Harker, 49, Diamond Event & Tent controller; wife, Meredith Ann Miller Harker.

BRIGHAM CITY UTAH BOX ELDER STAKE: (Jan. 21, 2024) President — Robert Thomas Gray, 50, Optum principle program manager; succeeding Reese A Carter; wife, Chantele Packer Gray. Counselors — Ricky Verl Grover, 56, Weber County planning director; wife, Maureen Kay Evans Grover. Jonathan Michael Weese, 51, Heritage Automotive Group president and CEO; wife, Andrea Davis Weese.

CHOLUTECA HONDURAS STAKE: (Nov. 5, 2023) President — Erick Antonio Maradiaga Espinal, 38, La Guadalupe Savings and Credit Cooperative credit officer; succeeding Nelson Giovany Mendoza Cruz; wife, Lizsandra Monserrat Moncada Reyes. Counselors — Yersson Emilio Lainez Moncada, 29, CostaGreen Corp. general manager; wife, Helen Sarai Romero Huete. Wilfredo Flores Vasquez, 58, self-employed; wife, Iris Sagrario Aguilar de Flores.

EVANSTON WYOMING STAKE: (Jan. 28, 2024) President — David Elmo Smith, 65, PacifiCorp plant chemist; succeeding Craig La Mar Lester; wife, Jody Lee Harker Smith. Counselors — Jaraun Thomas Dennis, 48, Uinta County School District technology and facilities director; wife, Edie Skidmore Dennis. Lance Dee Norris, 42, Dare 2B Safe LLC chief consultant; wife, Charlene Weston Norris.

FREMONT CALIFORNIA STAKE: (Feb. 4, 2024) President — Joseph Benjamin Hancock, 46, Truebeck Construction senior MEP preconstruction executive; succeeding Lance Riley Taylor; wife, Laura Ann Prisbrey Hancock. Counselors — Richard Earl Champion, 69, RE Champion Construction Inc. president; wife, Elizabeth Ann Henderson Champion. Eddie Asuncion Chavez, 46, Frank Rimerman + Co. LLC manager; wife, Shanaun Darbi Hughes Chavez.

GAINESVILLE VIRGINIA STAKE: (Jan. 7, 2024) President — Johan Victor Carlson, 50, TZero president and CEO; succeeding Devin R Toma; wife, Sara Elizabeth Fuller Carlson. Counselors — Brent Allen Pugh, 48, CAE USA finance vice president; wife, Chelsey Clark Pugh. Troy Harmon Smith, 56, Leidos aviation safety manager; wife, Tammy Lyn Erickson Smith.

HARLINGEN TEXAS STAKE: (Jan. 14, 2024) President — Lehi Sanchez, 48, Harlingen CISD head band director; succeeding Arnold Duran Elkins; wife, Deborah Laura Gomez Sanchez. Counselors — Thomas Welch Goodman II, 66, Robert M Goodman Associates Inc. president; wife, Melinda Garza Goodman. Fernando E. Villarreal, 59, Point Isabel Independent School District facilities and operations director; wife, Diana Laura Guzman Villarreal.

HERRIMAN UTAH PIONEER STAKE: (Jan. 14, 2024) President — Wilson Rockford Dansie, 48, Rockford Enterprises CEO; succeeding Paul Allen Jones; wife, Alicia Peterson Dansie. Counselors — Jared Nelson Snow, 47, Domo Inc. sales executive; wife, Angela Gregson Snow. Bradley Stewart Murray, 48, L3Harris senior software engineering manager; wife, Susanna Marie Barton Murray.

JINJA UGANDA STAKE: (Nov. 12, 2023) President — Charles Palaasi, 55, Public Service employee; succeeding Moses Ndigavania Mbiro; wife, Loy Namwase Palaasi. Counselors — Lazarus Musazi, 51, Ministry of Education and Sports education officer; wife, Peruth Musazi Mutesi. William Olara Ongom, 56, Government of Uganda administration deputy headteacher; wife, Faith Joy Sande Balmoi Labote.

MAGNA UTAH EAST STAKE: (Jan. 21, 2024) President — Anthony Dale Archibald, 46, Copia Power chief operating officer; succeeeding Kelly Charles Jepsen; wife, Shyanne Marie White Archibald. Counselors — Mark Trent Crosby, 55, leader and member support manager for the Church; wife, Jennifer Lynn Elegante Crosby. Colby Christopher Litnak, 42, Software Technology Group AI solutions architect and Litnak Ventures president; wife, Rachael Shelley Earl Litnak.

MANTI UTAH STAKE: (Jan. 21, 2024) President — Joseph Owen Christensen, 44, mortician; succeeding Mark S Olson; wife, Amanda Christiansen Christensen. Counselors — Larren Anderson LeFevre, 56, Seminaries and Institutes of Religion institute director; wife, Norene Torgerson LeFevre. Michael Douglas Cox, 45, South West Farms Inc. part owner; wife, Brittanie Kellett Cox.

MEDELLIN COLOMBIA NORTH STAKE: (Dec. 10, 2023) President — Juan Miguel Silva Melo, 48, Seminaries and Institutes of Religion institute director; succeeding Jose Leon Velez Rojas; wife, Beatriz Elena de Silva Hernandez. Counselors — Edward Velasco Arias, 43, ENTEXS Corp. senior graphic and web designer; wife, Veronica Velasco Velez. John David Velez Cataño, 31, Redihos account executive; wife, Claudia Susana Mantilla Arciniegas.

MESQUITE NEVADA EAST STAKE: (Jan. 14, 2024) President — Ryan William Toone, 47, justice of the peace and municipal court judge; succeeding David Jay Anderson; wife, Kena Sue Roberts Toone. Counselors — Travis Lond Wakefield, 52, Mesa View Physical Therapy, Home Health and Hospice owner; wife, Richelle Martinez Wakefield. Darrell Lyn Garlick, 51, self-employed landscape contractor and nurseryman; wife, Colleen Marshall Garlick.

MIDVALE UTAH STAKE: (Jan. 14, 2024) President — Brady Ray Bowden, 39, US Synthetic project manager; succeeding Lyle Garth Bruner; wife, Katie Lynn Marshall Bowden. Counselors — Timothy William Blatter, 57, Utah Army National Guard chaplain and Alpine School District educator and counselor; wife, Julie Nelson Blatter. Ezra Joe Arevalo, 51, FirstDigital enterprise account manager; wife, Jessica Brown Arevalo.

MILAGRO ECUADOR STAKE: (Jan. 28, 2024) President — Alberto Alfonso Ayala Arévalo, 41, Municipal GAD of Milagro technical support analyst; succeeding José Eduardo Pezo Castro; wife, Maria Claudia Granados Intriago. Counselors — Jorge Franklin Freire Brito, 57, Air Force public servant; wife, Teresa Eufemia Cadmen de Freire. Oscar Oswaldo Cedeño Coll, 54, manager; wife, Tomasa Isabel Sanchez Chiriguaya.

MODESTO CALIFORNIA STAKE: (Jan. 21, 2024) President — Brandon Lyman Tullis, 52, foot and ankle surgeon; succeeding David Lewis White; wife, Kristen Lee Jardine Tullis. Counselors — Steven Andrew Messer, 56, Oracle Saas operations director; wife, Kathryn’Anne Louise Murphy Messer. Michael Jared Rich, 47, Modesto City Schools associate superintendent; wife, Amanda Campbell Rich.

NORTH HOLLYWOOD CALIFORNIA STAKE: (Nov. 19, 2023) President — Glenn Douglas Harmon, 43, Warner Brothers Animation story artist; succeeding Richard Cameron Walker; wife, Kristen Nicole Tanner Harmon. Counselors — Edmond Parsegh Ainian, 62, UNFI senior infrastructure engineer; wife, Juliet Elias Insen Ainian. Steven Dee Carlston, 68, Fox 11 Los Angeles president; wife, Lorraine Coombs Carlston.

ODESSA TEXAS STAKE: (Jan. 7, 2024) President — Hal Wayde Mead, 43, ConocoPhillips asset manager; succeeding Christopher Steven Vore; wife, Stephanie McCraken Mead. Counselors — Kurt Edward Coombs, 61, The Huffman Co. Ltd. engineer; wife, Vickie Lynn Layman Coombs. Blaine Travis Bushman, 51, Y’all Haul Trailers owner; wife, April Marie Allen Bushman.

PORT HARCOURT NIGERIA EAST STAKE: (Dec. 10, 2023) President — Anslem Ike, 49, Anslem Ike & Associates principal partner and head of chambers; succeeding Anderson Anyaso O. Ukeh; wife, Grace Otinye Ereh Ike. Counselors — Jackson Amah Alum, 55, Edison Chouest Offshore Nigeria Ltd. accountant; wife, Oluchi Ibe Amah Alum. Daniel Umeh, 37, Gidan Integrated Energy Services Ltd., Claudan Ict Services Ltd. and Gidan Global Services Enterprise CEO; wife, Claudia Khadie Sheriff Umeh.

PROVO UTAH SUNSET STAKE: (Jan. 14, 2024) President — Matthew Reed Fereday, 36, Seminaries and Institutes of Religion coordinator and seminary principal; succeeding David Lynn Waddell; wife, Megan Marie Richardson Fereday. Counselors — Merlin Carl Moyes Jr., 50, Medallion Services owner; wife, Lezlie Elizabeth Wright Moyes. Sheldon Mills, 41, Opentext product marketing manager; wife, Elaine Constance Olsen Mills.

REXBURG IDAHO YSA 7TH STAKE: (Feb. 4, 2024) President — Matthew Aaron Taylor, 51, BYU–Idaho instructor; succeeding Corey Roger Child; wife, Rebecca Lynne Niederer Taylor. Counselors — Bryan William Pope, 47, BYU–Idaho online learning managing director; wife, JaNan Merrill Pope. Troyce Brandon Miskin, 46, Madison Fire Department deputy fire chief; wife, Wendy Susan Ravenscroft Miskin.

SALT LAKE HIGHLAND STAKE: (Jan. 28, 2024) President — Brennan Gary Snow, 45, Fischer Productions film and media production employee; succeeding Ryan Edward Koelliker; wife, Anna Cathrine Swensen Snow. Counselors — James Derek Kearl, 46, Holland & Hart LLP partner; wife, Jennifer Martin Kearl. Bryan McConkie Wright, 49, Wasatch Product Development new business development and strategy vice president; wife, Susan Noelle Aldous Wright.

SPRINGVILLE UTAH SPRING CREEK SOUTH STAKE: (Jan. 7, 2024) President — Donald Blair Olsen, 49, Cricut Inc. general counsel; succeeding Eric Samuel Graves; wife, Rachel Anne Raymer Olsen. Counselors — Mark William Packard, 59, Central Bank president and CEO; wife, Wendy Ann Lee Packard. Cord McKay Udall, 52, Maersk sales director; wife, Heidi Marie Canning Udall.

TARIJA BOLIVIA STAKE: (Dec. 10, 2023) President — Yamil Delgado Olguera, 43, construction architect manager; succeeding Daniel Copa Ibarra; wife, Lizeth Daniela de Delgado Gutierrez. Counselors — Marcelo Calla Coraite, 35, The First Housing Financial Entity credit officer; wife, Gabriela Presentacion de Calla Bravo. Pablo Daniel Bravo Guerra, 41, independent distributor; wife, Banesa Carolina de Bravo Bejarano.

TIJUANA MÉXICO FLORIDO STAKE: (Jan. 28, 2024) President — Daniel Alberto Sanchez Fernandez, 45, Magnaflow administrative manager; succeeding Edgar Daniel Valdez Muñiz; wife, Mariana Isabel Tapia Rasgado. Counselors — Jhonatan Andrey Alcazar Vargas, 31, Imágenes Médicas service engineer; wife, Isis Yomara Cuevas Lopez. Joshua Yoel Ramirez Lopez, 27, Team International Inc. marketing coordinator; wife, Briseida Samara Cuevas Lopez.

VERACRUZ MÉXICO PUERTO STAKE: (Dec. 17, 2023) President — Miguel Angel Garcia Almazan, 49, optical office owner; succeeding Sergio Sandoval Momox; wife, Nelly Alcala de Garcia Tovar. Counselors — Victor Andres Rocha Pacheco, 44, SEV administrative assistant; wife, Yolanda Maceda Moreno. Bulmaro Garcia Illescas, 55, CFE seismic instrumentation and telemetry maintenance employee; wife, Rosario de Garcia Martinez.

WEST POINT UTAH STAKE: (Jan. 28, 2024) President — Todd Stephen Laker, 45, Holcim (US) Inc. mountain sales group general manager; succeeding Mark Bennett Reid; wife, Ashly Michelle Wright Laker. Counselors — Erik Richard Craythorne, 50, Craythorne Inc. president; wife, Jil Maree Thurgood Craythorne. Justin Wayne Price, 46, MSCI Construction superintendent; wife, Tori Ann Chatterton Price.

WHITTIER CALIFORNIA STAKE: (Jan. 14, 2024) President — David Anderson Cluff, 55, Beckman Coulter senior analyst of business application; succeeding Craig Stewart Bingham; wife, Eileen Janee Hales Cluff. Counselors — Kenneth Paul Collins, 57, Fullerton College professor; wife, Wendy Decker Collins. Forest Joseph Ferkin, 50, Whittier Union HSD high school teacher; wife, Paige Rochelle Seely Ferkin.

WOODBRIDGE VIRGINIA STAKE: (Jan. 28, 2024) President — Christopher Thomas Blair, 51, clinical psychologist; succeeding David Oyaro Icholia Oryang; wife, Kimberley Suzanne Stambaugh Blair. Counselors — Richard Wharton Buongiovanni, 49, Ion technology director; wife, Amy Jo Wright Buongiovanni. Thomas Frederick Howells III, 46, U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis industry economic division chief; wife, Amanda Kay O’Neill Howells.

YOUNGSTOWN OHIO STAKE: (Jan. 28, 2024) President — Thomas Palmer Aardema, 45, Seminaries and Institutes of Religion region director; succeeding Sidney Allen Connor; wife, Emilee Jane Heiner Aardema. Counselors — Eric Scott Clark, 48, Inventory Shield and Cleanup Services Inc. owner and president; wife, Stacey Windsor Clark. Kenneth John Earl, 61, self-employed sales consultant; wife, Denise Rae Thayer Earl.

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