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President Bingham Shares Message of Hope and Resilience in New Video

Relief Society General President Jean B. Bingham speaks about emotional resilience in a new video released by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

“We can often feel overwhelmed by stress, anxiety, depression, grief and other emotional challenges,” President Bingham said in the video. “We are imperfect beings each trying our best.”

The video also promotes the Church’s new self-reliance course, “Finding Strength in the Lord: Emotional Resilience,” which is now available in 15 languages.

President Bingham said that like the Apostle Peter when he walked on water, we are often buffeted by the boisterous winds of emotional trials. But we too can receive assistance from the Lord.

“Like Peter, we might just need the hand of the Lord to help us. Resources like therapists, counselors, treatment from qualified doctors and psychiatrists and trusted family and friends are all ways in which the Lord is stretching forth His hand to help you,” she said.

“With His help, may we all continue to find hope, faith and joy in our personal journeys,” President Bingham added.

Many people have shared their positive experiences with the course since it was launched.

“I think we recognize the Lord is there to help us. He’s also there to help us find people to help us,” said Maria Stott of Geneva, Switzerland, who helped facilitate an emotional resilience group.

“This course gives us a vocabulary for how to look at these different conditions that come with our human nature—mental challenges, anxiety, stress, depression. It brought together a group of people where we could freely discuss things that may be challenging in our lives or in the lives of people we love. And it gave us a way to support each other in those challenges,” Stott said.

Jacquie Pineda, a participant from Pomona, California, took the course last year to learn coping skills for her depression and anxiety as well as to gain a more spiritual perspective on her emotional challenges.

“Vulnerability is a Christlike attribute. He was so vulnerable so many times. And it’s okay for us to show our emotions and to be able to use those as a productive and positive thing. [That] is something I will always remember about that class,” said Pineda.

“[The course] has helped strengthen the relationships that I have with my family,” she added.

“A lot of us are silent strugglers,” said Ann-Marie Tate, a participant from Jamaica. “This course helps us work on the many areas of our lives that sometimes we don’t realize we need help in. I encourage anyone anywhere to partake of this course because it will help you to become the better version of you.”

To learn more about "Finding Strength in the Lord: Emotional Resilience,” contact the Church’s local Welfare and Self-Reliance specialists in your area. The manual and videos can also be found online in English and additional languages at

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