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Presidents Johnson and Porter Meet with Government Leaders on Women’s Issues in South America

The Presidents of the Church’s Relief Society and Primary general organizations minister in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay

“Our Church looks forward to working with you to improve the opportunities for education and self-reliance for women,” said Camille N. Johnson, Relief Society General President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in a meeting with Minister of Women Celina Lezcano in Asunción, Paraguay, in mid-September. President Johnson was joined by Susan H. Porter, Primary General President, during a 10-day ministry and outreach visit to Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay.

Presidents Johnson and Porter met with government organizations that assist women facing vulnerable situations in Paraguay and in Córdoba, Argentina. The organizations provide education, support services to families and resources to develop self-reliance.

In both countries, representatives from the Ministry of Women welcomed and hosted the Church leaders. Government officials shared their awareness of the Church’s engagement with women and their positive impact. “We recognize the presence of your Church as a key player in our community,” said Claudia Martinez, minister of women in Córdoba, Argentina. “We look forward to this new opportunity to collaborate in efforts to assist and protect women.”

Presidents Johnson and Porter were impressed by a resource center in Argentina that helps women in domestic violence situations. It houses a secure area for women, immediate legal counsel, services for children and rehabilitation programs.


In addition to governmental outreach, the Church leaders also ministered to Church members. They held meetings for young parents, a devotional for single women, interactive meetings for families with children and training for congregational leaders. Participating in these events were South America South Area President Craig C. Christensen and General Authority Seventies Elder Joaquin E. Costa and Elder Alan R. Walker and their spouses. Also attending were several women area organization advisers that support the Area Presidency.

At one meeting with parents and children, President Porter spent time with individual children. She invited the children to share how they could bring others to Jesus Christ. “Our Heavenly Father loves you. He knows your name and what your challenges are. He needs you. Reach out to Him in prayer,” Sister Porter taught.

In another meeting, President Porter shared an experience of assisting her husband with his health challenges for 10 years before his passing. “Many times, what we do is not seen or known by others. However, God knows, and He blesses us when we serve in quiet, unseen ways.”

President Johnson shared that while serving with her husband as mission leaders in the Peru Arequipa Mission, one of their sister missionaries suffered an unfortunate setback that was later followed by unforeseen miracles. “Faith in Jesus Christ produces miracles. And many times, they are not the miracles we expect.” During her ministry, President Johnson discovered that the sister missionary now lives in the area where she was assigned to speak and the two had a joyful reunion.

In another devotional with local women Church leaders, President Johnson also spoke about the impact of Christlike love in what she described as a “circle of love.”

“When you show love to your sisters, they feel God’s love. They love God in return and partner with Him to love His children, who then feel His love,” President Johnson explained.

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