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Rockwell Scouting Exhibit Fact Sheet

For more information, please see the related story, "Rockwell Exhibit Opens at Church Museum."

  • The Church History Museum will host the Norman Rockwell collection American Originals: Norman Rockwell and Scouting from 19 July to 31 December 2013. The "Camp Good Turn" exhibit will be open through 5 October 2014.
  • In 1912, 18-year-old Norman Rockwell was hired to produce covers for Boys’ Life, the official magazine of the Boy Scouts of America. The next year, at age 19, Rockwell accepted his first full-time job as art editor for Boys’ Life. He remained in the position until 1916.
  • In 1916, the 22-year-old Rockwell painted his first cover for The Saturday Evening Post.
  • Over the next 47 years, another 321 Rockwell covers appeared on the cover of the Post.
  • In 1925, calendar publisher Brown & Bigelow began producing a Boy Scout calendar, the first featuring Rockwell’s “A Good Scout.” Rockwell originally created the image for American Red Cross Magazine. During his 64-year relationship with the Boy Scouts, Rockwell created 50 more Brown & Bigelow Scouting calendar illustrations, the last appearing in 1976.
  • The first known Utah Scout Unit was formed in 1910 at the request of 22-year-old Thomas G. Wood, an English emigrant, for the boys in his Salt Lake City congregation.
  • The official charter outlining the partnership between BSA and the Church was signed on June 9, 1913.

Sources: Norman Rockwell Museum, National Scouting Museum

Norman Rockwell paintings in American Originals: Norman Rockwell and Scouting
All works are oil on canvas and are part of the collection of the National Scouting Museum.

Story Illustrations for Red Cross Magazine

A Daily Good Turn



    "A Daily Good Turn," 1918
    (also appeared in the 1925 Brown & Bigelow Boy Scouts of America Calendar)

Straight Talks Scoutmaster

"Straight Talks From the Scoutmaster," 1918





Illustrations for Brown & Bigelow Boy Scouts of America Calendar
These illustrations were typically painted two years in advance of their appearance on the calendar and also appeared on the cover of that year’s February issue of Boys’ Life magazine.

A Good Turn

“A Good Turn,” 1924

Campfire Story

“The Campfire Story,” 1934

Carry On

“Carry On,” 1932

We Too Have a Job to do

“We, Too, Have a Job to Do,” 1942

A Scout is Friendly

“A Scout is Friendly,” 1941

All Together

“All Together,” 1945

Friend in Need

“Friend in Need,” 1947

Our Heritage

“Our Heritage,” 1948

The Adventure Trail

“The Adventure Trail,” 1950

Ever Onward

“Ever Onward,” 1958

Pointing the Way

“Pointing the Way,” 1960

Good Sign All over the World

“A Good Sign All Over the World,” 1961


“A Great Moment,” 1963

Growth of a Leader

“Growth of a Leader,” 1964

Breakthrough for Freedom

“Breakthrough for Freedom,” 1965


“Scouting is Outing,” 1966


“Beyond the Easel,” 1966

Come and Get It

“Come and Get It,” 1968

Boy Scouts Pledging

“Boy Scouts Pledging,” 1970


“From Concord to Tranquility,” 1971

We Thank Thee O Lord

“We Thank Thee, O’ Lord,” 1972



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