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Salt Lake Temple Renovation Project Updates: February 2021

In April 2019, President Russell M. Nelson announced plans for the renovation of the Salt Lake Temple. In December 2019, the Salt Lake Temple was or closed for renovation. The following are regular updates about the progress of the Salt Lake Temple renovation, which is expected to take four years.

19 February 2021

Many of the stones on the top of the temple walls are being carefully removed for cleaning, preservation and short-term storage. They are labeled so they can be returned to their original places. 


Work continues on the drilling underneath North Temple to provide for an underground entrance to the temple from the Conference Center parking structure. 


In this photo below, drilling on the temple side consists of installing canopy tubes to create a structure that will support further excavation. 


In this photo below, the parking structure is being shored up on the Conference Center side. 


As part of the seismic upgrade of the temple, the existing roof is also being upgraded. The roof will be gradually removed and have a temporary covering (similar to a heavy-duty tarp) until the new roof is completed. 


 In this photo below, the south tower crane is lifting the temporary roof cover. 


 The plaza work that was announced in January 2021 is now visibly underway. The area between the Church Administration Building and the Joseph Smith Memorial Building is being used as a road to help move materials in and out of the plaza as the renovation continues.


5 February 2021

As part of the Salt Lake Temple renovation project, the grounds around the temple are also being renovated. In January, construction began on the Church Office Building plaza. Temporary fencing was first put in place, which has been followed by more permanent fencing.


Crews continue to work on preparing for the construction of the tunnel that will run underneath North Temple from the Conference Center parking structure to the future underground entrance to the temple. This involves drilling canopy tubes that form shoring support. 


Near the southwest corner of the temple, shoring and excavation are complete for the installation of a worker/material lift. Due to the proximity to the foundation of the temple, the shoring ensures the lift excavation does not disturb the temple foundation. The lift will allow for easier access of workers and materials into the interior of the temple’s upper floors.


The stones along the upper walls of the temple are all being removed. As they are lifted off with a crane and placed in the ground, they are labeled. These will be placed in storage, cleaned, and repaired, and will ultimately return to their original places.


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