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See Locations of the Church’s 335 Temples Across 6 Maps

Together, the 6 maps show the status of each house of the Lord worldwide — dedicated, under construction, under renovation, or announced and in planning

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By Scott Taylor, Church News

A series of six maps created and updated by the Church News shows the location and status of each of the 335 temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The maps and temple information are current as of March 31, 2024.

To date, the 335 houses of the Lord comprise:

  • 189 dedicated temples.
  • 7 temples scheduled for dedication.
  • 45 temples under construction.
  • 1 temple scheduled for groundbreaking.
  • 53 temples with published site locations.
  • 40 temples announced but without sites.

President Russell M. Nelson has announced 153 of the temples — or 46% of the 335 worldwide — during his six years as President of the Church.

A Global Perspective

With a dot representing a single house of the Lord, the map below provides a global perspective of the Church’s 335 total temples.

More detailed information — including each temple’s name and a color-coded indicator of its current status — is found on the following maps.

Temples in the United States and Canada — with a closer look at Utah

A map shows the Church’s houses of the Lord across Canada and the United States, with inset maps including temples in Alaska and the state of Utah.

Because of Hawaii’s location in the Pacific Ocean, the temples in Hawaii are included in the map showing temples in the Asia and Oceania areas.

Also, the maps only feature temples that have been dedicated and are either operating or under renovation, as well as new temples under construction or in planning. As such, the U.S. map does not include the Kirtland Temple — the Church’s first and historic house of the Lord that just recently was acquired from Community of Christ — nor the original Nauvoo Temple, which was first damaged and later demolished.

A separate map highlights the Church’s 28 total temples in the state of Utah. That’s more than any one other state or nation.

And Utah is home to the Church’s four oldest dedicated and still-operating temples — the St. George Utah, Logan Utah, Manti Utah and Salt Lake temples, all built and first dedicated in the late 1800s. The Salt Lake Temple is under a lengthy renovation, the St. George temple was rededicated late last year after its recent renovation, and the Manti temple is set for rededication on April 21 follow its renovation.

Temples Elsewhere in the Western Hemisphere

Continuing south from Canada and the United States, the next map shows the Church’s houses of the Lord located in Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and South America.

The first temple in South America — the São Paulo Brazil Temple — was dedicated in 1978. And the first temple in the area of Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean was the Mexico City Mexico Temple, which was dedicated in 1983.

Temples in Europe and Africa

The next map is really two maps in one, showing the Church’s temples throughout both Europe and Africa.

Europe’s first temple was the Bern Switzerland Temple, dedicated in 1955. The London England Temple was dedicated just three years later.

And the Johannesburg South Africa Temple is the oldest house of the Lord on the African continent, dedicated in 1985.

Temples in Asia and Across Oceania

The sixth and final map shows the temples across Asia and throughout the Oceania region. For geographic continuity, the map also includes the Dubai United Arab Emirates Temple in the Church’s Middle East / Africa North Area as well as the Laie Hawaii, Kona Hawaii and Kahului Hawaii temples of the United States.

The first temple in Asia was the Tokyo Japan Temple, dedicated in 1980. And the Church’s first house of the Lord in the South Pacific — as well as the first in the Southern Hemisphere — was the Hamilton New Zealand Temple, dedicated in 1958.

All graphics are provided courtesy of Church News.

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