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Temple Square Renovation Project Updates: December 2020

In April 2019, President Russell M. Nelson announced plans for the renovation of the Salt Lake Temple. In December 2019, the Salt Lake Temple was or closed for renovation. The following are regular updates about the progress of the Salt Lake Temple renovation, which is expected to take four years.

22 December 2020

At the end of December in 2019, the Salt Lake Temple was closed to begin a major renewal project including seismic renovation. Over the past year, the following major work has been done or is in process:

  • Dismantlement of the South Visitors’ Center
  • Removal of the tower finials, the capstone, and the angel Moroni statue
  • Dismantlement of the north chapel and annex buildings to the temple
  • Dismantlement of the addition on the north side of the temple
  • Shoring on all sides of the temple to secure the ground for deep excavation work
  • Consolidation of the original stone foundation footings on the interior and exterior of the temple

Check out an aerial view photo taken in February 2020 compared to a photo taken just recently in December 2020 to see how things have changed.

Below: Salt Lake Temple February 2020


Below: Salt Lake Temple December 2020


9 December 2020

We are nearing the end of the first year of the Salt Lake Temple renovation project.

This week’s updates:

  • On the west side of the temple, the previous foundation had a concrete overlay. That is being removed to prepare for the future foundation consolidation and strengthening work.
  • The west side of the temple is nearly ready to begin shoring—a process that will be done around the entire temple.
  • Additional scaffolding has been installed on the south side of the temple. Eventually, the entire temple will be surrounded with scaffolding.
  • The southeast corner of the temple has been excavated, and debris has been almost entirely removed. Much of it will be recycled.

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