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Updated Referral Experience Helps You Connect Friends with the Missionaries

Now you can work directly with the missionaries


Recent updates to the missionary referral system for members, which were released in early September, are simplifying and improving the experience for helping friends meet with the missionaries.

Church member Kenneth “KB” Boggs shared his experience helping his friend meet with missionaries in a new video (see above). “Chris had been on my mind for quite a while. We grew up with each other since grade school, but I never told him that I was a member of the Church.”

Along with friend Mike Madsen, KB introduced the gospel to Chris and Katy Bush, a couple who had been searching for a church and greater closeness to religion in their life. “I remember just crying out to God for guidance and help,” Chris said. “And about a week or two later, a childhood friend of mine, KB, he called me. … When he told me [that he was a member], I was a bit taken back, but I knew the type of man that he is and I know that if he is a member of the Church, there’s obviously a reason why he is.”

Katy and Chris agreed to meet with missionaries after visiting with Mike and KB. Chris remembers, “Mike actually contacted the missionaries on our behalf, and they called me not even 30 minutes later.”

The Referral Experience

The updated referral system is designed to connect missionaries and the referring members immediately so they can plan an experience that will help their friend best engage with the gospel lessons.

When your friend or acquaintance agrees to meet with missionaries, you simply need to fill out a referral form through the Member Tools app (available for Apple or Android) or You can also leave your contact information and a note for the missionaries.

After the form is submitted, a sister missionary assigned to help with member referrals will contact you. She will assign the referral to the correct area and help you connect with local missionaries.

The local missionaries will also receive your contact information and you will receive theirs. This enables you to discuss the situation and needs of your friend with the local missionaries. You can talk to them about how to help your friend have a great experience. Additionally, you are invited to participate in missionary lessons through technology as much as desired.

Teaching Together

Missionaries are taught in “Preach My Gospel” that every referral received from a member should be treated as something precious. When missionaries receive a referral, they are taught to ask you how they can best help your friend. As members and missionaries work together, the Lord will inspire them in creating a meaningful experience to help your friends come closer to Jesus Christ.

Of working with the Bush family, Mike said, “The day in which we live is incredible because my friend KB and I were able to be in every missionary lesson. The little phones were set on the table, and it’s almost as if we were in the room.”

This new interactive experience will open doors to support and encourage your friends who are interested in the gospel of Jesus Christ. These referral changes are currently being offered in 33 languages. Training and expansion of these efforts will continue to be implemented in the future.

Visit to learn more or to send a referral.


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