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Washington Post “On Faith” Blog: A Mormon Definition of “Retirement”

Missionary couple serving in the Dominican Republic


For many, the word “retirement” means an end to work and the beginning of a life of ease. But this isn’t necessarily the case for Latter-day Saints, who view retirement’s free time as an opportunity for increased service to their Church and their fellow man.

On the Washington Post “On Faith” blog this week, Church Public Affairs managing director Michael Otterson discusses the way many senior Latter-day Saints spend their golden years.

“While most people think of Mormon missionaries as young men in iconic white shirts and ties or conservatively dressed young women, few realize the scale of service at the other end of life. Yet an increasing number of older couples from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are serving in a multitude of ways around the world. At last count, that number stood at just over four thousand retirees. Their “missionary” service, lasting from six months to three years, is as varied as relief work in Africa or Central America or staffing the Church’s temples, employment centers and welfare facilities.”

Read the full story at the “On Faith” blog.

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