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One Weekend, 92 Languages, Millions of Listeners

This weekend, Mormons from all around the globe have gathered to listen to inspired messages from their worldwide leaders in what is called "general conference." The five meetings in the semiannual conference are held in the Conference Center in Salt Lake City, which seats 21,000 people during each session.


But in addition to the tens of thousands who view the conference in person, millions more are watching and listening throughout the world on radio, television, on the Internet and by satellite broadcast in their local chapels. The messages are available in 92 different languages to make them understandable to nearly all who wish to listen.

We asked members of the Church on the Newsroom Facebook page to tell us where and how they would be listening to or watching the conference. Here are a few of their responses:

"Through the Internet at home, Sao Paulo Brazil!" Mariana F M Silva
"Home on the Internet, in Illinois with family." Richard Madden
"I am watching general conference in my own place in my recliner." Robin Ayres
"Online tonight (on the Church's Web Site), in another congregation tomorrow (for the priesthood session), and also in my branch tomorrow for the rest." Carsten Nørgaard
"We are all sick so we are especially grateful that can watch online!" Lindy Butler Van Komen
"At home on satellite TV. Kauai Hawaii!!" Joanne Boyer Allen
"Listened on the Mormon Channel on a cell phone." Anna-Cajsa Gipson
"I record conference at the Mesa Arizona Stake center in three languages, English, Spanish and Tongan. Then I go home and pull it up on the Internet, and also record it off TV for viewing." Kathy Walker
"Yo miro la conferencia en mi centro de estaca en México." Carlos D. Gutierrez
"Internet audio; Diyala Province Iraq." Wm Paul Orse
"In our branch building in Bergen, Norway, also on Internet where I watched the general Relief Society conference earlier. How blessed we are for the gift of airwaves to give us communication from across the world through satellite and Internet. First session was wonderful, as will the rest be today." Else Karin Weiberg Sælen
"On the Internet at in Nairobi, Kenya." Donna Elam
"In Feltwell, Norfolk, UK watching the BYU channel." Charlet Pemberton

The final session of the conference begins at 2:00 p.m. MDT on Sunday. It can be viewed live on the Internet here:,5161,8870,00.html

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