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Facts About the Temple in Nuku’alofa, Tonga


Loto Road, Matangiake, Tongatapu, Tonga (at the site of Church’s Liahona High School

Originally Dedicated

August 1983

Temple District

Kingdom of Tonga, which has 16 stakes (similar to a diocese) and two districts (similar to a small diocese)

Open House

The temple will be open for a short time after completion for the public to tour the grounds and the interior. Following the public open house, the temple will be dedicated to sacred worship and closed to the general public.

Tours During Open House

Visitors typically watch an introductory video, walk through an exhibit and then tour the interior and exterior of the temple. Tours last approximately 60 minutes.


Ample parking is provided for those attending the temple.


Temples are built with the finest craftsmanship and materials and are beautifully landscaped and professionally maintained. They are designed to complement the community and enhance the environment.


The temple features a modern design complementary to its surroundings featuring a single spire.


The single spire supports a life-size statue of the angel Moroni, whose writings are included in the Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ.This statue stands 75 feet (23 meters) above ground level.


The temple contains a celestial room, two ordinance rooms, a sealing room and a baptistery — rooms where the Church’s highest sacraments are performed. Beautiful décor and craftsmanship are evident throughout the temple. Only the finest materials are used in its construction. The interior size is 18,900 square feet (1,756 square meters).


Temple grounds are known for their beauty and tranquility. Professional landscapers beautify the grounds with native trees, shrubs, flowers and grass. The maintained grounds suit the climate and water-use concerns of Tonga.

Temple Staff

A married couple are appointed to serve as temple president and matron, respectively. Local Church members are encouraged to visit the temple on a regular basis.

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