News Release

31 Area Seventies Have Been Released

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has announced the release of 31 Area Seventies. The names are listed below by quorum.

In addition to these releases, Elder ‘Inoke F. Kupu, an Area Seventy from Tonga, died from cancer on Saturday, August 13, 2022, in Auckland, New Zealand. He was 63. Elder Kupu began his service in April 2019 in the Pacific Area in the Eighth Quorum of the Seventy.

Third Quorum of the Seventy

Africa Central, Africa South and Africa West Areas

Artur J. Miranda
Elie K. Monga
Anthony Quaisie

Fourth Quorum of the Seventy

Asia and Asia North Areas

Ting Tsung Chang
Yutaka Nagatomo

Fifth Quorum of the Seventy

Brazil Area

Luciano Cascardi
José L. Del Guerso
Carlos R. Fusco Jr.

Sixth Quorum of the Seventy

Caribbean, Central America and Mexico Areas

Luis R. Arbizú
Pablo H. Chavez
Jorge A. García
Sandino Roman
Johnny F. Ruiz

Seventh Quorum of the Seventy

Europe Central, Europe East, Europe North and Middle East/Africa North Areas

Alessandro Dini Ciacci
Karl D. Hirst
K. Roy Tunnicliffe

Eighth Quorum of the Seventy

Pacific and Philippines Areas

Paul N. Lekias

Ninth Quorum of the Seventy

South America Northwest and South America South Areas

David A. Benalcázar
Ariel E. Chaparro (effective October 1, 2022)
A. Fabio Moscoso
Juan C. Pozo
Martin C. Rios
Rosendo Santos

Tenth Quorum of the Seventy

North America Central, North America Northeast and North America Southeast Areas

Michael V. Beheshti
Kevin E. Calderwood
Gordon H. Smith

Eleventh Quorum of the Seventy

North America Southwest and North America West Areas

Gary F. Gessel
Ren S. Johnson
Jay B. Jones

Twelfth Quorum of the Seventy

Utah Area

Berne S. Broadbent
Raymond A. Cutler

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