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Children Can Listen to the ‘Friend’ Magazine on Amazon Smart Speakers

They can listen to a story, play a list of stories and songs, and read along in their magazine

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For families who use Amazon smart speakers, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has released  The “Friend” Magazine skill to help children come closer to Christ.

Now children can easily use their household’s Amazon Alexa smart speakers to enjoy content from the “Friend,” a Christ-centered magazine for children, in English and in Spanish.

In 2020, the Church launched Gospel Voice, an Amazon smart speaker skill that lets you listen to scriptures, music, general conference talks and more. The “Friend” Magazine skill is a simplified version of Gospel Voice designed especially for children to easily navigate.

With this new smart-speaker skill, children can listen to stories from the “Friend” or use a read-along feature to follow along in their own copy of the magazine. They can also enjoy a quiet-time playlist of stories and songs.

Using The “Friend” Magazine skill is as simple as a child saying, “Alexa, read me a story from the ‘Friend’ magazine.”

“This new tool can empower your family to find and listen to inspired content in your home,” said Primary General President Susan H. Porter. “Peace will be brought into your home and your children will be strengthened as they listen to fun, wholesome content about Jesus Christ.

Getting Started

To add The “Friend” Magazine skill to your Alexa device, just say, “Alexa, open the ‘Friend’ magazine.” You can also enable the skill on the Alexa Skills store on Amazon.

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