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Mormonism in the News: Getting It Right | February 21

Mormonism News Getting Right Mormons “certainly emphasize the centrality of Christ”

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints respect the diverse beliefs and unique contributions of all the world’s faiths and are grateful when leaders of other faiths reciprocate that respect. In a report from, an online news resource in Alabama, recently retired Catholic Bishop David Foley says Catholics and Mormons “are united through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

Foley, whose comments came at an open house at a Mormon meetinghouse in Columbiana, Alabama, also accurately and respectfully emphasizes Mormons’ dedication to Jesus Christ.

Mormons “certainly emphasize the centrality of Christ,” Foley says. “They pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We are united in a strong belief in Jesus Christ. They believe in the redemption of Christ. The idea of the centrality of Christ is the important thing.”

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The Wave: Knowledge of Jesus Christ motivates Mormons to serve

This article from The Wave, a newspaper in Rockaway, New York, summarizes local Mormon efforts to clean up after Hurricane Sandy struck in October 2012.

One resident, mentally and physically exhausted from cleaning up the storm damage, describes the boost he received from Mormon Helping Hands volunteers. “Once I saw them coming, the energy and spirit came back to me,” Danny McFadden says. “I was no longer alone and I knew everything would be all right.”

Kevin Calderwood, president of the New York New York South Mission, who helped organize the cleanup, notes that when word spread about the Mormon volunteers’ efforts in Rockaway, members of many faiths proceeded to don a yellow vest to help.

“That shows the best side of humanity,” Calderwood says. “We all shouldn’t care about differences in beliefs. People were hurting and there was serious tragedy there.”

Finally, one missionary explains why the Latter-day Saints perform such service: “God does love us, Jesus Christ is our Savior, and the gospel of Jesus Christ is here again.”

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Daily Mail and United Press International: Clarification needed with use of “Mormon”

Over the years, most journalists have correctly applied the word “Mormon” to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. But occasional aberrations occur, as is the case with recent articles in The Daily Mail and United Press International (UPI).

Both news organizations reporting on the same story label a man as a “Mormon fundamentalist.” The use of “Mormon” here could give the impression that the man is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which he is not. Such inaccuracy causes confusion to the reader.

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