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Rome Italy Temple Is Dedicated 

The cornerstone ceremony is held

The Rome Italy Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is now dedicated. On a cool and overcast Sunday, March day, Church President Russell M. Nelson conducted the symbolic cornerstone ceremony, which signifies the temple’s completion and readiness to be dedicated for sacred use. The ceremony is also symbolic of Christ as the chief cornerstone of the Church.


Downloadable video of the cornerstone ceremony: B-roll | SOTs  

During the ceremony, presiding leaders and their spouses briefly exited the temple and placed mortar around the cornerstone. President Nelson said, “We will now proceed to finish the work of the temple. We’ll put some cement in the cracks. To be honest with you, they’ll have to erase what we’ve done and do it all over again.” He noted that the Rome Italy Temple is the Church’s 162nd operating temple, with another 40 announced or under construction.

Children were also invited to place the mortar, including 7-year-old Elena Malara of Monterotondo, Italy. “I’m happy because I put the mortar in the stone,” said Elena. Her father, Federico Malara, said, “We had the beautiful occasion to come to the dedication of the Rome Italy Temple. For us this is a great joy as a family.” Elena’s mother, Maria Irma Curatola Malara, added, “We feel very emotional. Our daughters had an opportunity to see President Nelson and enjoy this beautiful spirit. This experience will remain in their hearts forever.”

As the first of seven dedicatory sessions scheduled over the next three days came to a completion, President Nelson offered the dedicatory prayer. He said, “In this ancient and great city that has stood since biblical times — in this historic nation of Italy — we acknowledge the ministry of two of Thy Son’s early Apostles, Peter and Paul, who once blessed this land with their labors. May the influence of their abiding testimony of Jesus Christ continue to be felt among the vital values of this great country.”

In continuing his prayer, he said, “We are grateful for the support of church, government and civic leaders who have offered much-appreciated goodwill in our desire to build this holy temple here in Rome. Wilt Thou bless them for their kindness and fortify their continued desire to preserve religious liberty for all.”

In reference to the blessings of the temple Debora Siniscalchi said, "I feel blessed because it's how I truly find Jesus Christ." Anna Marie Gambardellla added, "It's not only a place where we find answers, but also a place where we feel the Lord closer to us. The temple is a source of peace."  

President Nelson attended and gave the dedicatory prayers in each of the three sessions. Elder Massimo De Feo of the Seventy conducted each session. There will be two more dedicatory sessions tomorrow and two more on Tuesday, March 12, 2019.

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