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The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square Unveils New Logo

Visual identity adapted for digital media

The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square has a new look and modern direction, making it even more relevant to listeners and viewers throughout the world. 

The announcement was made on Thursday, April 23, 2020, during a virtual news conference that included Ron Jarrett, president of the choir, and music director Mack Wilberg participating from their homes in Utah. 

Jarrett unveiled the new visual identity, which uses simplified organ pipes in a fresh, modern way.

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“The new logo honors the visual heritage of the choir and orchestra using contemporary organ pipes,” he said. “The curve of the organ pipes recalls the domed roof of the Tabernacle, and the strong vertical thrust of the pipes points us toward God. We love how this new look visually represents the work of the choir and orchestra to bring people closer to the divine through music.”

The logo was created for a digital environment and was designed to be animated, leveraging the video aspects of current technology. The animated logo was also unveiled at the news conference. This digital-first mindset allows the choir to adapt to current and future social media platforms where increasing numbers of its viewers now consume its content. 

Wilberg said he particularly likes the rising and falling motion of the overall shape of the pipes in the logo because it alludes to the rhythm of music while still resting on a clear and firm foundation—a foundation that was built by countless volunteers and talented musicians over the choir’s century-and-a-half history. 

At the same time, Wilberg said, “I think it is important to note that the simplified logo is designed to allow people to add their own meaning to it. We want those who listen to our music to feel hope, comfort, joy and peace.” 

The new logo is part of a strategic plan that started when the choir changed its name in 2018. Since then, the choir has undergone a year-long comprehensive review to determine how it could better support the work of its sponsor, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, as well as increase the choir’s relevance and ability to evolve in a changing media environment.

Consistent with the new strategy, the choir’s updated visual identity is being rolled out digitally first, with changes to the choir’s website and social media channels taking place shortly. Changes to the choir’s weekly broadcast of “Music and the Spoken Word” will take place when the choir and orchestra begin live broadcasts again following the end of the COVID-19 restrictions. 

Choir Awaits Return to Normal Schedule

Choir members have not been practicing together or singing live every Sunday morning for their weekly broadcast since the COVID-19 pandemic restricted large gatherings earlier this spring. In the meantime, previous recordings are being used for the broadcasts. The choir was also prerecorded for the general conference earlier this month.

“I have to admit that I personally missed being there,” Wilberg shared. “But at the same time, it was also great to not only experience those things that we had recorded several weeks before but also to see the many wonderful musicians from even 20 years ago who were also a part of conference.”

“We’ve tried to select carefully broadcasts of the past that have alluded to these important aspects of what people are feeling right now,” he added. “We are hoping that by what we’ve done in the past, it can have an influence on those who are who are needing comfort and inspiration during these challenging times.”

Jarrett is looking forward to having the choir return to its normal schedule.

“When we get back to singing again, you’ll see us add a few things to the ‘Music and the Spoken Word’ broadcast,” he said during the virtual news conference. “And that is when you’ll get to see the animation as the broadcast will close. You will see the animated logo come into play there, so that will be kind of fun and different for people to watch for.”

He continued, “Coming back will be an opportunity to bring all those voices together. Hopefully, we’ll be in a place where we can rehearse together as a choir. We are not a small group, and I can hardly wait for that opportunity to be back with those good people.”

The first choir product to use the new logo will be the choir’s latest CD, which will be released in May. Details about this new recording will be available beginning next week. 

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