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Elder Uchtdorf Gives 5 Ways to Teach More Like Jesus Christ

The Apostle speaks in a worldwide broadcast for teachers

In the spirit of a pilot’s pre-flight checklist, Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf — himself a former airline captain — gave a five-item list to help members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints teach more like the Savior of the world.

The Apostle’s remarks came in a worldwide broadcast for all teachers in the Church of Jesus Christ. In a faith fueled by the volunteerism of its members, the audience of teachers comprises almost everyone.

Elder Uchtdorf’s checklist is based on part 3 of a revised version of the guide, “Teaching in the Savior’s Way,” which will be published digitally on ChurchofJesusChrist.org and the Gospel Library app later in June.

1. Focus on Jesus Christ

To focus on the Savior in teaching is to hit the small center of a target, Elder Uchtdorf said. And what is that target? The example Jesus set of loving God and loving others.

“As teachers, we may speak with the tongues of angels; we may entertain, delight, amuse, astound,” Elder Uchtdorf said. “But if we have failed in keeping our focus on Jesus Christ, we have missed the mark and our teaching is only a shadow of what it ought to be. Always keep the focus on our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ.”

2. Love Those You Teach

Teachers must see each student for the unique child of God that they are. And teachers must speak the universal language of love.

Quoting C.S. Lewis, Elder Uchtdorf said “There are no ordinary people. You have never talked to a mere mortal. … it is immortals whom we joke with, work with, marry, snub, and exploit — immortal… everlasting splendors.”

“When we treat others with this kind of respect,” Elder Uchtdorf added, “we reflect the example of Jesus Christ.”

3. Teach by the Spirit

No teacher’s efforts, as good as they may be, will ever convert a person to Christ, Elder Uchtdorf said.

“Only the Holy Ghost can do that,” the Apostle said. “We don’t have to ‘be’ anything more or less than who we really are — and that is children of God and followers of Jesus Christ. Can you, with rejoicing, express your love for the Savior, His gospel, and His Church? If you do your part, the Spirit will do His. That is the way we ‘teach by the Spirit.’”

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4. Teach the Doctrine

This doctrine, Elder Uchtdorf said, is the doctrine of Christ.

“As teachers, we must not be ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ,” he said. “Rather, we must joyfully raise our voices in teaching His doctrine even when it may seem a stumbling block to some and foolishness to others. ‘For it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth’ (Romans 1:16).”

5. Invite Diligent Learning

“To paraphrase a proverb,” Elder Uchtdorf said, “teach a man the gospel and you have blessed him for a day. Teach a man to feast upon the word of God and connect with the Holy Spirit, and you have blessed him for a lifetime. … Teaching the gospel is important. Teaching others to immerse themselves in prayer, seek the Spirit, and apply what they have learned is at least equally important.”

Elder Uchtdorf concluded by reiterating that teaching the way Jesus taught is the best way to show love for God and our neighbor.

“As we walk that straight and narrow course,” the Apostle said, “we take part in that holiest of callings to lead our own immortal souls and the souls of others towards the ‘right hand of God in the kingdom of heaven, to sit down with Abraham, and Isaac, and with Jacob, and with all our holy fathers, to go no more out’ (Helaman 3:30).”

Watch the entirety of Elder Uchtdorf’s remarks, “Teaching in the Savior’s Way.”

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